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Experts rely on the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team for information on Amazon suspensions & appeals:

Experts rely on the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team for information on Amazon suspensions & appeals

CJ Rosenbaum and the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer have written a handful of books about Amazon suspensions, brand protection, and intellectual property law:

Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions
Amazon Law Library: Volume 1
Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Copyright Law
Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Trademark Law
Sellers’ Guide: Chinese Intellectual Property
Your Guide to Selling Fashion on Amazon

Amazon Sellers Lawyer Books - Guide to AMZ Suspensions: Sellers must tread carefully to avoid suspensions.

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False counterfeit complaints asserted against Amazon sellers often result in the suspension of the seller’s account or important Amazon listings, and the loss of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars in sales. However, Amazon sellers have recourse under at least two legal claims. You may be entitled to monetary damages from being wrongfully accused of selling counterfeit products. Contact our ecommerce law firm today if this has happened to you.

If your Amazon selling account has been suspended, you’ve lost a listing (ASIN), been accused of intellectual property infringement, or are developing a private label brand and need to know how to protect it, contact us for a free consultation.