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With unparalleled experience in both law and ecommerce, our team is a dynamic firm that has the ability to approach your Amazon issue from every angle.

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We are the #1 law firm helping suspended Amazon sellers get their accounts and listings back. We are great at what we do for one reason: we have a fantastic team of people working together in our offices around the world.

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Experts rely on the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team for information on Amazon suspensions & appeals:

Experts rely on the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team for information on Amazon suspensions & appeals


CJ Rosenbaum and the team at Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer have written a handful of books about Amazon suspensions, brand protection, and intellectual property law:

Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions
Amazon Law Library: Volume 1
Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Copyright Law
Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Trademark Law
Sellers’ Guide: Chinese Intellectual Property
Your Guide to Selling Fashion on Amazon

Amazon Sellers' Lawyer Books - Guide to AMZ Suspensions: Sellers must tread carefully to avoid suspensions.

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If your Amazon selling account has been suspended, you’ve lost a listing (ASIN), been accused of intellectual property infringement, or are developing a private label brand, contact Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer for a free consultation. GET HELP NOW: The staff at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC are required by law to assure you 100% confidentiality. As a law firm, we protect your privacy under the Attorney-Client Privilege. We keep your information secret by law.

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