The law firm of Amazon Sellers Lawyer is client-oriented. We focus on making the end-to-end client experience — from consultation to invoicing — more enjoyable & efficient.

Choosing to work with a client-centered law firm means that your needs will be met & your preferences will be taken into account so you can sit back, relax, and trust the process.

We are the #1 law firm helping sellers with Amazon suspensions. We're great at what we do because we have a fantastic team of people working together in our offices around the world in New York, Shenzhen and Yiwu, China.


Free Consultations & Information for Amazon Sellers

Experts rely on the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team for information about Amazon seller suspensions and appeals for reinstatement after a suspension:

Experts rely on the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team for information on Amazon suspensions & appeals

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Amazon Sellers Wrongfully Accused of Having Related Accounts Resulting in Suspension

With unparalleled experience in both law and ecommerce, our team is a dynamic firm that has the ability to approach your Amazon issue from every angle.

If your selling account is suspended on Amazon, you’ve lost a product listing (ASIN), been accused of intellectual property infringement, or you’re developing a private label brand and need to protect it, contact Amazon Sellers Lawyer for a free consultation.
The Amazon Sellers' Lawyer team is super knowledgeable, professional, and they go above and beyond. They were able to help me to get my product reinstated, so they saved my business and my livelihood. I'm so thankful.
Leslie E.
19:03 26 Feb 21
I worked directly wit Declan and David and they were amazing!!. Very professional and helpful. They helped me to develop an appeal and fortunately I got my account reinstated.
Jorge C.
18:29 23 Feb 21
I work directly with Kerry and I ONLY work with the BEST! Kerry is an AMAZING Paralegal and has a TON of experience in working with sellers on every aspect of the appeal business! I quite honestly have worked with 1-2 other people there & by far Kerry is the BEST to work with (no disrespect to the others, but Kerry KILLS it!). She has gotten me Plan of Actions 2-3 times in a matter of 8-12 hours! She has also helped my business friends out and gotten their accounts approved as well! Kerry also has saved my account from suspension 2-3 times now so you'll never go wrong working with her! 🙂
Andrew David G.
04:42 19 Feb 21
I literally was recommended by a friend to use them as I needed an appeal within 72 hours due to ODR! Kerry which was super nice and beyond helpful was able to reinstate within 48 hours and amazon ended up replying within 12 hours after submitting! I am going to recommend all my clients to you guys! Amazing hardworking and super professional!
Anush S.
23:18 05 Feb 21
It was a great pleasure speaking with Jenn McDonald & Marisol. They help me a lot I was able to point myself in the right direction. I originally called them to just get some answers on IP claims and how to better handle them. I’ve been using their website and looking at many of their YouTube videos which are a great reason for information especially for Amazon Sellers. I am looking forward to retaining their services and working more with them.
Angel P.
19:31 08 Jan 21
The best Ive worked with!
Feras A.
17:05 29 Dec 20
they are simply amazing they help you with everything they can even if they didn’t take your case!!

they are honest and care more about giving the best service than money , Jenn McDonald and Marisol are so knowledgeable and helpful
Hossam A.
22:24 26 Dec 20
Several months ago our Amazon account was suspended due to some complications. David Miller, who managed our case, was reliable and resourceful and went above and beyond what we paid him for to get our account reinstated.
Troy V.
22:13 21 Dec 20
They were so awesome I recommend them they help me so much
Tyrone H.
18:57 17 Dec 20
I will more than recommend them. They will be my only people to call to when I will have another problem with Amazon. Great Job!
Rena A.
15:00 21 Oct 20
Brett Sondlike is an excellent professional. Super helpful and knowledgeable with practical advice tailored to my needs. Can't recommend enough!
Samuel T.
04:51 20 Oct 20
Declan Levine helped me with my Amazon account deactivation, on time and friendly response to my all emails, very professional and Highly recommend!
Ninaz R.
00:33 15 Oct 20
Do not hesitate to call Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C. for help with you Amazon business issues! So happy I found them. They are now my go-to attorneys for any legal help I may need with my Amazon business. I can't say enough good things about Jenn McDonald and Kerry McDonald. SOOOO HELPFUL and SOOOO NICE to deal with. Super honest and fair, I feel like they really care about me and my business. They definitely have my best interests in mind. Jenn was so kind, so patient and helpful with me. Gave me really great advice. If you need help, call them today.
Frank D.
21:46 13 Oct 20
An excellent service, very helpful Brett Sondike
Yehoshua A.
20:39 14 Sep 20
they are professional and specialized in e commerce, we contacted Brett in that firm and he was very helpful and friendly.
Theo Micheal D.
18:09 14 Sep 20
I was frustrated and called the Amazon Sellers lawyer this weekend on a Sunday after receiving a suspension email from Amazon. Jennifer spoke with me for a lengthy period of time and answered all my questions. And she told me whether you hire us or not we are here for you, we understand how important your business is to you and your family! That’s the kind of law firm I would like to do business kudos for the free consultation even on a Sunday!
Omar N.
15:29 14 Sep 20
Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer did a great job for us. Our account was messed up, and with the pandemic, Amazon wasn’t even looking at the problem. The legal team got to work, and we’re selling again!
Sebastian D.
13:30 25 Aug 20
Jake and Bret they talk to you clear and sincere, no roundabouts great guys. I hope I dont need them but if one day I have an issue with Amazon, I have not doubt this are my guys!
Jorge A P.
19:23 04 Aug 20
They helped me to solve the problem that I've worried for half a month! As a seller I focused on my business but when it comes to clauses or cases I really can't figure it out by myself, Bruce is an expert in this field and very reliable. Thank you so much!
Zhang M.
07:16 04 Aug 20
Very professional lawyers! They helped me a lot🥰
Layla J.
04:25 04 Aug 20
Very professional. Our link in Spain was complained of infringing Apple's appearance, so it was removed. Shuffle, Bruce and Kerry give us effective suggestions quickly and our link back to normal soon. They have a lot of experience, definitely recommend them.
Meichi D.
09:33 06 Jul 20
I am extremely satisfied with CJ. Jason Powell is professional, knowledgeable. My account was reinstated in 3 days. Hight recommend .
Tao L.
21:09 02 Jul 20
I worked with Shuffle and Kerry at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer this month on a tricky IP issue. I was impressed with the attention to detail in both their advice and written submissions. Would use them again without hesitation.
Cameron W.
09:27 30 Jun 20
I called on a Sunday just to see if the 1-800 number would work from Canada. It did, and to my surprise CJ the founding partner answered! I explained to him the issue I was having with Amazon and he asked me some pointed questions that put my situation into context, and gave me a clear direction on how to move forward. He also stopped me from taking a step that could have done permanent damage to the listing. Great service from what I can tell so far, and I plan to hire them for my Amazon issue.
Farid I.
19:24 28 Jun 20
Very helpful and knowledgeable law firm They really took their time to review the entire case and came back with an amazing appeal that got us back up in running in less than a week while another firm let it drag on for 2 months with a poorly formatted appeal. Jason Powell was my point of contact and was a pleasure working with him. Highly recommend these guys for any issues.

Sandip P.
19:52 24 Jun 20
I initially spoke with Brett Sondike about my issue. When I called about a case I submitted, he called me back immediately and sent me the resource I needed to write my own plan of action.
Melanie P.
20:27 17 Jun 20
Thank you Anthony. Vey professional approach, quick response, fantastic work! I am lucky to know you and your Team.
Dusan M.
06:20 16 Jun 20
Very professional. All communication has been clear and in a timely manner. We got positive results and I am very happy to do business with this company. Based on my experience I will recommended this team to my friends and everyone.
Vyacheslav L.
03:52 11 Jun 20
Thank you Brett Sondike for welcoming us into Rosenbaum Famularo firm! We appreciate your help and expertise.
Seann B.
18:20 10 Jun 20
I was lucky to have used CJ and his team services. It was my first time dealing with a law case and honestly, it was the best experience going with them. I had a price-gouging law case and it was quickly resolved with just one phone call with the state AG. No extra time was needed, straight forward with his services and always keeps his client's best interest in hand. If you need his services for account suspension or anything related to price gouging etc. I highly recommend CJ and his team. 5 stars from me.
Amir B.
20:01 04 Jun 20
Brett was helpful with options
Eddie S.
18:24 26 May 20
Brett Sondike listened well to what my situation was and gave me advice that was practical and reasonable for my issue. My case is not big enough to move forward with Mr. Sondike, but he pointed me to the logical next step.
Diane W.
00:13 23 May 20
Mily L.
07:35 21 May 20
Account was suspended due to IP complaints, and we went to this firm just crossing our fingers. Turns out we're totally glad we went this route - David Miller got our account reinstated within a week! We're very glad we worked with them.
Daniel Y.
18:08 20 May 20
Wow! I am so impressed with the help I received from Jenn McDonald! She empowered me to resolve a difficult situation by thoroughly educating me through the process in a calm and proactive manner. She was quick to reply to my inquiries and is very knowledgable. We were able to resolve everything sooner than I expected and she even offered some free advice! I don't know what I would have done without her!
Deanne K.
11:23 20 May 20
Brent Sondike was very knowledgeable and helpful going over my issue...He was very honest as well....I would recommend him to anyone.
Bryan P.
15:44 18 May 20
They helped me resolve 2 cases. Firs one took a long time to resolve since Alexa and David Miller had to negotiate with the right owner who was not very cooperative but after about 4 months they have agree to retract all 7 IP complaints. Other case was resolve in a month after i received 93 IP complaints from one Brand owner. Alexa drafted me 3 appeals that i sent to amazon and all 93 complaint were remove from my account. I was surprise it went so easy. Most important Alexa and David always responds to my emails the same day and call me if i need them in a few hours just to calm me down and assure that they will work to resolve my problem
Maciej P.
03:17 13 May 20
My brother in law asked me to thank Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer!
Especially thanks Shuffle, Bruce and Travis ! They helped him settle the court case even if the court already issued the default judgement, and saved his company four fifths of the money the court already issued. They did a fantastic job!
Jane Y.
04:02 06 May 20
Just got off the phone with Jean Macdonald. She gave me free consulting advice. She was awesome! Very helpful and supportive given how terrible Amazon is. I appreciate the support she gave me and the fact that she cares. Well done to her and this company. Very impressed!
Nico S.
18:24 05 May 20
Brett Sondike was very helpful to me when I called from out of state with a concern about the dangerous advertising I found on a product sold on Amazon. Fantastic service with the goal of helping me to resolve a situation.
Jennifer C.
15:00 30 Apr 20
Thanks for the help of Bruce and Kerry, for giving me good suggestions, and thanks for Bruce's sending me the book. It's very useful.
08:39 28 Apr 20
These guys really care about helping your Amazon business. If your Amazon business has been suspended for no good reason, this company is THE place to turn to for quick help!
Andrew V.
21:17 25 Apr 20
Jenn McDonald was so helpful to me today. I was told to throw in the towel because of the issues with Amazon but after speaking to Jenn she gave me great advice and encouragement to keep going. Can't recommend enough.🙂
Marla C.
20:45 18 Apr 20
David Miller is the best. Great work in a timely matter and effective. All you want from a Lawyer. 🙂
Julie C.
17:36 15 Apr 20
I want to thank Jenn McDonald for helping me get started with my Amazon sellers account issues. She was so helpful and thorough, I really needed this from a firm that i plan to use to help maintain my business in good standings. I highly recommend this firm and will continue to do business with them.
Pamela Urban Classic J.
18:40 04 Apr 20
I had a very nice chat with Brett about this and that. I am not advanced enough in my Amazon business yet to require their firm. However since they are the Apple of Amazon Law firms I can't imagine any one else to represent me when I will need them.
Ramzez I.
19:23 03 Apr 20
Awesome job Ladies & Gentlemen!!!

If you need any assistance with regard to a suspended amazon account (for whatever reason), give them a call - Believe me, you will not be disappointed with them!!!

Thank you again, and stay safe!

Eddie Fleischman
Apnea Air Systems
Eddie F.
14:09 03 Apr 20
Excellent customer service!
Harold W.
10:18 02 Apr 20
Jenn McDonald has been nothing sort of wonderful! She has helped me in so many ways. If it wasn’t for her and this group I would have already thrown my hands up. Thank you for all of your help and dedication. Stellar employee!!!
Recia S.
19:28 01 Apr 20
This particular team of lawyers have accepted my case against a massive company and I'm honor to be a client. Since there wasn't anyone willing to consider my case, but this team didn't turn me away. In my distress, they gave me comforting words about my situation. I will recommend this particular law firm to whomever that has been defamed, disrespected, embarrassed in every way, and lied to and on. They gave me my voice back and comfort to tell my side of the story; the story of a small company going against another larger company that took advantage.
Danielle D'zel Rene M.
23:29 12 Mar 20
thank you so much Jenn McDonald for your advice. I have been str8for months now getting my new seller account reactivated and you helped tremendously.

Alex Gazaway
Smitwill S.
18:58 07 Mar 20
Don't know how to thank Rosenbaum Famularo enough. Jenn McDonald in particular is a super star. She has went way above and beyond what I expected from any law firm. I had heard nothing but good things about this company, but the real proof is when you utilize them and see how much they truly care about your issue.
Aaron M.
22:31 27 Feb 20
Thanks for Anthony and Brett's excellent and professional service, our amazon our appeal is successful and the listing have been reinstated with Amazon 's Lawyer help in the few days.Really appreciate it guys!
Peng J.
17:57 21 Feb 20
They do an amazing job and are consistent every time something pops up on Amazon. Kerry is an all-star and knew exactly what we needed this time with just a short explanation. Thanks!
Joel W.
21:18 18 Feb 20
I have been a 3rd party seller for 7 years. At first a hobby, and growing through the years. I run my business alone, doing all of the work myself. I've been learning as I go by trial and error. Problem is Amazon isn't too forgiving as we all know. I've tried in the past to get answers from amazon about issues only to get conflicting answers depending on who I spoke with. Ever since I found Amazon Sellers' Lawyer, I finally feel like I have someone on my side. Someone who's goals are the same as mine. I am so thankful for everything their team is doing to help the 3rd party sellers. Especially the little guys like me.
Jollice M.
16:08 06 Feb 20
Brett Sondike handled my issues with professionalism every time I called. He was professional and courteous. Thank you Brett.
Jason C.
19:14 24 Jan 20
lubie was i bardzo poznałem was jak do Was pisałem na messenger jesteście moimi fanami
Olek K.
15:50 20 Jan 20
Brett Sondike gave me the best advice I could hope for! Out of all the questions that I asked him he responded to every one and told me my best course of action. Really appreciate it! Thanks
Andy S.
14:11 17 Jan 20
Excellent and very professional people, so good, Jenn McDonald was awesome and I felt that my issue was very important to her. Thank you so much will work with you guys again.
Jesus R.
18:32 10 Jan 20
I recently opened an Amazon acct. Amazon immediately suspended it as they needed to verify my identity. It has proven to be quite difficult. I therefore called Amazon Sellers' Lawyer and spoke to a lady called Jennifer. It was a pleasure communicating with her. She was understanding, knowledgeable and very pleasant to speak with. I would certainly recommend using this company's services for anyone who needs help with their Amazon business.
Sholom K.
23:51 08 Jan 20
I do not know if my initial question fall in to the scope of service or not. But since I was referred to contact JC, So I send a initiation question seeking for a help. Jenn McDonald respond to my questions in email and try to call me to provide answer very quickly. Very impressive.
Robert C.
18:49 07 Jan 20
Spoke to Brett about my situation on 2 AMZN platforms. Very helpful and insightful. He also sent me his eBook, that is a treasure trove of information. That is what I call wise and business like attitude, to create trust and business relationship
Thank you Brett and Happy New Year
Leonard V.
17:04 03 Jan 20
They actually did what they said they were going to do and didn't treat me like an idiot. Crazy right?
Joe S.
14:45 31 Dec 19
I highly recommend Amazon Sellers' Lawyer.Kelly, Bruce and Shuffle teams have been sincere and patient with our company. Solving problems with intellectual property rights is not an easy problem, but arguably they do professional work.
After two months of negotiations with Amazon, we were able to resume sales successfully.
Ryosuke T.
12:59 28 Dec 19
This year, due to intellectual property complaints ,our acount was suspended by Amazon.We contacted Amazon Sellers' Lawyer to help us appeal,they are very professional.Honestly,many other service providers do not provide appeal letters to us,they just help you appeal your account and make money from you.As a result,you don't know why your account is reinstated.But cooperating with Amazon Sellers' Lawyer,they provided us with a detailed appeal letter and many other appeal information.We can participate in the entire appeal process and understand why the store was eventually reinstated.
We recommend Amazon Sellers Lawyer to any sellers that runs into trouble with their account.
Jiang J.
02:38 27 Dec 19
Amazon Sellers Lawyer is definitely worth checking into. I ran into some trouble and my account went down, David Miller crafted several highly professional and excellent appeals. He got my account back up. I would definitely recommend Amazon Sellers Lawyer to anyone that runs into trouble with their account.
Keat I.
16:42 26 Dec 19
My asin was suspended for inauthenticity and product safety issue; Kerry, Shuffle and Bruce patiently analyzed the case, and followed up with several POAs, it’s amazing they dealt with the issue one by one; finally my Asin got reinstated; it’s really so professional team; has been working with them since 2016; highly recommended, they are the choice for you.
William M.
16:23 16 Dec 19
I've worked with Anthony Zhang and our account was reinstated in 7 days. Trust these guys, I only wished that I reached out sooner! Great service and they worked with you throughout the whole process!
Chris A.
15:43 11 Dec 19
Had a great experience with Alexa from Amazon Sellers Lawyer. My account was suspended and no appeal seemed to work until Alexa, patiently and professionally, helped me with more dedicated and to the point appeals, which eventually helped restore our account. Many thanks.
Guy R.
20:08 06 Dec 19
Agreed to give reassuring guidance when most other law firms refused to help at all. Will be returning to them for future legal needs. Jenn and David are a pleasure
Tee B.
03:29 06 Dec 19
Very broad knowledge and knowledge of legal issues related to sales to Amazon. I recommend it!
Michał E.
20:27 30 Nov 19
Brett Sondike gave super helpful information within an hour on a holiday weekend.
Steve B.
21:36 29 Nov 19
Very professional work! Thank you very much to Amazon Sellers Lawyer and especially to David Miller who helped me throughout the process to reinstate my Asin's. I truly recommend them if you face an IP complaint, they will solve your problem!
Hernan N.
15:09 26 Nov 19
I had a great experience with CJ Rosenbaum, he did not charge me for my initial phone consult even though I offered to pay him. CJ called me back within 1 hour. He was very knowledgeable and honest about my E-commerce business and even gave me recommendations to others in his network for business services. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks for the great advice.
John B.
15:09 20 Nov 19
Amazon Sellers Lawyers are very honest and transparent lawyers who really want the best for us amazon sellers. I called their office line before 9 am EST and they immediately picked up. After explaining my case to them I was given a couple of options to solve my case. If they believe you can resolve an amazon issue on your own and without their help, then they will advise you to do so. It is very clear that they care about our businesses and do so with integrity.
Yennifer M.
14:45 16 Nov 19
The firm has been helpful and got started with my matter right away in hours! David and Zachary worked with me
about my appeal of the 'order defect rate' being affected (provided them more information). Then after not receiving a response in a matter of days on multiple
appeals except about payments of me getting the funds after 90 days of my account being suspended. Then a few weeks down the road, me and Zachary worked on
a fifth (final appeal) to get me reinstated in one day going over the option of the 'View appeal' button to submit additional information! That helped, Zachary
worked with me on the process of the next appeal and got me reinstated in one day!!!
Suneel N.
19:00 15 Nov 19
I highly recommend this amazon sellers firm. They resolved my issue in a timely manner and I was especially pleased with Kerry one of the lawyers at this firm who was always answering any of my questions and always addressing my concerns. I appreciate all the work you've done for my amazon brand thank you very much!
20:26 14 Nov 19
I talked to Bret Sondike who was very helpful when I called the law firm to inquire about the meaning of a legal term related to a business transaction I had. A few minutes later, I was able to talk to CJ about the situation I was dealing with and he was very upfront and straightforward about how I could get it resolved quickly. The brief interaction I had with them really made my day.

Audrey M.
20:01 14 Nov 19
After reading so much great information about CJ Rosenbaum, I was debating if I should call for some advice thinking ill have to make an appointment and bring a check , Surprisingly CJ gave me the time on the phone answering my questions with amazing interest and care, very impressive, I will make an appointment and take this firm as my Amazon legal team
Thank you, CJ,
Hen W.
17:04 11 Nov 19
Reviews are an important aspect of any business these days. I just got off the phone with CJ after speaking to Jenn McDonald. They were most gracious in giving me their time. Now I will offer my time in return. There was no cost for a quick consultation on our matter. If you have a matter feel free to reach out to them. At the end of the day it’s important for a law firm to give an honest assessment on the potential outcome of a case. Our call was with regards to another 3rd party seller leaving counterfeit complaints. Even though the brand gave us their name there isn’t a huge penalty for their actions. I had a feeling recovering damages to justify the expense would be a concern. CJ made clear of this point early on. Most other attorneys wouldn’t. For that alone this review is warranted.
Michael M.
19:17 07 Nov 19
Jenn Mcdonald is the real deal. I called to set up what i thought would be a laborious process of outlining a time for an initial consultation and Jenn provided one on the spot. She was VERY informative and was able to pretty much walk me through the ins and outs of my situation on the fly complete with actionable steps to take in getting to a better place with two suspended Amazon accounts I'm currently dealing with due to my negligence. The world needs more people like Jenn. The best!
Daniel P.
02:08 06 Nov 19
Our account was mistakenly suspended for Inauthentic reasons. The day we were suspended, I immediately hired Amazon Sellers Lawyer because I have been following their YouTube page and regularly watching their materials. They quickly responded and assigned us to Zachary Cole. Seven days later we received the POA from Zac and submitted it right after receiving. Amazon reinstated our account that day to our delight. We hate that we were down for 8 days total, but grateful to Amazon Sellers Lawyer to help us get reinstated.
Glen J.
18:16 03 Nov 19
I am very happy with this firm
I spoke with Shuffle and she was extremely helpful.she provided some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.She was knowledgeable and gave me a lot of great information that helped me understand my situation better.
Thank you again Shuffle,ASL-Travis and Bruce.
They handled the matter very professionally, actively and quickly.
They did their best to recover the loss for me.
I highly recommend reaching out to this firm.
Shuling Z.
08:15 31 Oct 19
Highly recommended they there stuff and will help in most situations wouldn't use anyone else
Jatin M.
20:26 23 Oct 19
I spoke with Shuffle and she was extremely helpful. She gave me a lot information in a short amount of time and it helped steer me in the right direction.
Thank you again Shuffle、ASL-sarah and Travis Stockman!
His performance was flawless. If there is ever an issue that I encounter with Amazon again, I am marching right back to ASL to get the situation handled the right way.
Sara H.
09:20 16 Oct 19
Highly recommend them! Had an issue regarding selling on amazon. Cj called me right away on a Saturday afternoon, to help out and gave me great advice. Thank you Cj and Jenn!
Bryan G.
00:21 13 Oct 19
My colleague called Amazon Sellers' Lawyer and Brett Sondike answered. He was helpful, clear, and provided a good email address to contact. My colleague was dealing with fake Amazon reviews from a competitor and his friend who left one star reviews full of defamation and lies on a popular book out of jealousy. The very well-reasoned advice was escalating the case against Elijah Logozar and his friends, which is the smartest move to take things off of Amazon. Many thanks for useful information in less than a ten minute call.
Riddhi C.
21:30 11 Oct 19
I spoke with Jen today about the details of IP claims on amazon. She was very helpful and I feel much more reassure after talking with someone who works in this space every day.
Jared C.
20:56 10 Oct 19
i am very happy for this laywer firm that help me reinstate our amaozn account and very thanks Kerry,Sarah, Shuffle support they help me too much and explain detail and prepare all document . after 2month ,the amazon account is come back .thank you again for kerry
Haakaa M.
02:11 10 Oct 19
I spoke with David Miller and he was extremely helpful. He gave me a lot information in a short amount of time and it helped steer me in the right direction. I highly recommend him and this firm!
Joshua T.
17:03 08 Oct 19
I am very happy with this firm. I spoke with Jenn Mcdonald both on online chat and over the phone and she provided some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. She was knowledgeable and gave me a lot of great information that helped me understand my situation better. I highly recommend reaching out to this firm.
Ori B.
23:16 05 Oct 19
Jenn McDonald and Attorney David Miller answered all my questions quickly and succinctly, giving me the information I needed to make a decision about the "nasty gram" I had received from VORYS. I truly appreciate all their help!
Yvonne Bradley Van G.
19:11 02 Oct 19
Despite my financial impossibility to access their services, they kindly went out of their way to help me by providing me with a free book on Amazon suspensions. I feel I can recommend Brett Sondike for his experties, professionalism and foresight. Thank you, Brett.
Piero B.
21:47 01 Oct 19
Amazon is not easy to deal with these are amazing people to deal with Jenn McDonald really impressed me she gave me direction and advice.
Mark M.
18:00 26 Sep 19
Cun you help me am at rasturnt investment plz reply my inboc
Nadeem A.
13:36 26 Sep 19
Outstanding resource for Amazon sellers! Jenn McDonald and attorney David Miller were amazingly helpful, and went well above what I had expected from a consultation. If you are an Amazon seller with a legal concern, I highly recommend you contact them for a free consultation. You don't have to worry about being pressured to sign on for representation or having them scare you about your situation. David will give you the straight scoop, and he knows his stuff.
Kevin A.
00:16 26 Sep 19
This firm always has a pulse on the rapidly changing rules of Amazon. If you need any help these are the attorneys to talk to. They also have a great support team that answers your questions. Thanks Brett Sondike
Elvir A.
17:47 25 Sep 19
Excellent response. Wonderful service, honesty is the top priority for them CJ gave me the bad news, which was really important for me and I appreciate it, I strongly recommend!!!
Joseph B.
20:02 23 Sep 19
Jenn promptly called me about my inquiry for legal advice within 15 minutes of my email to Amazon sellers lawyer. She then contacted their legal team with my case details and within 30 minutes I had a call from one of their lawyers, CJ. He called me from his son's hockey practice! I was honestly astonished about the level of service that I received. He provided a free consultation, and answered all of my questions. He was kind, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable about the legal aspect of selling on Amazon. I honestly could not have been any more pleased. If you are searching for some legal advice regarding your Amazon seller account, I highly recommend you send an inquiry to Amazon sellers lawyer, you won't be disappointed.
Jonathan B.
01:15 21 Sep 19
Brett helped us where others could not.
Gary J.
16:34 20 Sep 19
The Amazon legal system is a complex web to navigate through and you have to have the knowledge and experience to tackle all sorts of accusations in a delicate and professional manner. Being a first-time business owner and being hit with a baseless and frivolous trademark infringement complains, I thought had to close our family amazon store. My gut feeling told me to contact Rosenbaum Famularo PC amazon attorneys to get their final advice before hiring someone. Brett Sondike himself contacted me via email multiple times and noticed that he was being very sincere and from the heart, giving me information that I did not request or knew how to ask. I made the right choice hiring Brett. He was very professional and found any way possible to work with me…..I highly recommend his firm and him...
Jose M.
14:53 19 Sep 19
I highly recommend this guy he is the #1 lawyer for issues with companies buyers or sellers on amazon. Issues are never with Amazon directly (or amazon would make sure they hire this lawyer themselves) but issues are with the companies that use Amazon to promote their products and the buyers and sellers that use the Amazon website. And none of them will have a lawyer with as much experience as the original amazon sellers lawyer himself so hurry up and get him on your side before your opposing party calls him first!
Caleb C.
03:51 17 Sep 19
Jason took plenty of time to help and give direction in my situation. Amazon sellers need this kind of help, for sure!
Mark M.
15:39 11 Sep 19
I spoke to CJ about a problem not related to Amazon but another online platform. Very honest helpful etc.
Would not take my money since they are not knowledeable enough with the other platform.. Thanks for your help CJ!
Edward A O.
01:03 11 Sep 19
They are quite good and have an online presence unlike anyone else I have seen so far. Also informative YouTube videos. They advised me or gave me their opinion about a certain matter/dilemma I had. TY
Anthony G.
17:40 10 Sep 19
I spoke today with Brett Sondike he was very pleasant and informative. He guided me to the right resources and gave me a clear picture of what I needed to do at no cost. I will return for sure to get my Trademark registration with them.
Marcos M.
16:58 09 Sep 19
Very grateful to Eric from CJ's team. My Amazon account received a temporary restraining order, I contacted Eric about my concerns, he was very patient and offered me many helps. This law firm team is very professional, Thanks again!
Ren H.
07:14 09 Sep 19
David helped us reinstate our listings in Amazon UK, France, and Spain. We are happy to have the peace of mind that there is a legal team here to support 3P Sellers when needed. Highly recommend!
Bobby L.
18:44 06 Sep 19
I really recommend them. Their services are very good. Rob and Bruce help me a lot, they are patient and handling things very quickly. Also ShuffleWu, I have to mention him, he is very generous and nice talk with him. Thank you very much!
Babar B.
21:03 05 Sep 19
I highly recommend Amazon Sellers Lawyer. We had a sweeping victory against the largest company in the world!!! I will use these lawyers for all my companies.
James K.
01:20 05 Sep 19
I called regarding an issue with a blocked listing. Jenn McDonald was amazing and gave me lots of free advice without trying to sell me anything. You can tell her and her firm want to help more than they care about billing you. Definitely will use them if something else happens.
Au D.
00:33 30 Aug 19
CJ gave me good advice and did not charge anything. Will be in touch with him in the future for legal work.
Jim N.
21:54 28 Aug 19
I really recommend them. Their services are very good. Rob and Bruce help me a lot, they are patient and handling things very quickly. Also ShuffleWu, I have to mention him, he is very generous and nice talk with him. Thank you very much!
May Z.
10:29 21 Aug 19
Brett helped me out when I was dealing with Amazon. You can feel so hopeless dealing with people who can't understand you and much less understand them (literally). These guys got me right back on track in a 15 minute phone call.
Kenny R.
15:21 20 Aug 19
We had an issue with our account it was blocked.
We got a free consultation from Ms. Jenn, after a conversation with her we decided to choose this company and it was the right choice.
The teams specifically Antony assisted us all the time.
They did for us great appeal, coordinate us where we have to send and what we have to do.
They replied to all our questions.
After one week our account was active.

Thank you to all Lawyer Teams
Anastasia S.
12:09 20 Aug 19
Highly recommended, Sarah Chen patiently answering questions for us, and send us some books, a very professional team.
Cici L.
04:03 20 Aug 19
Many thanks to Eric! My Amazon account still got suspended after the complainant retracted. I followed Eric’s advise and my account reinstated now. Amazing and professional team!
John D.
11:52 12 Aug 19
I highly recommend their services If any Amazon seller is having some issues with their accounts such as suspension o reviewed. Special mention to Brett Sondike, he's a great lawyer and a good professional.Thanks for your support.
Christian M.
09:30 11 Aug 19
We have worked with CJ, Anthony and their team for over 3 years. His team shepherded through a difficult suspension and was able to help get our account back. We sell in a category that has a large number of false IP complaints. Unfortunately we were recently served with a 72 hour notice in regards to bogus IP complaints the ASL team was already working on. David Miller was able to write a quick plan of action which Amazon accepted and allowed us to continue business as usual. He is also doing a great job being a bulldog with the brands to attain retractions of their IP complaints. ASL does a great job and even though we know how to handle IP complaints on our own we hand them all over to ASL . IP complaints are a way of life on Amazon now and we use this tough team to deal with them!
Aaron T.
15:31 07 Aug 19
Wow what can I say. My company was suspended do to a false counterfeit claim. It was a very stressful time for our Company. Jenn McDonald was great at easing our fears and Anthony Famularo helped us write an Awesome POA and our account was reinstated in no time. Please know that you are not alone when you are trying to get you account reinstated. I would recommend them to anyone.
Cortney Craig H.
16:22 06 Aug 19
I am a beginner Amazon seller and your reviews and articles help me to build a business correctly. I am very happy about this. Thank you, give a lot of useful and significant advice.
Oksana O.
15:03 06 Aug 19
I had my listing removed because of numerous customer complaints about the condition of the item, David Miller wrote a POA and Amazon reinstated the listing in hours!
Jacob M.
01:32 06 Aug 19
CJ is brilliant and generous. He shared lots of priceless advice at ASD. Thank you CJ!
Youn Jung C.
11:53 05 Aug 19
I had a wonderful consultation with Jennifer today who helped me get situated with the game plan on how to reinstate a few restricted listings on Amazon. On top of that she forwarded me over to CJ who was extremely prompt in his responses and looked over my initial case findings on his own time. I really appreciate the help they give as I’ve gone through another appeal service that was the complete opposite. If you want to team of people who know what they’re doing to help you in any form of reinstatement for your Amazon account I would look no further. Keep up the good work!
Luke W.
06:23 03 Aug 19
Account was suspended on Monday and I called the team on Monday morning to see if they could help us out. 3 days later our account was re-instated. Extremely professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. We had to go back and forth with the Amazon team 3 separate times and David drafted the replies within hours every time, helping us get back up and running as quickly as was possible. Ultimately saved us thousands in lost sales.
James O.
17:37 02 Aug 19
I am very happy work with Travis and Sarah , they give us good price for copyright complaint case, when our 7 additional ASINs got complaint from same company ,they also process them without extra fee , Thank you Travis, you are awesome !!
Doris X.
03:26 31 Jul 19
They are very useful. I rate them at a 5 of 5 ranking
Reagan I.
20:53 25 Jul 19
I know ASL team since the seller summit in HK and it was really awsome to work with them. I had a big issue since last Friday, one of my best seller was unfortunately blocked, I was completely upset and had no idea what to to. Then i turned to CJ, he sent me Shuffle and Bruce and Travis, they are so knowledgeable and efficient, thanks to their evaluation and advice, i can finally get my listing back.
Sibyl W.
08:59 25 Jul 19
Brett Sondike, the Director of Client Services is incredibly knowledgeable and gets to the point with actionable advice. Not only did he listen and consult me professionally, but he anticipated future issues I did not even consider. Without a doubt my new go to law firm for any and all Amazon related legal work. Thank you very much, Brett.
Jon F.
17:26 23 Jul 19
CJ's the BEST! Needed help on a notification on a Saturday night. He took time out of his dinner schedule with family to advise us on the next steps and kept in touch throughout the weekend and the following week to get the account back and corrected! This is when he was traveling outside the US! Amazing stuff sir! And thank you to the rest of the team Ashley, David and Jason! Thank you.
Vikas J.
15:17 19 Jul 19
I am blown away by Jenn McDonald and her services to me. She was very helpful even before a transaction was made.
Jon S.
19:18 18 Jul 19
Jenn McDonald is a great resource. She is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable on Amazon specific issues. I would highly recommend her for all of your legal Amazon issues.
Tony K.
02:42 18 Jul 19
Great law firm, my Amazon account came back to life by their complaints, I am grateful Kerry, Ericand Shuffle this small team, they have been very patient to help solve my problem, very professional team. It is not wrong to choose them.
Julia S.
02:30 06 Jul 19
Outstandingly generous, kind, and helpful!
Arash K.
23:29 02 Jul 19
Recommended, They were extremely professional.
Li S.
12:09 02 Jul 19
Although I was not a client, Rob was very quick to assist me with a fraudulent threat from another seller.
Ophir R.
16:44 01 Jul 19
These guys have been great from the very start and gave us options that have helped us manage counterfeit problems on Amazon's web site. Rob has been very responsive every time we reach out and so far we have 100% success. Highly Recommended
Aaron M.
00:52 27 Jun 19
When I use this service, the service is nice and the problem is timely solved. recommend this lawyer service. When I occur infringement issue, I will thought about and contact this team.
Steven C.
03:09 26 Jun 19
I had a great experience working with this team. They were insightful and very upfront about what they think they could accomplish for me. I would highly recommend!
Avi G.
20:55 25 Jun 19
Amazon Sellers Lawyers have been great. Have been working with Rob the past few months to remove numerous utility patent infringers using an exclusive Amazon program. We have removed 100 infringers already and getting ready for more.
Judah B.
15:16 25 Jun 19
Thank you Brett Sondike for the help and the free e-book to help me get unsuspended from Amazon!
Chris W.
17:01 17 Jun 19
I had a no pressure consultation with Brett today; very helpful and informative. Hoping not to need any legal representation in the near future but if and when I do, I'll be sure to call CJ and his team!
Jeanne C.
22:17 13 Jun 19
I got a trademark infringement noticed from Amazon reported by the rights owner. I tried to send Amazon appeals but didn’t work out and was frustrated. So I decided to turn to Amazonsellerslawyer. The company assigned Ashely to work on my case. She was highly professional and understood that I didn’t intend to make a confusion with another brand. She did research and crafted well-written appeals for me. It took some time for Amazon to reply but finally, I got my product listings reinstated! This was a huge relief.

I should have worked with this company from the start so I would get my listings reinstated faster. I want to thanks Ashley and her team for working on my issue. You guys are amazing!
Chaiwat T.
05:41 12 Jun 19
It was the second time my account was suspended in one year due to a false copyright claim by a third party. And Amazon didn't even send me a notice when suspended my account. I send numerous emails to Amazon. No reply. Contacted Sarah and her team got my account reinstated within 2 weeks! Amazing job! I couldn't imagine that I could get back my account without their help!
Tom F.
08:58 11 Jun 19
Very Professional and Helpful with lots of free advice
Amin M.
21:14 10 Jun 19
Brett Sondike was great. Informed & realistic. Very helpful.
Turned out we were not a match for his services, but in a short time I had an improved understanding of what I was dealing with.
Recommend you call him if you need help!
Bob Abramms
Amherst MA
Bob A.
18:29 06 Jun 19
They have helped me with great care and professionalism on dealing with a suspension issue with Amazon during the registration process. Ashely prepared a complex appeal letter and in three days I was reinstated. I was with no hope because I received a so called “kiss of death” that is considered to be a very tough situation! I Highly suggest them even if the cost is significant but well spent!
Federico P.
19:46 04 Jun 19
Thank you for keeping @Private Label Australia and our clients out of trouble! We are forever grateful for your work at keeping us in business ❤️

A great Workshop and Presentation at #RetailGlobal by @CJ Rosenbaum!
Calliope S.
09:01 02 Jun 19
Highly recommend Amazon Sellers' Lawyer, especially thanks Shuffle, Sarah and Kerry. They are kind, easy going, professional and help me with the ASIN reinstatement due to false design patent infringement. Really appreciate their work.Happy 😁
George A.
00:33 01 Jun 19
Highly recommended! Great service! they are professional and on top of the cases. They were able to get my account back instated!! Special Thanks to David Miller.
Victor N.
19:30 30 May 19
I was impressed with the quick response. Brett Sondike spoke with me and answered my questions. I was deactivated on my first shipment. He was understanding that I didn't have the funds to pay for ASL services. Therefore, he made suggestions that I could pursue myself. Call Amazon Sellers' Lawyer, You don't know what great information you'll receive!
Lorrie S.
01:30 30 May 19
I turned to Amazon Sellers' Lawyer after Amazon denied my appeal for IP infringement/counterfeit complaints which were unfounded. David Miller and team were wonderful and easy to work with. David gave my case alot of personal attention, stayed closely in touch with me throughout the process, and obtained a retraction from the brand owner very quickly. I highly recommend them to any Amazon seller who faces these issues!
Maryellen Porzuczek M.
16:52 24 May 19
Brett was an amazing help. He attended to me on chat ASAP and answered all my question. Thank you!
Ali M.
17:57 23 May 19
My 4 years old private label product listing got suspended because of IP trademark complaints on Amazon and I was really clueless about that. I've tried to solve by myself but it goes nowhere. For international sellers like me, this issue can be really intimidating. Then I decided to contact This was my first time experience hiring a law firm - thankfully, Jenn McDonald gave a professional and friendly service with excellent information about how to proceed. On the next day, I've got a plan of action e-mail from David Miller, an attorney who assigned to my case. In 24 hours, after following his advice.. I received a fantastic news.. notification from Amazon that my listing has been reinstated! What kind of magic was that? Thank you, excellent service from David Miller! He is really professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and taking the time to answered all of my questions. You guys are awesome! Once again, thank you for helping to solve my case! Highly Recommended!
Achyandra Swandana S.
21:58 20 May 19
Fast help, informative and very knowledgeable. Thank you Brett Sondike
Susan S.
12:56 16 May 19
I opened a new account on 2018 but was suspended right away. I am living in Europe so for me was even worse to deal with such a problem.
I have tried to call and send several emails to Amazon but never received any answers.
I decided to ask help to those lawyers and i was assigned to Ashley, she was very helpful and did a great result. I finally received a positive answer from Amazon and my account is active again.
I recommend their services
Ivan S.
19:14 13 May 19
I am so glad I took the leap of faith to work with this firm. I worked with David Miller and he was able to reinstate my Amazon listing after having a patent infringement compliant. I tried to fight by myself which didn’t work and he was able to help me by writing a very professional appeal that explains exactly how our product does not infringe the patent. I like how professional he was. Thank you everyone behind this law firm.
Tigist M.
14:06 11 May 19
I have known CJ and his team for a while now but first used them for a client of mine this past month. I cannot say enough good things about them, but let me share what you will experience with them:

1. Communication - so important to have with sensitive situations like Amazon reinstatements. The team was amazing to give the constant updates and next steps along the process. Awesome communication!

2. Control - anytime when hiring an agency to help with a particular need, you always desire for them to take the reigns fully, but many fail to do so. That is NOT the case with the ASL team. We simply provided what we had done, they took control of the situation and completed everything for us. So amazing!

3. Results - we all know you cannot control Amazon's timeline to resolve, but the quick reinstatement for my client by the ASL team was due to the attention of detail to the plan of action sent to the right teams. They know what they are doing!

If you are looking for help with your Amazon account around any issue, these are the guys to look to!
Brandon A.
21:07 09 May 19
My account got suspended and I have tried so hard my self to deal with Amazon team but no chance at all. Very happy to work with Amazon Sellers Lawyer. they are professionals and they know how to deal with Amazon team they were able to reactivate my account within 3 days. I would really thank Ashley for her support to get my account back.
Anas N.
21:59 02 May 19
They will get the Job done.
Henry I.
05:24 26 Apr 19
I am very satisfied with Jenn McDonald ! She is really well informed, smart and has provided an excellent services. She was also helpful and kind that she took her time explaining everything in detail. I would highly recommend her!
Carla M.
20:51 24 Apr 19
Brett Sondike is the best!
Martina M.
13:44 17 Apr 19
Great customer service, thanks again Jason for all your help!
Brett R.
19:53 15 Apr 19
Amazing Group of People! I spoke with Jenn McDonald of Amazon Sellers Lawyers - she was friendly, knowledgable, and incredibly helpful in helping me understand my options in my Amazon suspension nightmare. I recommend her and ASL 110%.
Steve W.
23:43 09 Apr 19
Brett Sondike helped me a lot. I learned very useful informations, not only for my current issue but also problems could occur in the future. Thank you so much!!
Fatih E.
15:45 02 Apr 19
I received some valuable information from Brett Sondike today about my suspension - very knowledgeable about the Amazon landscape as it pertains to systems and processes on getting reinstated.
Gary S.
16:23 01 Apr 19
Had a call with CJ as someone is trying to register our TM in China. He was very knowledgable and gave some great advice for us moving forward. We also used this opportunity to ask his advice on some ASIN suspensions that have been hanging over us for 6 weeks! Again, some great advice that will help us move forward. When things go wrong (as they always do when dealing with AMZ), then CJ is definitely worth turning to.
Michele V.
09:24 26 Mar 19
This team is amazing! Kudos to Jenn who helped me better understand my suspension ad shared with me the company's free book. A+++
Shannon C.
01:49 24 Mar 19
Consulted with Brett. He was friendly and very knowledgeable about Amazon policies and what they are looking for. Highly recommend.
Rebecca Dorrill T.
16:20 20 Mar 19
There is a lot of useful information that really helped me. I am especially grateful to Director of Client Services Brett Sondike for the information provided.
Pavel K.
21:10 12 Mar 19
These guys are wonderful! Jenn McDonald assisted me and she was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She was very prompt with her responses. The information she provided were honest, practical, and coming from experience! They are definitely here to help us sellers.
Nick L.
03:52 08 Mar 19
Great experience. Professional, very responsive, knowledgable, and most importantly, effective in achieving a positive result in a timely manner. Highly recommend the entire team. Jennifer McDonald and Kerry McDonald both added significant value to my issue and are worth noting.
Todd L.
00:28 06 Mar 19
Great group and most helpful.
Doug H.
20:31 27 Feb 19
I called about an ip complaint that was in the initial stages of Amazon review and spoke with Brett Sondike. The product at issue was a bundle of goods with different brands making the source of the ip complaint uncertain. He gave me some great information on how their process worked and some background on how brand and patent complaints, both possibilities, proceeded -- and when we would need his services. Very Helpful! A 5 star experience!
Larry E.
20:16 26 Feb 19
Highly Recommended them! Got my account back within just a few days! Very Happy with Services!
Andres J C.
17:31 24 Feb 19
Saw CJ's presentation at East Meets West Summit in Taipei (and Global Sources before that).
Its the only presentation on Amazon suspensions I've ever seen that doesn't use fear tactics and actually puts you at ease about the process of appealing.
The advice is solid and if I ever have an issue with suspension, listing suppression or hijackers, I know who I am calling.
Anthony L.
05:43 23 Feb 19
I appreciate having CJ as a resource - he's incredibly knowledgeable and his team is top notch. I appeciated Brett's responsiveness in handling my questions.
Kristin Cherry J.
18:07 22 Feb 19
Highly Recommend Amazon Seller's Lawyer for all your Amazon needs. We have been dealing with Travis for a couple years now and he has helped us through numerous IP issues and suspensions. These guys know their stuff and get the job done!
Westin F.
17:44 21 Feb 19
Got the job done right and did it fast! Restored our premium shipping privileges with a well written POA that couldn't be refused.
Erik A.
19:14 20 Feb 19
Amazon Seller's Lawyers is amazing, I am so blessed to have found them. They helped me get my account reinstated from an inauthentic claim. I was devastated and wasn't sure will I get it back. I worked with Kerry, Travis and Anthony and they were all SO knowledgeable, experienced, and highly professional. They really know what they are doing and know Amazon really well. I am so happy that they exist, they will have your back and help you when something goes wrong. I am so happy and grateful and can't thank them enough. Thank you for existing. And Thank you CJ for all of your informative videos! I learned so much from you. You guys rock.
Monica H.
00:10 18 Feb 19
I had the pleasure of working with CJ one on one on a patent infringement issue. He is extremely knowledgable on the subject and gave us the right advice to proceed with the case and resolve the situation for us. I'm extremely pleased with his services and highly recommend his services to any online seller. They really do take care of the clients and know Amazon to the core.
Max A.
06:47 16 Feb 19
CJ and the team at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer are currently helping us with a hacking and suspension issue. So far they have been super responsive and have gone over and beyond to help us resolve the issue and remove the suspension. I highly recommend engaging them early if you have any legal issues with your Amazon account. I have every confidence that they will resolve our problem for us soon!
Mark W.
09:31 15 Feb 19
Wonderful experience. Knowledgeable and responsive!
Travis and Jason were helpful and responsive to all our questions and concerns. It was not the first time they solve our issues with Amazon. Overall, it was a pleasant experience!
Maxim B.
19:46 13 Feb 19
George Greek CJ is a classy man. I attended a webinar that he hosted on Hijacking and instantly I was hooked to his kind advise. He is really a guy that cares about serving Amazon Sellers. He know his stuff and knows it globally as you watch his webinars, and travels the globe. His experience is very broad, that's for sure.
George G.
23:53 11 Feb 19
Super helpful and responsive! Thanks for all your guidance towards setting up my amazon store.
Sunandini V.
18:27 07 Feb 19
Jenn McDonald gave me knowledgeable advice about my situation. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get advice on a no-fault situation but she gave me advice, made sure I can follow up, and helped me avoid my situation resulting in a serious policy violation. Thank you so much!
Cheryl S.
00:28 07 Feb 19
Very professional and highly responsive. If you need a POA this is the group to call.
John C.
15:13 06 Feb 19
I am very happy I turned to this awesome team of lawyers to help me reinstate my listing that was blocked due to IP infringement complaint. They started working on the case right away after I submitted it. I want to thank Kerry McDonald 🌺 and Jennifer McDonald 🌺 in particular. I highly recommend! Looking back, I wouldn't have done it myself. ☺️❤️❤️
Olga W.
18:17 05 Feb 19
My initial contact with Amazon Sellers' Lawyer was very easy. I was able to get some immediate answers to some preliminary questions. Very Helpful!
Nancy Orvin B.
20:18 04 Feb 19
They were extremely helpful in giving me advice to recover my account. Highly recommend!
Dan S.
20:43 01 Feb 19
They are terrific people thank you very much Brett Sondike. It was nice to meet you. Brett is a very wounderful person to ask questions to and if you need someone to take a case on ask Brett wounderful man 😊
Lori Lee F.
02:37 31 Jan 19
Selling on Amazon can be ruthless in some markets.False patent infringements claims run rampant. Amazon sellers lawyer did an excellent job getting past all the Amazon automated responses and getting Amazon to look into and respond to a false patent infringement claim. My ASINs are back up and I would absolutely recommend this company if you experience the same issue.
Mike P.
19:34 30 Jan 19
He answered my questions with polite language. I thank him.
Aktan Ş.
14:57 25 Jan 19
good service, they really help your business. Chitagam Saluja really help me a lot, thank you for your hard work man
Liang G.
22:05 22 Jan 19
Working with Vincent and Anthony helped us through the quagmire of a delisting for illegitimate reasons. We were stuck in an endless Seller Support loop until they guided us to a successful re-listing. Highly recommend!
Trina Riggs W.
17:11 21 Jan 19
very helpful and informative and fast i contact with Jenn McDonald was very helpful thanks
Khalid A.
21:32 20 Jan 19
My account was suspended due to complaints of IP infringement 3 months ago. Suspension happened right before fund being released. No need to say, there is a good chunk of money left in the account being held while appeal was being filed. I used the live chat on to explain my case to Rosenbaum Famularo, PC. law office. Anthony answered all my questions very professionally. They have tons of experience on cases similar to mine. We went through about 4 or 5 appeals because Amazon keep asking for more details, I thought Amazon was just giving me run arounds and my account will never be reinstated. But my direct contact / paralegal, Ashley Dipinto never gave up and keep fighting for me. Guess what, 3 months later, my account was reinstated. I cannot thank them enough for their professional advice and perseverance. Last but not least, the service statement is super clear easy to understand, they break down service charge to 1/10 of and hour and thrown in a couple free service as well. I hope I will never have to use them again, but if I do, I know who to call.
Thank you Ashley, Anthony and of course CJ.
Willie L.
00:10 16 Jan 19
I have been working with Amazon Seller's Lawyer for about a year now. These guys are simply Awesome. Anthony, Saluja, Travis, and Kerry are always there and ready to help. They are my first line of defense and the default recommendation 🙂
Abdul A.
15:57 15 Jan 19
the best consulting service around!!!!
Cervantes O.
01:28 15 Jan 19
After 4 days of my failed attempts, Sal, Kerry and Travis had me reinstated in 48 hours, and on the first submission! Very professional, thank you.
Michael S.
14:48 14 Jan 19
What was good about this product or service overall?
From the moment we spoke with Jennifer on the phone we had a good feeling about this company. She was professional, pleasant and just genuine. After speaking with her we decided not to even waste our time and price around other company, but just go with these guys. Within 3 days of signing the retainer and paying their fees they had our case resolved. We spoke to Jason a few times on the phone and via email and each time he was readily available to assist and answer all our questions and concerns. Kerry even worked on our case in the evening time while at home.

Could anything have been better? Nope, these guys are the business and i highly recommend. Fingers crossed we won't need to use their services again, but for anyone who needs a company to help them reinstate their Amazon account, look no further than Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C.

How was the support? Amazing.
Nelson D.
15:55 11 Jan 19
They help me a lot with a complaint of an ASIN! People like them are our SuperHeroes on Amazon! 100pts!
Alejandro L.
03:07 10 Jan 19
These guys are great, Saluja helped get our account unsuspended after fighting with Amazon for over 2 years. So happy
Teddy H.
14:41 09 Jan 19
Sean Law was able to respond my issue within matters of minutes and provide me with a fast, concise and honest answer and advice about my problem of a suspended Amazon account, he was also super kind to let me issued my appeal letter to give me a quick review on how it is written, very appreciate the time and effort, totally worth a try
Rolly C.
15:22 08 Jan 19
Any issue with Amazon, these guys are very good and quick.
special thanks to Jason Powell, Kerry R. McDonald, Anthony Famularo.
Mustafa S.
16:11 02 Jan 19
Anthony, Dana and Travis Thank you so much to helping us for re-instate our Amazon Account. All of you very professional and have excellent skills. Happy New Year 2019 :)😊😊😃
Irfan B.
23:09 01 Jan 19
The best staff i ever meet in the business. Forget the so-called services and gurus, using a Lawyer is the only smart business decision and that can keep your account so in good health and i wish to your business all success and happy holiday !
Khalîl A.
19:20 25 Dec 18
Jenn was able to provide a very clear and valuable answer to my legal question, free of charge. Thank you very much, Jenn and the Rosenbaum company!
Svetlana S.
22:14 16 Dec 18
Brett gave amazing advice after hours for free, I would highly recommend him and his knowledge of amazon, 5 out 5 stars, I would give him 6 if I could! Thanks Brett
Dean V.
22:30 13 Dec 18
Super friendly and helpful!
Henrietta T.
00:04 12 Dec 18
I had to write an appeal of an "account under review" and even though the claims were baseless, I was still uncertain about sending it in..Jenn and Kerry McDonald gave me expert advice and after a few tweaks to my appeal, my account was in good standing within 24 hours. Thank you! I highly recommend this firm.
Nancy W.
15:02 10 Dec 18
Great guy and best staff in the business. Forget the so-called services and gurus, using a Lawyer is the only smart business decision.
Alan M.
19:59 06 Dec 18
We currently had another lawyer that we were working with but was not happy with. We talked to Sean Law on the phone and he gave us some great advice without being pushy. I would highly recommend giving these guys a try as you wont regret it.
Brian R.
19:33 04 Dec 18
Recently, I myself got into trouble with Amzn, my account was suspended. Ban for related account! You know how it's hard to deal with this when you are just a blind frightened novice on this huge platform. I won. My account was reactivated within a week. I highly recommend Rosenbaum Famularo support. Having contact with different similar offices, I never got such comprehensive and efficient advice from other guys who offer the same service. I more often received invoices from them than a real help. I would love to mention Jenn McDonald and Law, guys, who were so communicative and responsive. People from Russia (the country where I live) frequently ask me to help them because they know that I had appealed my suspicion successfully. I never share unreliable information because I understand full responsibility. The first place I apply to is RF amazonsellerslawyer. It's my true protection from ignorance and myths existing around Amazon. Thank you guys for that. Enjoy your work and be happy!
Дмитрий Б.
17:34 01 Dec 18
We do recommend Amazon Seller's Lawyers. They are
professionally knowledgeable and efficient.
Moosey F.
02:08 30 Nov 18
Amazon account got suspended and its been over 50 days offline. I've tried to do everything on my own so far and haven't gotten anywhere. Its time to hand it over to the professionals. Received amazing customer service from Jenn McDonald. Amazonsellerslawyer is Worth every penny 😀 its not worth gambling on your amazon account on your own
Brodie C.
01:38 29 Nov 18
Extremely thorough, professional, responsive, and fast. My listing was approved in the first attempt. I highly recommend the team of Mr. Saluja, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Stockman, and Mr. Famularo.
Lori Fischer M.
23:24 28 Nov 18
Provided great, expert advice free of charge! Much thanks to Sean
Allan V.
20:30 26 Nov 18
Very friendly, very communicative and super efficient! I am very happy with service provided. My account is up and running again! Thank you very much!
Special thanks to Mr. Saluja!
Anton M.
14:12 26 Nov 18
Jenn McDonlad Was great to work with! Very Informative! Would definitely recommend her!
Nicholas M.
22:30 25 Nov 18
I lives in Israel and I got a phone call at 8 am NY time on Thanksgiving. It was very helpful. Thanks a lot
Eylam M.
13:43 22 Nov 18
This company is truly incredible! Today I worked with Jenn McDonald, and she provided me with very knowledgeable information. To make things better, she presented me with free information that can help me in the future. Thank you so much Amazon Sellers' Lawyers for your excellent service!
Arka M.
23:20 21 Nov 18
Professionalism, eagerness to help.
Dragos C.
22:56 12 Nov 18
Thanks shuffle solve my problem.
Very professional and very nice.贊贊贊
May W.
03:24 09 Nov 18
Thanks for professional and reliable service. My private label products have been blocked by Amazon with no reason and I failed to reinstate myself. They are my savior. Thks
Benny L.
04:46 05 Nov 18
If you have an amazon selling issue CJ, Travis, Anthony, and everyone at amazon seller lawyers are the best.
They are Amazon experts. They will offer honest guidance.
They are always accessible and answer all emails and calls.
Their firm is an excellent resource for all amazon sellers.
Howard F.
13:55 21 Oct 18
Cj from Amazon Sellers Lawyers is so awesome, he responded to my inquiry in the middle of the night and provided solid answers. Their team works super hard to get the job done right for you. They care about you and want to see you succeed. I would highly recommend Amazon Sellers' Lawyer!!!
Brittney K.
19:51 18 Oct 18
I called and spoke to Brett, polite and friendly. Not a client yet, however he was able to put me on hold and get an answer to my question regarding selling on Amazon. Thank you!
Al A.
17:04 18 Oct 18
Jenn provides excellent research and potential solutions!
John H.
01:24 16 Oct 18
I spoke to Brett Sondike about a legal issue I am having. He took the time to understand what I had to explain on the very first call. I am extremely pleased with the way he responded and with the response I got from him. I felt very comfortable talking to him and he made it very easy for me to get some insight into the legal aspect of my issue. Very honest guy and down to earth! I would highly recommend Brett to anyone seeking advice around IP issues and questions around legally selling on Amazon.
Parul A.
14:40 12 Oct 18
They provide support for any issue about selling on Fba.
Micheli V.
15:07 09 Oct 18
Jason worked hard and did a great job getting us reinstated. It took a few weeks but in the end it paid off. Thanks again and God bless!
Chris I.
20:07 08 Oct 18
This firm is absolutely excellent. Our Amazon Seller's account was wrongly suspended by an algorithmic error (long story, neither our fault nor Amazon's fault).

Within 2 weeks - thanks to Mr. Stockman - our account was restored and back in good standing. I highly highly highly recommend Rosenbaum Famularo PC if you can't resolve an appeal matter by yourself. This firm will continue to represent us and I couldn't be happier.
Christopher D.
21:15 04 Oct 18
Really nice and Professional approach. I got emmediatly vital info and help for free. I can recommend they if you have issues with Amazon Seller account.
Petra T.
06:44 03 Oct 18
the courteous service and he sent me a free book to help me out!
Ali B.
21:46 01 Oct 18
Our account was suspended for inauthentic complaints from customer.
Chitagam Saluja, Kerry and Travis worked for us as a team and the result was great. Our account was finally reinstated yesterday.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the team for all the care and concern the team have shown me. I really appreciate the help through out the whole process. Thank you!
Eun Jung K.
14:23 27 Sep 18
The associate that assisted me was very helpful and very friendly. I would definitely do business with them or just for the free consulting.
Derrick C.
01:01 20 Sep 18
Amazing service! I’ve got great supporting from Mr. Brett Sondike. I’m very satisfied. High recommend!
Tuấn A.
02:37 18 Sep 18
I want to thank Saluja And Kerry for the epic battle it was a long fight but at the end we prevailed! Thanks for the hard work . These guys are awesome ! I would highly recommend Rosenbaum Famularo the amazon sellers lawyer to anyone who’s needs to reinstate there amazon account .
Jimmy J.
16:13 15 Sep 18
Great Team!... these guys are great and easy to deal with . They knew the importance of what is required and they were able to do what they do best and save our account along with peoples jobs. Thank You Guys!
Vlad K.
00:39 11 Sep 18
Great team
Sean G.
21:40 10 Sep 18
Jason helped with my case, he worked with Anthony and Kerry in the past month helping drafting POA to get my account reinstated. Jason is always very patient and detailed and answers all my questions. After 4 POAs, Amazon finally reinstated my account and I'm able to get my money back and start sell again on Amazon. Thanks so much Jason for your hard work!
Kun G.
22:15 06 Sep 18
We purchased a product at the trade show and were told that it was okay to sell on Amazon by the distributor, but the manufacturer was already on Amazon and they wanted exclusivity on Amazon for their product. Jason gave us a tip on how to navigate around the issue and still sell it! Two thumbs up!
Connie S.
16:09 06 Sep 18
Service is good, working staff are really helpful and friendly. The most important thing is that they are professional for what they do!
Jimmy D.
08:48 05 Sep 18
Jason is not your typical lawyer, trying to rush through the call or be in a hurry to bill. He takes time to understand the situation and will only recommend his services if he believes he can be of help. It was very helpful and reassuring to discuss our issue with a professional in the field. Instead of rushing me into his "funnel," Jason actually suggested waiting to hear back before we moved forward with any paid service. Would highly recommend Jason or anybody at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer for any legal or account needs.
Brent W.
20:08 04 Sep 18
Best - I have worked with a few other Agencies in the past and I have no doubt that Amazon Sellers Lawyer are the best in what they are doing. They are very proactive in whatever task they undertake. I had the please to work with Saluja and he is the best when it comes to handling the case and providing you with the best possible advice and work along with you in order to address the issue. Don't think twice, you will not regret their service at all.
Abdul Karim A.
15:17 04 Sep 18
CJ and his team are great. I have been selling on Amazon for 2 years. I spoke with Jason several times regarding a matter that I was very concerned about and he was extremely patient and helpful. Rosenbaum Famularo will be my go to law firm for any future matters with my Amazon account
Mike M.
19:39 29 Aug 18
Heavy Metal Merchant would like to thank CJ and his legal firm for taking action in keeping online marketplaces clean from bootleg music merchandise.
David H.
13:19 29 Aug 18
Got me un-suspended !!!😀
Kelly V.
12:35 29 Aug 18
I recommend the Amazon Sellers Lawyer for any Amazon Seller! They are quick to respond, very helpful, and fair in regards to clients' interests.
Braedon Y.
21:51 20 Aug 18
I spoke with Rob this morning about securing trademarks for my e-commerce brands. He was knowledgeable and answered all my questions and didn't make me feel rushed to get off the phone. I feel confident that this is a great firm to do business with.
Jason L.
17:27 15 Aug 18
Professional, knowledgeable and helpful!!! Great experience working with them
Bilal I.
14:05 10 Aug 18
Amazon Sellers' Lawyer group has helped me through a difficult time. They made sure I was well aware of the different options of approaching this issue and had excellent communication along with way. Definitely recommend to anyone who falls into legal issues in their FBA business.
Ryan Y.
20:16 09 Aug 18
CJ and his firm have been able to clean up many websites that had unauthorized merchandise for Arch Enemy.
François O.
08:41 09 Aug 18
Very responsive in answering questions you have during the process. They listen to any concerns you have and address them appropriately. The rates are also very fair
Brian H.
16:49 08 Aug 18
I spoke with Brett today after finding I was mixed up in a Temp. Restraining order with a company. He explained to me in an understanding way what was going on, he was very patient and realistic with me and If I ever need further help. AmazonSellersLawyers is my go to guys
Aaron Addo N.
22:27 07 Aug 18
We really did not know what to expect in going to the ASD show, what we found was an amazing amount of information regarding our new business venture. CJ was beyond helpful! CJ thank you so much for your advice and helpful insight, you are the perfect guide into this unknown territory!
Veronica P.
02:39 06 Aug 18
These guys were willing to chat on short notice and gave valuable advice. Thanks so much.
Will M.
21:01 02 Aug 18
My account was suspended due to inauthentic complaints. Anthony and his team had me back up and running in no time. I was skeptical at first in case this was fake or a scam, but they proved to be true professionals! I'm very happy I called them and I will call them again if I need to...!
Costa D.
00:17 31 Jul 18
CJ is such a cool guy, loved talking to him, i learned allot, did i mention he bought me lunch? I had an awesome experience!
Nik C.
21:14 30 Jul 18
I am getting closer and closer to working with them and have to say their customer service so far has been excellent.
Thomas P.
15:32 30 Jul 18
Haven't actually worked with them yet, but really liked the initial interaction. I got Sean on the line and he was super helpful answering my questions and was willing to go the extra mile in order to assist me with my situation. Was very patient and didn't rush through the call. Wasnt trying to hard sell me, rather provided me with options that would be in the best interest for me and my business. The consultation was absolutely free of charge. Def recommend to give it a shot!
Tim K.
21:10 26 Jul 18
I spoke to Mr Brett Sondike he's Very professional and knowledgeable. I recommend him
Kevin S.
16:45 26 Jul 18
Great experience! Reached out to them for a Consultation on an issue with an Amazon Policy Warning for Trademark Infringement. My listing was not disabled or account suspended yet and just seamed to be a warning. After answering all my questions and easing my mind they offered me good advise as to what my next steps should be and did not charge me as additional action was not needed at that time. I really appreciated their honesty and time they took to really speak with me. I left the call a bit more at ease and should I need representation in the future will not hesitate to reach back out to them. Highly Recommend!
Edwin F.
22:16 25 Jul 18
I've had a great experience working with Amazon Sellers Lawyer. Fast service and great results
Tom R.
21:13 24 Jul 18
Hi CJ,
Thank you for your help. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and helping me with my Amazon issues. I Highly recommend you.

Cindy H.
01:12 20 Jul 18
Tim was amazing he was very knowledgeable, he was quick to answer. Then he put us in contact with CJ which took the time to hear our case and didn't even charge us for the phone call. Their service is great and i highly recommend CJ and his team.

Thank You
Ilan E.
19:35 18 Jul 18
I just had a phone consultation with CJ that was completely free of charge! He is very kind and extremely helpful. CJ is really knowledgeable and he explained everything clearly regarding setting up a corporation in NY. I was confused and didn’t know which way to go before I spoke to CJ , but his explanation made the process easy to understand and logical! He didn’t push me into getting anything done through his firm. He actually was recommending the cheapest and easiest way to do it. I truly appreciate that. Thank you so much CJ! I will definitely recommend everyone to use his services.
Agnieszka M.
22:38 17 Jul 18
I’m a seller originally from Israel, called and asked to meet with CJ in person, invited me right in and I was able to meet him and his amazing staff.
He took the time to meet with me and gave me unbelievable advise. At the end of our meeting, I offered him money for his time and he said WAY NO!
Highly recommended!!
Daniel R.
19:40 17 Jul 18
I was very happy with the help I received from Brett. I highly recommend working with Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C. to help resolve any of your Amazon Seller related issues.
Ray P.
16:45 17 Jul 18
CJ and his team are the best at what they do. The vast amount of knowledge that they have provided us with has been extremely helpful in overcoming the many challenges of selling online. He's helped us with getting listings reinstated as well as protecting our own brand. I highly recommend using CJ and his team for any issues you may have.
Anthony M.
15:25 16 Jul 18
CJ is the best and most helpful for any and all Amazon related issues. The entire team, especially Kerry McDonald, were able to resolve a multitude issues from suspensions, IP complaints and brand protection for online sellers. We visited his office in Long Beach. We called CJ on his cell on Saturday and he cleared his schedule so that we could meet with him in person in their Long Beach, NY office on Monday morning.
Janu S. G.
15:19 16 Jul 18
Just had my consultation over the phone. CJ literally just got off a plane and called me from an Uber.... This is dedication at it's finest. Looking forward to dealing with him. 5 Star.
Josh K.
18:34 13 Jul 18
Gary helped me with my suspended account gave me information on how to appeal and to prevent my account from getting suspended in any way highly recommended
Noam K.
17:16 13 Jul 18
I have contact Amazon Sellers Lawyer for a problem with my new account that Amazon has suspend few days after i have open, i have write to Seller Central several time without solve the issue but with the fantastic help of Gary i have had the solution.
Marco B.
17:03 13 Jul 18
I contacted Amazon Seller's Lawyer as my account got suspended after I found many great reviews and recommendations. Their response was swift, had a great chat with Gary on the phone and all communication was professional and very helpful. I decided not to use their services in the end, but if circumstances were different I wouldn't hesitate to hire them.
Megan S.
21:14 10 Jul 18
CJ gave us very honest advice that other attorneys we spoke to did not. In the end, his advice was to walk away and not proceed with his services. He could have taken our money and we were prepared to give it to him, but instead he decided to advise us on what he thought was best for our business and our family. Cannot recommend highly enough!
Jeff W.
19:07 05 Jul 18
CJ represented me in the arbitration process, throughout the arbitration I felt I had someone to trust, he fought hard for our rights. Thank you!
Michal L.
14:49 01 Jul 18
CJ was fantastic in helping us craft a response to seller performance to get our products back, I couldn't recommend him more highly!
Dan P.
14:58 29 Jun 18
I met CJ at an Amazon Summit March 2018. At that time I didn't have a PL product I was a 3rd party seller with no problems. I purchased some products and started selling my own PL products and then one day I got hit with an infringement and blam my listings got shut down. With no where to return I remembered CJ said in his presentation that we (sellers) could call him and he would help and he was a phone call away. Well I took him up on that offer, I called he gave me some great advice to try without me spending a dime. So now I just wait and see what happens. It's nice to know that he really does care and wants to help. I will use his services again, hopefully I don't have too though, sorry CJ...LOL!
Pj S.
04:34 27 Jun 18
supper friendly and helpful was really nice and gave me the time of day
Yaakov R.
22:18 21 Jun 18
CJ was the real deal. He responded to my chat from a deli and walk over to the office to take my call. I didn’t end up using his services (yet) as he advised me it was pre-mature. He did send me some great advice on how to respond to Amazon. If Amazon does not reinstate my listing I will be using his services to get this taken care of.
Johnny G.
13:32 20 Jun 18
Brett Sondike, Director of Client Services, assisted me with a problem I was having and I found him to be very helpful and knowledgable. He ansewerd all of my questions and steered me in the correct direction. In addition, he did not charge me for the advice. I would highly recommend him and his firm.
William Jeff A.
19:22 12 Jun 18
very helpful advice and easy to talk with

Thank you!
Nechemia B.
15:58 11 Jun 18
Brett at Amazon Sellers was fast, responsive and was willing to pass on referrals, and info which could prove useful. Thank you!
Michael Lee S.
15:20 06 Jun 18
CJ was very helpful and took the time to address my issues. He has a deep understanding of the Amazon process and can help sellers who are in need of legal support.
Jack S.
21:57 29 May 18
Thank you so much to Amazon Sellers Lawyers to getting my account back in perfect standings! I made a mistake with my account that resulted in an IP Infringement. After reaching out myself to the brand owner, I was unable to get them to retract their complaint. This caused chaos on my Amazon account and I was no longer able to sell this brand. I then contacted Amazon Sellers Lawyers. Kerry worked daily on my account, reaching out to the Brand Owners and consuting me on what to say to Amazon. They NEVER gave up! By some kind of magic, they were able to get the brand owner to tell Amazon that the complaint with me was resolved. Within two days, my account was back in action. I am sure I could not have done this without them. THANK YOU Amazon Sellers Lawyers, CJ, and Kerry!
Jody M.
21:47 29 May 18
This firm is the real deal cannot say enough about how good they really are, especially Joe. Hope we don't need them in the future but great to know there is a firm that knows how to help you deal with Amazon. Smartest choice we made stop wasting time with people who don't know what they are doing.
Diane Gregory S.
15:01 21 May 18
We had a consult with CJ and he was super responsive, well informed, and extremely helpful. He knew exactly what we had to address and gave his insight. His feedback was succinct, straight forward, and on point. Highly recommended!
Lori F.
18:03 14 May 18
I filled out their form online and received a call from Gary within 24 hours. Gary spent 15-20 minutes of his free time walking me through my issues/questions. Unbelievable service and they really know what they are talking about. They earned a new client today!
Doug F.
01:58 11 May 18
I had watched CJ’s informational videos and read his blogs even before even meeting him. Once I hired him, I already felt like I knew him. But that is something CJ does. He makes you aware and comfortable that he is taking care of you. To be fair, I have also researched and talked with the other major consultants that offer Amazon appeal and suspension services. They are knowledgable and smart as well but there was a big difference working with an experienced attorney versus a consultant.
That is not the only reason why I chose to work with CJ. He and everyone you encounter at Amazon Sellers Lawyer are extremely kind, dedicated, professional and knowledgable about what they do. When you work with ASL, you instantly realize that whatever issues you are encountering with Amazon; it is going to be handled by the very best in the industry. My situation with amazon required arbitration and I am convinced that there is no other attorney that could have done a better job than CJ. He defended my case and fought hard to do it .He fights for amazon sellers in a way that no one else can because they really do not have the credentials, tactics, or knowledge that CJ possesses. CJ did not skip a beat. His performance was flawless. There is just no comparison and if there is ever an issue that I encounter with Amazon again, I am marching right back to ASL to get the situation handled the right way.
-Julie U
Julie Uberoi K.
23:11 25 Apr 18
CJ is very bright and very genuine. He is always rooting for others to succeed and seem to care more for the greater good then himself. Very happy to know him.
Ed R.
14:51 22 Apr 18
I work for Private Equity Fund and our office is based in Kiev, Ukraine. I was looking for a lawyer consultation regarding one of the Amazon Sellers we acquired a few years ago. By googling I found 7 law firms that provided such consultations, CJ’s company Amazon Sellers' Lawyer (ASL) was one of them. I’ve tried to reach all of 7 but I need to admit that even with nice websites and etc it seems that it might be easy to reach them when you call few times or they can reply to the email you sent but it wasn’t so.

So I’ve reached ASL from the first call and spoke with Brett and he clearly gives me all the information I need, and he offered also that none of the reached companies did - to send the documentation for CJ’s to take a look before the meeting and after they will be able to say how many hours we need in our case or maybe even half an hour or just a paid writing reply. Also, the price for an hour was ok compared to others.

After I’ve received all the documents from my management and all the case explanation I’ve understood that we might be enough with only consultation or even a few so I’ve reached ASL again, sent documentation and spoke with Gary and after explaining my case he kindly offer me 10-15 min free call with CJ’s to give me the overview of our situation, our chances in this case and best strategy.

Oh my God! How I love to speak with such professionals like CJ. In 10 min I clearly got answers to two of my questions and ways to solve our issue. And it was a real pleasure for me and as was promised the next day I’ve received the documentation from Brett (we spoke with CJ’s during his day but here we have a night so it was very important for me to have the answer my next day to discuss it already with my boss).

It was last week and for now, I’m still receiving more and more new information from my management regarding our issue which opened new questions so I’ve reached ASL again saying I have new info which they didn’t know before and this might affect our strategy. And again they were so nice and reachable and connect me with СJ for few minutes so I’ve shortly explained new facts and again he impressed me with his clear answer and even for now without signed contract said that he on connection and etc.

For me it is very important for the people you are dealing with are compulsory, professional, responsive and responsible - that’s what I can say about CJ’s, Brett and Gary. These guys are just awesome - I’m highly impressed!
Maria D.
15:46 20 Apr 18
Good service. Called me back right away and answered all of our questions. Highly recommended
Patrick P.
17:24 19 Apr 18
CJ is always friendly and willing to help! I called him twice and both times he volunteered information that was useful. My situation was unfortunate in that, according to CJ the prognosis was not good and he warned me that this was the case before we even hired him. Super honest! 5 stars!
Ari Chazan H.
22:14 03 Apr 18
This is a Great Law Firm. I spoke with Bret, who was most courteous and helpful. In addition, he put me on the right track to resolve my case and best of all he didn't charge me a cent. Just a wonderful experience with professionals.
Steve R.
15:31 03 Apr 18
I called from Spain with patent pending doubts. This is the quickest customer service I've ever seen. From doubts to answers in minutes! First contact and first questions answered for free. Thanks CJ and team!
Carolina G.
13:43 03 Apr 18
I'm amazed! I was a brand new seller and discovered my account became suspended within 3 days of opening it. I research how to address it and even watched an interview with CJ on youtube. No matter what I tried, I anxiously waited 17 days getting nowhere. I was referred to an expert in this area and it turned out to be CJ. Within 10 hours after starting with CJ's team, I was back on line. I don't know how they do it, but hands-down, this guy knows how to get stuff done!
Jon G.
00:40 09 Mar 18
I work with Amazon sellers in my practice. If they have a major issue, I will refer them to Amazon Sellers' Lawyer. CJ and his team are experts in the field.
Simon B.
18:53 08 Mar 18
I learned about CJ's firm after watching a webinar with TWF. The video was very helpful and easy to understand. I then called on a Monday to get some advice on how to get everything started. CJ called me back on Tuesday and was able to help me with my own personal questions about which was right for our business. I am impressed with how they handle everything and would highly recommend.
James C.
20:13 06 Mar 18
CJ Rosenbaum at Amazon Sellers Lawyer was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in answering some really important legal questions that should absolutely be addressed prior to starting a business, especially on Amazon. I would highly recommend anyone even thinking of selling on Amazon to contact CJ or anyone on his staff to get some basic information that you really should know and the best part is, the 30 minute consultation I got was absolutely free so what do you have to lose?
Charles R.
16:47 02 Mar 18
These guys are awesome from Brett to CJ Rosenbaum. I spoke to Brett first then was able to connect with CJ, in my situation he could not help me as I needed something else in my current situation but he referred me to great Accountant how can help my with my current situation and to WA Attorney as my LLC in WA so now i am all set and they did not charge me anything for first consultation they first check if they can help clint with something. Highly Recommend Them!
Liliya M.
01:46 02 Mar 18
5 star service and real intelligent. CJ's advice was accurate with brevity and clarity. The ABC's of a competent professional and attorney. Thank you my good man!
J Chun T.
23:03 01 Mar 18
CJ is awesome. Quick to respond and very approachable. Wealth of knowledge in the Amazon world!
Kent R.
20:42 01 Mar 18
Great advice from CJ, prompt work and responses from CJ and Brett. Will definitely work with again.
Chris W.
17:09 26 Feb 18
I'm so impressed with CJ Rosenbaum and his firm. I had a question regarding Amazon seller suspension and he called me back within 1 hour while he was on vacation. Within 10 minutes he has answered my question and given me directions, all without charging me. If you need an attorney for Amazon suspension or anything for your Amazon seller central account I highly recommend you contact. amazon sellers lawyer and talk to CJ.
Babe M.
16:46 21 Feb 18
Awesome help from CJ. From Vancouver BC and CJ was more than helpful in providing insightful feedback. 🙂
Wilson K L.
07:50 16 Feb 18
These guys are amazing. I called them on the phone and got the main man CJ on directly, who showed me how to do exactly what I needed to be done by myself so that I could do it for free. Thank you!
Rodrigo B.
20:00 13 Feb 18
Class act people! Last year needed advice and CJ was very helpful even though I’d already made the mistake of hiring a less component person and my case dragged but eventually resolved. Had another issue just now and Jason on CJ’s staff was very helpful and level headed in his advice on the phone. Really calmed me down. And once again proved how honest good people they are....recommending that I let my current appeal’s process run its natural course before involving them rather than just jumping at the opportunity to take my money if not best practice for the current moment. Thank you guys!
John B.
22:07 12 Feb 18
I contacted CJ after reading about him on numerous Amazon FBA websites. He was more knowledgable then I could have hoped for. I don't want to get into to much detail about our conversations but rest assure that if you have any concerns about your Amazon business, he is the person to talk to. With a staff of over 20 highly qualified people working for him, you will be well taken care of.
Daniel L.
19:40 09 Feb 18
I attended a seminar given by CJ on Amazon suspensions, and the seminar was awesome. I just recently had to deal with a potential Amazon suspension, which if they would have succeeded in suspending me permanently, would have ruined my business. Im glad I met CJ and I will definitely use his services in the future if I need them.
Emile W.
22:22 07 Feb 18
CJ spoke to me over the phone without charging a single cent and he is the best Amazon related attorney. They are a highly ethical law firm as he listened to my issue and guided me how to deal with the issue. The other firms wanted to have my money first even without getting to know what the problem was!

I will be hiring his law firm only, if I need to, in the future as they clearly guide you and keep it very transparent. Highly recommended!!
Ajeet B.
08:13 02 Feb 18
After waking up to an Amazon Suspension this morning I was referred to this firm by another person who had used them in the past. I connected with Brett on Chat and he graciously answered my questions and reviewed my documentation at no charge before I sent it to Amazon. It was a great relief not to have to spend thousands of dollars right away and the advice was greatly appreciated. I have sent the appeal to Amazon and will report back on the results! If there are further issues I will definitely contact them again and refer others. Thanks Brett!
Dave C.
19:28 01 Feb 18
i found this service by doing a google search and after pricing this service out. amazonsellerslawyer was the least expensive and i love the fact that a real person answered the phone. real lawyers with a real practice. not a consulting service. i was suspended by amazon on the 23 of January and i was back to selling as of today, January 30. this is insane. the POA drafted by mr. anthony and his team was on point and amazon saw no other option but to allow me to sell again. thank you,thank you, thank you.
Jim R.
22:52 30 Jan 18
I really appreciate Mr. Sondike advice to fix my issue with Amazon US. Very straightforward approach to better explain the issue to Seller Performance to get my account reinstated. And he did it pro Bono. You can't beat that!! I'll be following your content, you have a new fan!! Regards
Alejandro S.
14:05 30 Jan 18
Mr rosenbaum is a knowledgeable attorney. Have compasion and willing to help anyone and take free consultantions
William S.
22:35 25 Jan 18
I am so impressed with my first and free interview with CJ Rosenbaum. It has given me much confidence to continue with my case. Very professional and I am looking forward to a very positive outcome. Thank you so far CJ Rosenbaum.
Vicky K.
04:46 19 Jan 18
CJ took our call...spend 45 minutes with me, answered ALL my questions, AND did it without charging a dime.

The head of a law firm of 22 people takes an initial consult and doesn't charge you for it? This is customer service and care. Decided to use them as our attorneys.
David G.
21:00 18 Jan 18
I decided to sell on amazon and initially called the firm with a list of questions on how do I start. CJ just answered all my questions over the phone and even gave recommendations. I was impressed how genuine these guys are and all for free! I look forward to working with them once I’m up and running !
Tatyana P.
15:37 08 Jan 18
Very enjoyable speaking with CJ! His advice and recommendation was clear, simple, and compelling. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Joe W.
18:41 29 Dec 17
I stumbled across CJ'S law firm and called the number out of desperation for help with my suspended Amazon account. Spoke to Brett Sondike for more than 20 minutes. I received free, very helpful advice from him. He also answered all my questions. He was professional and polite. Thank you so much. Would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone with Amazon issues.
Loretta C.
19:44 27 Dec 17
Great Services with A deep Knowledge of How Amazon works. Would recommend to all who need legal representative to deal with Amazon issues
Richard R.
01:44 22 Dec 17
I spoke To CJ who was very knowledgeable and was able to give me some great feedback on ways to protect one’s seller account.
Joseph De C.
14:41 19 Dec 17
I chatted with Bret regarding my issue and he was very helpful even though I have just a small Amazon business. He even was gracious enough to call me on the phone even though I could not afford to pay them at this time. I would recommend this organization to anyone. Bret gave me a little piece of mind back after getting nowhere with Amazon Support. Thank you Bret for your help!! I truly appreciate it! Happy Holidays
Shannon B.
19:54 18 Dec 17
Great firm. I was facing a temporary suspensive. I called for a quick consolation with Gary and was able to have my account restored based on his advice. They are knowledgeable about the law as well as Amazon's seller rules. I am very grateful for the help!
Keegan H.
21:46 16 Dec 17
CJ took some time with me and offered great advice on the problem I was having. I really appreciated it.
Dan A L.
19:05 13 Dec 17
I messaged Brett directly through their website and he was very responsive and on top of things. I have a somewhat difficult situation and he was happy to spend a good amount of time with me to go over my options. His time didn't cost me a thing and gave me a better idea of how I want to move forward with my situation. Good company.
Cody F.
19:17 12 Dec 17
Fast, Responsive, Reliable, Helpful and Knowledgeable.
Yankie S.
20:28 07 Dec 17
I called the office and after a quick assessment of my case was transferred directly to CJ Rosenbaum himself. CJ answered all my questions and took the time to explain everything, without rushing it. I needed to bring one more piece of information the next day and once again I was transferred very quickly to CJ. Although I decided not to pursue the legal route, I am now far more knowledgeable in what my rights are. It was very important to me to speak with an attorney, not a paralegal or consultant with limited knowledge of the law. I am happy that I called them.
Yaron H.
19:36 06 Dec 17
I talked to CJ over the phone (on a Sunday) and CJ was very helpful in breaking down my 2 separate situations and what I can legally do about them, in a free consultation. He gave me actionable advice on what to do, and said to call him back once I get that information. I highly appreciate him being able to call me back on a Sunday and give me time for a free consultation, he was very professional and courteous.
Eryk O.
21:43 03 Dec 17
I spoke with Brett Sondike for 10 minutes over the phone. Although my concern did not warrant an attorney at this time, Brett did give advice at no cost to me! Thanks Brett!
Andrew K.
17:27 01 Dec 17
I spoke to Brett Sondike on the phone and he was an extremely nice man. I didn't get charged anything as it was a free consultation. Brett was not pushy in any way and just provided some facts and how the process worked. I didn't go with the service yet because my Amazon account is very small in size at the moment but I do see great value in what they do. They can take the burden and stress off your back while you run your business. Once I grow, I will definitely consider them in to handle my Amazon issues if they arise.
Paul J.
18:31 30 Nov 17
I reached out to CJ for some help with an issue I was facing. He was so super helpful and had a very quick response, which exactly what you need when your in a tight spot.

Thanks CJ
Rachelli Kaplan B.
19:56 29 Nov 17
My ASIN was blocked after a fake IP complaint. I tried all sorts to get it reinstated but nothing was working. CJ, Anthony and Gary have been fantastic, fast communication and detailed appeals - they know the correct process to follow and who to contact at Amazon to resolve these issues. It took them around 10 days to get my ASIN reinstated. Thank you!
Jo C.
15:20 23 Nov 17
These guys really seem to want to help the online businessman.
Randall H.
15:55 22 Nov 17
Very helpful and very patient. I will be using this law firm again if I ever have another amazon seller issue.
Bobby G.
00:38 15 Nov 17
I spoke with both Gary and CJ regarding our issues. After going over my issue, Gary laid out how it works inside the office. He made me feel very comfortable talking to him...I could say what was really on my mind and not feel judged.

CJ took my call for the initial issue as well, and then a second call for a second unrelated issue that came up not even 5 minutes after hanging up with him the first time.

Both knew exactly where i was coming from, offered great insight, and told me if I don't feel comfortable handling the situations myself that they'd be happy to help me out. Just knowing there's a safety net will help me sleep better at night.
Tara M.
04:18 14 Nov 17
These guys are awesome! We couldn't be happier with them! They were fast, professional and had our product reinstated within a couple of hours! Awesome service!
Aaron Booner M.
22:55 07 Nov 17
I asked a question on the web chat and Brett gave me a call right away, thank you! Great service and very responsive, recommend!
Claudia W.
21:38 07 Nov 17
Although I didn't have to use their services at the end, but they were very professional and take the time to listen and explain everything to me.
Asy T.
16:45 31 Oct 17
I got scared about one of my amazon listings and needed a professional advice.
Gary and CJ were very helpful and addressed my problem immediately. I got a call back within 5 minutes of my initial call. I explained my problem and received an action plan for resolving my issue in a matter of minutes.
They know that people calling them are in a hurry (dealing with critical issues) and act accordingly to provide quick and professional advice. I hope that I will not have to seek their help for a suspension problem 🙂 but if such happens, I know where to go and who can help me reinstate my listing/account.
Dimo S.
16:38 31 Oct 17
Professional... well organized... succinct... effective. I will absolutely be using these guys again. Job well done!
Brian J.
14:26 24 Oct 17
Wow! Very impressed. I thought I had no options to reinstate my suspended account. ASL got it done in 2 days. I'm back selling on Amazon and couldn't be happier with the service from ASL. Its worth the price.
Ralph B.
17:55 19 Oct 17
I had a suspension and called Amazon lawyers and counselor Rosenbaum returned my call promptly he was informative and extremely helpful. Also provided a free consultation service. this, we as sellers truly need would highly recommend five stars.
Ernest W.
16:38 17 Oct 17
These guys really know their stuff! My product was taken down due to a baseless IP claim from a competitor. I called the team and they were immediately responsive and we managed to get the product reinstated within 2 weeks. It was a nervous time, but the team (Jason worked my case) kept me calm and walked me through every step of the process. Honestly could not have asked for a better experience, HIGHLY recommend!
Taz A.
18:25 16 Oct 17
Excellent results, a lasted a week shopping around for whoever could be able to reinstate my account, as soon as i heard about Amazon Seller Lawyers, it gained my trust, i decided to invest, and guess what, in less than 24 hours my account was re-instated, thanks CJ!
Leo Arturo M.
12:40 13 Oct 17
Thank you for the free consultation and helpful insight.
Brian H.
21:02 11 Oct 17
In desperation I reached out to Brett (Director of Client Services) 3 weeks into a suspension on one of my products. He was personable, knowledgeable and extremely helpful helping me decide whether to proceed - and all this was a free consultation. In this case I am pleased to say my suspension has been lifted but to save myself a lot of heart ache and lost revenue, as a small Amazon merchant, I will be contacting Brett or one of the team right from the off if there is a next time! A follow up contact from Gary Ward (Attorney) cemented the feeling that this company know what they are talking about and genuinely want the best for Amazon's sellers. Highly recommended.
Jo C.
09:59 05 Oct 17
CJ was very quick to respond. He offered consultation free of charge. It is a relief to have someone so experienced to work on my case.
Gregory M.
05:58 05 Oct 17
I work with a large number of sellers in the UK and abroad, and have introduced CJ and Gary to a number of them to help them to regain control of their livelihood, They and their company offer a great, professional service to everyone who contacts them, and they always strive to offer good advice, even if that's not the most profitable advice. I've also seen CJ talk, and I've rarely found a company so focused and determined to give the best advice and service, with a depth of knowledge and experience in a very specialised field. I can heartily recommend them to anyone who needs advice about problems with their Amazon account that are costing their business money, not to mention the protection of your Intellectual Property!
Mark C.
07:20 30 Sep 17
I called CJ for some advice. Although, out of the country I received a call back almost immediately. He was honest and straightforward and directed me to who can help me best. Very impressed.
Yakov K.
17:55 19 Sep 17
Responds quickly to problems and has invaluable advice. Extremely helpful and patient!
Christie Locke G.
11:33 12 Sep 17
I reached out to CJ hoping to gain insight regarding some questions I had and CJ responded very quickly. He took the time out of his day to personally speak to me over the phone. We had a great conversation. He was extremely knowledgeable, insightful and helpful! Thank you once again!
Tara S.
14:41 01 Sep 17
On 08/29/2017 my Amazon selling privileges were Suspended (inauthentic product claim) ! I asked a few other sellers for advise & referrals.... I did my own research via Facebook and YouTube. Decided to call the Law office of C J Rosenbaum & Famularo, I spoke with Brett and Anthony Famularo. Anthony was very knowledgeable and knew the Amazon rules. He took ALL of the needed info. wrote a P.O.A. (plan of action) and guided me to submit it through my sellers e-mail account.
*3 HRS. after submitting the POA I received notice from Amazon, "I WAS OFFICIAL REINSTATED" Tears of gratitude rolled down my face.
I would like to mention, I am completely dyslectic and do not feel confident that I could of done this on my own.
Thank you Anthony Famularo
Kimberly S.
20:50 31 Aug 17
The team at Amazon Lawyers are great to work with and really understand how to reinstate sellers on Amazon. They have worked with us globally and are at 100% reinstatement! Thanks team!
Sherif Mohamed G.
01:54 30 Aug 17
CJ is wise, competent, and kind. He knows so much about the law regarding Amazon sellers and is really willing to help.
Nigel H.
14:12 28 Aug 17
While you guys were not able to help me with my current issue, I did appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone today. I would be inclined to employ your firm should the need arise in the future.
Richard V.
18:00 25 Aug 17
Had a great call with CJ who was very helpful. The advice was great and no charge for the initial consultation which is very unusual! Many thanks.
Su E.
15:29 22 Aug 17
After researching and contacting 3 professional service companies, I decided that, if needed, I would seek out the service from Amazon Sellers Lawyer. Luckily, I did need your service as I had resolved the issue. In my observation, you guys stood out the most, considering everything. Thank you Brett and CJ for speaking with me and listening to my Account Suspension situation. It was a great experience dealing with you and will look to you if/when another situation arises.
Anselmo R.
17:13 21 Aug 17
Amazingly fast and effective service from CJ! His London team quickly understood my European specific issue and they were able to give excellent advice which solved my legal issue. Highly recommended!
Scott G.
17:13 20 Aug 17
I came across CJ's firm while searching for someone online who could help me get my Amazon Account reinstated.
I was put directly in contact with CJ.
After explaining my Amazon concern to CJ, he laid out a course of action that gave me great confidence in his plan. He never made any promises but you just knew he was going to do everything possible to get the job done.
In the end, he got my Amazon account reinstated after being closed for 2 1/2 years.
He and his team performed the impossible.
I can't thank all of you enough. Everyone from the administrative staff to the lawyers. After dealing with so many online phonies who profess to be Amazon experts, I can say with absolute certainty that CJ and his staff are the real deal.
Thanks again to all of you.
Alex S
Alex S.
01:00 16 Aug 17
I reached out to Amazon Sellers Lawyer after a recommendation from a fellow seller. Amazon took down my listing without informing me.

CJ provided with me with excellent advice in their consultation without even charging me. He said he will follow up with me in the next day to see if there is still an issue with my product listing and will help me if my listing isn't back up.
Rajan L.
17:55 31 Jul 17
The few times I've needed to consult with C.J. it has been extremely efficient and great service.

At other firms I've had lawyers that I can't reach for weeks and projects take forever. I'm very impressed at that I can get in touch quickly to have the situation assessed and my next step figured out ASAP.

Great service!
Julien M.
20:51 28 Jul 17
Amazon's Seller's Lawyer has been very helpful for our company. And not so lawyerly! (in a good way) Very fair in their billing/pricing. So far so good. Thank you!
Ashi L.
14:44 27 Jul 17
I want to thank C.J and his amazing team for helping me to reinstate my suspended account on Amazon. I am a small handmade seller whose account was hacked and locked. After several attempts to contact Amazon customer service with no results, we realized we had to take a different approach and found Amazon Sellers Lawyer.
Within a week, they managed to reopen our account !
Highly recommended ! I hope I never need to use them again, but if I do I know I can trust them to do the job !
אני רוצה להודות לחברה המעולה והצוות המדהים, שעזרו לי להחזיר את החשבון שלי שהיה מושעה באמזון. אני מוכר קטן שחשבונו באמזון נפרץ וננעל. לאחר מספר ניסיונות ליצור קשר עם שירות הלקוחות של אמזון ללא תוצאות, הבנו שאנחנו צריכים לנקוט גישה אחרת ומצאנו את החברה המדהימה "Amazon Sellers Lawyer".
תוך שבוע, הם הצליחו לפתוח מחדש את החשבון שלנו!
אני מאד ממליץ עליהם! אני מקווה שאני אצטרך להשתמש בהם שוב, אבל אם כן,אני יודע שאני יכול לסמוך עליהם לעשות את העבודה על הצד הטוב ביותר!
Yorami B.
14:32 27 Jul 17
I was a week into starting my seller account on Amazon, when I had my account suspended.
When I called C.J.'s firm, my initial consultation with Ashley was extremely helpful. She spent a lot of time after office hours to provide me with a lot of helpful information and peace of mind in a time of great frustration.
I was able to easily schedule a call with C.J. the very next day. C.J. was very helpful, straight to the point, and offered sound advice on how to develop a plan of action to resolve my issue.
Overall, I was very impressed with the firm and will definitely reach out again if I have any additional needs.
Timothy S.
14:48 21 Jul 17
I'm writing this to recommend CJ Rosenbaum and his team over at Amazon Sellers Lawyer. I called about my seller account that was suspended by Amazon, and was put in touch with the secretary who took my information down. The next day, CJ called me, explained the situation and gave me a quote, and said if I had any questions, feel free to call back. All of this conversation was at no cost to me, and it is up to you whether to pursue their services after talking to them. I am very grateful for the advice I was given.
Eric P.
00:14 21 Jul 17
Told me that I did not need to hire them for my problem. Instead he told me how to fix the issue and to call back if it did not work.
Update: For some reason Amazon dug in their heels and would not budge for me. After a few letters written by CJs team Amazon reinstated me. The amazing part is they changed their entire policy on the issue.
Thank you Anthony and CJ!
Clark S.
14:20 19 Jul 17
We are group of volunteers that support our local library by reselling used books on Amazon. Our selling privileges were removed as we didn't fit the typical profile of a business.

Brett (Director of Client Services) immediately took my call and connected me to C.J. who took the time to understand our unique situation. I worked with Anthony who was very responsive and helpful. He knew exactly how to deal with Amazon. Working with Anthony was easy and his plan of action was focused. Happy to say our seller privileges were quickly reinstated!

C.J. and his team treated us like a power seller and quickly responded to all questions. I would highly recommend C.J. and his team.
Lori H.
11:41 17 Jul 17
Highly recommended! CJ and his team demonstrate that they genuinely care about you and your problem. They went far and above their obligations to communicate with me and make certain my issue was resolved. Great people!
Jeffrey C.
14:13 15 Jul 17
I am a new startup with Amazon. Before I even got the chance to get started, Amazon Seller Performance informed me that my selling privileges have been suspended with no explanation at all. I found myself in a hopeless loop of appeals that was going now where. Desperate to solve the issue I found C.J. Rosenbaum, an Amazon Sellers Lawyer. I immediately called his office number and was connected to Mr. Rosenbaum directly. During the free consultation call, he advised me of an action plan and answered my questions that saved me from making some disastrous decisions I thought might resolve my suspension. I was definitely impressed with Mr Rosenbaum's business ethics and strategy, he was empathetic and confident to resolving my issue.
Elizabeth Jean S.
16:14 14 Jul 17
Easy to talk to, did not charge me.Gave me some good advice.
Will talk to him soon again.
Carmen G.
17:38 13 Jul 17
C.J. responded to my request right away and was honest and straightforward. I would highly recommend him to any Amazon seller that is looking for legal help!
Dan Pelberg B.
22:51 12 Jul 17
I've spoken to CJ, Anthony and Gary at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer. They're all extremely approachable and speak normal English I could understand - unlike some lawyers I could mention!

In particular, I went over the details of a few tricky-looking but promising Amazon products with CJ to make sure I wasn't going to endanger my precious Amazon account by risking account suspension. CJ was very expert, very down to earth and realistic about the potential risks and the solutions.

He didn't even charge me for this initial call, which is another welcome change from all other lawyers I've ever used!

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed. They're obviously very expert in what they do, but they are very down to earth and straightforward. I'd recommend them to any Amazon sellers concerned about legal issues - especially trademarks or patents or Amazon account suspension.
Michael V.
10:07 11 Jul 17
My Sellers account was suspended . After trying many time with no success I gave Amazon Sellers Lawyer a call. Some of us had a long July 4th weekend so when I called on Monday I was expecting a Voicemail. I was wrong, a real person answered the call. The Man on the phone was very nice and understanding. He took down all of my information and had me email my documents. He told me he was going to call the lawyer and to expect a call back. I figured I would hear from him on Thursday but 30 minutes later I received a call. Now get this ! He was on a camping trip in the woods and reached out to me. We had a nice consultation . C.J. gives great advice and has excellent insight about Amazon. My Plan of action was submitted on Thursday and within the hour my Sellers Privileges were reinstated . Thank You C.J. 🙂
Antionette J.
23:24 07 Jul 17
I will advice to anyone with Amazon issues to have this company behind them, they know their job, supper friendly, and get the work done as promise.
Boris T.
20:07 05 Jul 17
Hi, I'm going through a hard time with my Amazon account and ask to get a call with C.J. and his team before hiring their services. After a debrief of the situation, he told me that my situation was currently not hopeless and that I needed to wait a little bit. While some firms might have push me to get me paid for their services, he was extremely professional and advise me to wait to pay for any lawyer services. I highly appreciated his input. Thanks again, Karen from Thailand
Karen S.
15:31 05 Jul 17
I have been in the eCommerce game since 1999. I have seen many appeal companies over the years who only focus on appeal writing. I was impressed with this teams response approach and follow ups. I have already send 2 clients his way.
Mendel M.
00:37 05 Jul 17
CJ and his team are amazing. I love seeing the team work together to help my clients. They have always been fast to respond and fast to get my clients reinstated. Just blown away with CJ and his team.
Ashlin D H.
19:15 03 Jul 17
The attorney picked up the phone and called me at 10pm right after I submitted my request for consultation to discuss situation. Would recommend without hesitation.
Lori S.
15:00 02 Jul 17
Thank you CJ and the whole team for getting my account reinstated. The chances were slim and I'm happy I contacted you. It was a pleasure dealing with everyone, and I really appreciate it. Thanks again.
Yakov H.
01:36 30 Jun 17
I am an Australian based seller with an ASIN suspension. I spoke to CJ on the phone and although I didn't end up engaging his firm he was still happy to speak and point me in the right direction.
John M.
14:22 28 Jun 17
I had a question about our Amazon Seller account and called up CJ and his team. They were very helpful. I ended up speaking with CJ and he answered my question thoroughly. It was a pleasure speaking with him and his team. Thanks!
Rick D.
00:37 27 Jun 17
Was given a free consult. Very polite, professional and empathetic staff. I would hire CJ and Team if I had the money to do so!
Jessie P.
20:27 26 Jun 17
I called them from Turkey and CJ was very helpful.Thank you for your time.
Cihangir E.
01:12 23 Jun 17
I called the firm and gave CJ a brief (well maybe not so brief) description of my problem with Amazon. He gave me great advice and spent a lot of time talking about what my next step should be. This was all done before I agreed to use his firm to represent me.
Lisa L.
17:51 22 Jun 17
I called CJ in regards to my suspension and even though I have yet to take a decision on how to move forward, he was very kind and gave me a free consultation during which he was very straightforward and clear about my case. I appreciate the time he took to listen and share his thoughts during an almost 20-min conversation. Even though the fees are substantial for these type of services (especially given the size of my business), I can only express my gratitude for a very enriching phone call. Thank you very much.
Jonathan B.
08:31 22 Jun 17
We selected Amazon Seller Lawyer after comparing a few choices because this company is the most experienced and professional. And since the work is done by real attorney, we feel more confident when Amazon reviews the documents and material we provide. CJ and team helped us a few cases on appealing suspended listing. The result is great and Amazon reinstated our listings fast and no question at all. Very impressive.
Li Z.
17:12 21 Jun 17
brett was very helpful and patient with me and was a pleasure to deal with....i recommend calling him if you have issues with amazon. he may be able to help you!
Charles W.
14:23 21 Jun 17
Thanks Brett Sondike for the advise, excellent Service.
Alexander S.
14:53 20 Jun 17
Great firm. They were very responsive to my legal issue, and helped me resolve it. Thanks guys!
Hawks D.
22:06 15 Jun 17
Thanks for talking to us this morning for FREE. How often does that happen?!?! We had a couple of quick questions and CJ was accesible and efficient. Thank you.
Natalia Lozano S.
16:50 15 Jun 17
I am a small handmade seller on Amazon, but C.J. and his firm treated me with as much priority and attention as if I were a powerseller.

Upon calling and giving a brief detailed account of my issue, I was immediately connected with C.J. Talk about impressive!

C.J. spent a lot of time going over my issue and explaining the course of action that he could take to help me get things resolved legally. He also took the time to give me a advice on things that I could do myself to help resolve the issue. He gave me solid professional advice and peace of mind all in one free initial consult.

You can tell that C.J. genuinely cares about helping people & their businesses. Amazon Sellers Lawyer & C.J. will be my 'go to' firm as my business grows and if more issues arise. If you are needing legal help with your Amazon or online business do not hesitate to call them. You will be thankful you did!
Beth S.
22:08 07 Jun 17
I reached out to CJ Rosenbaum at Amazon Seller's Lawyer, about my Amazon listing that I was experiencing problems with. He was very knowledgeable and well experienced, and due to his great efforts and hard work, I was able to get my Amazon listing back up and runnig. I am very glad I contacted CJ, as he has been tremendously helpful, is very well informed, and a very polite person to deal with.
Ahmed K.
21:09 07 Jun 17
Im writing from Panama, Central America, i just ask them for a solution for problem, and they very nicely respond, solved and reccomended what should i do in order to get things right. THANK YOU, !!!
Eudo A.
15:46 05 Jun 17
CJ and I had a free initial consultation and I could tell within 5 minutes he is a pro. He really understands Amazon from both sides of the table.
Tyler P.
15:11 02 Jun 17
From out-of-the-blue our account gets hacked. Then I get placed on Review. Then to total suspension the next day. To reinstatement in 12 Hours. Yep thats right - 12 hours with 1 carefully and succinctly written POA. Actually whole process has led to a total overview of our account and email security procedures. Very much enjoyed my brief chat with CJ and Anthony. Total professionals, empathetic, re-assuring, and work very fast. Best $2k I have ever spent. Will be keeping this phone number for sure.
Tim S.
01:39 27 May 17
Our company uses Amazon as a means of spreading our brand and generating part of our direct-to-consumer sales. Due to an internal issue at Amazon which effected our listings we reached out to Amazon Sellers Lawyers Group to find out more about our options. Within an hour of submitting our request on Amazon Sellers Lawyers Group we received a phone call from Brett who asked some pertinent questions. I was then transferred to attorney CJ Rosenbaum who was very helpful and knowledgeable. If you're having an issue with Amazon's bureaucracy I suggest contacting Amazon Sellers Lawyers Group. You'll be in good hands.
Rick H.
20:50 15 May 17
I launched a line of bathroom products and experienced success for over a month. Then all of a sudden, my momentum was stopped as competitor for one of my products filed a complaint against me for patent infringement. This was devastating news since I performed patent research prior to launching the product and knew for a fact there was no patent for this product. Over 3 weeks, I contacted Amazon numerous times, submitted appeals through the proper channels - Seller Performance, Notice Dispute and Bezos Escalation Team, to no avail I continued to receive the automated bot response I needed to contact the complainant to resolve the issue. At this point, the complainant was silent because he knew Amazon would not reinstate the listing without his retracting the complaint. After getting no where with Amazon on my own I reached out to the law firm of CJ Rosenbaum. CJ, Anthony and the team drafted legal briefs and correspondences, again going through the proper channels - Seller Performance, Notice Dispute, Bezos Escalation Team and Amazon's Legal Team. Throughout the process, CJ, Anthony and team was responsive, communicated timely and answered questions or addressed concerns promptly. After working with CJ, Anthony and the team for less than 2 weeks, they were able to get the ASIN reinstated. The team is truly fighting for Amazon sellers and over exceeded expectations as I truly believe Amazon would not have reinstated the ASIN without the help of the Amazon Sellers' Lawyers.
Monica B.
15:22 13 May 17
WOW, supper impressed with Amazon Sellers Lawyer! CJ returned my call in less than 24 hours while on a business trip to the UK. He answered a very complicated question in a concise professional manner. Will most definitely come back to them again in the future.
Virginia F.
16:13 12 May 17
Hiring CJ to navigate the erratic and nuanced ways of Amazon Seller Support was a home-run decision for our Amazon business. If you are looking for help with a suspension, appeal, or IP issue,; you cannot afford not to work with the team at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer. Stop stressing and start hitting home-runs again. Call CJ ASAP.
Michael L.
19:53 11 May 17
I have been dealing with an account suspension for the last week. I was referred to Amazon Sellers' Lawyers and was very impressed. They were very helpful, honest and to the point and would certainly use their services should the need arise again.
Nachum K.
20:48 02 May 17
We reached out to Amazon Sellers Lawyers Group when we had an urgent issue regarding our Amazon account. A very helpful and thorough fellow named Brett took our initial call live and took detailed notes. He then transferred us to CJ Rosenbaum himself, who, unbeknownst to us, was in Hong Kong on business and took our call at 2:00 am local time! CJ was thorough, courteous and extremely helpful. Ultimately, we spent a total of about an hour on the phone between the two of them, and CJ kindly told us that while he would love our business, he thought we could handle the matter ourselves and stepped us through exactly what we needed to do. Ultimately, we benefited from both his expertise and his kindness, all at no charge!

CJ was a consummate professional, provided expert guidance, and in the end, though he could have charged us whatever he wanted, refused to take advantage of us in our distress, and told us exactly how to resolve the issue on our own.

Rest assured that should we require Amazon Sellers Lawyer services in the future, we will not hesitate to engage them. Businesses that display their level of expertise AND integrity are not all that common today.

Thank you Brett and CJ!
Erin D.
23:26 27 Apr 17
I just had a call with CJ regarding Trademarking issues. He gave measured, sound advice. I was extremely impressed with his easily accessible and efficient service - just what I needed to answer my questions and concerns. I would definitely use his services again and would most certainly recommend him. Thanks so much CJ!
Claire W.
14:13 26 Apr 17
I came to CJ for advice on a legal direction as I am just starting with selling on Amazon. CJ answered all of my questions with no fluff and got straight to the point. I'm very grateful that I received the opportunity to speak to him before I proceeded with anything. Thank you CJ for your time and patience. I know we will speak again very soon.
Amanda M.
03:06 17 Apr 17
I've been a seller on Amazon for 4 years and when I was suspended I contacted several different services for help. So happy I went with you! Anthony was assigned to my case and was responsive, intelligent, caring and extremely helpful. I was back up and running again in no time! Hope I never have to deal with Amazon again in this way but if I do I will be calling you guys again immediately. THANK YOU!
Johann H.
18:01 14 Apr 17
CJ was very helpful and thorough answering my business related questions.
Kiu-wai W.
17:47 13 Apr 17
I first used the services of Amazon Sellers Lawyers back in October 2016. When a second issue came up with Amazon last week, there was no hesitation to contact them again.

The most significant attribute I appreciate is the genuine concern and support they offered me each time. Whenever an issue comes up with any seller and Amazon, it is an extremely stressful and anxiety provoking situation where you feel helpless. The personal touch and assurance I have experienced with Anthony is something extremely critical and important for me.

There is peace of mind knowing that they are actual lawyers who have the specific knowledge and expertise to deal with Amazon. Both times my situation was solved quickly and effectively. The second time they didn't even charge me for the consultation and advice! You guys do an amazing job and service! Thank you deeply!
Ken K.
19:22 11 Apr 17
I spoke with CJ on the phone about some issues I am having with Amazon for an initial consultation. He guided me through how he would solve the problem and presented a pretty well thought out strategy that should work. He sounded very knowledgeable about the topic. I'm an experienced seller but I've yet to tackle the legal issue I am having. I've yet to take the plunge on this because I am weighing all of my options but after reading all the reviews here I may just go ahead and do it!
Mike P.
14:45 11 Apr 17
Amazon Sellers Lawyer was great to work with! Within minutes of sending a message, I was on the phone with the founder / attorney C.J. He was very friendly and offered excellent advice right off the bat before he even talked about charging a dime. I would definitely recommend working with ASL for anyone having trouble with issues related to Amazon selling.
Trevor W.
16:00 10 Apr 17
This a professional team and do a great job for my account.
I would like to give my thanks to Anthony, who helps me write a perfect POA. I learn a lot from this letter, and my account re-opened the second when amazon read it.
I would like to give my thanks to Cherish, who helped my contact C.J. and his team to help me resolve my account problem, very nice and attentive.
I would like also give my thanks to C.J. and all of his team. Helping amazon sellers to gain their right, is really coolllllllll thing!!!

Personly i dont want to bother C.J. again, but i will firmly recommend this team and service if my friends have any problem about their account.

Thank you!
Yong X.
02:59 05 Apr 17
My case was a very difficult case which I already had given as almost impossible to solve. I thought I was never going to be able to sell on Amazon again. After some research I came across Amazon Seller’s Lawyers. Among the rest of the companies out there, they are the only ones located in the US and whose staff are real lawyers. I gave them a call, explained my situation and right away they started to work on my case. Soon I will learn that this was one of the best decisions I have made for my Amazon business. C.J. and his staff of professionals work one-on-one with you and don’t stop until your case is resolved. These are REAL lawyers, not freelance writers in India or the Philippines like the rest of the companies out there. I HIGLY recommend C.J. and his team. They are the ONLY team out there like this. I want to thank them for helping me save my business. I also want to thank Anthony that worked on my case for his effort and his professionalism.
Jonathan V.
15:44 31 Mar 17
The premier such organization; they've been active since the inception of Amazon and have grown with and learned the workings of the online retail giant each step of the way. If you need the final solution, premium, top-tier, buck-stops-here advice ... these would be the guys to turn to.
Dave M.
17:36 22 Mar 17
CJ Rosenbaum and his managing attorney Anthony Famularo at Amazon Sellers Lawyer were instrumental in getting our suspended “Seller Account” reinstated after an erroneous intellectual property complaint.
When Amazon suspends your account, you have to follow an unfamiliar and erratic process to satisfy their demands, which are not always clearly stated, and the resolution is not guaranteed.
CJ’s expert advice is a huge benefit: Even better is that CJ & Anthony are attorneys who know the the legal implications and limits of the Amazon user agreement.
CJ’s firm a unique resource for Amazon sellers in trouble because of the huge number of cases they’ve successfully handled, their specialized legal expertise, and because they have a central office and staff that’s responsive to your emails and calls, even calling you by cellphone when they were out of the office.
CJ and Anthony were able to clearly describe the strategies they were using, and the phases of review that exist. They also were able to follow-up repeatedly with a brand that made the erroneous complaint that triggered our suspension, and maintained the brand’s cooperation with us.
No one can offer a 100% guarantee on a successful outcome, but CJ and his team gave us informed counsel at every stage, including using well-informed, tested language for our multiple - eventually successful - “Plan of Action” submissions.
I encourage anyone suspended to watch some of the many YouTube interviews with CJ Rosenbaum, particularly with Ed at “Amazon Sellers Group TG.”
I think you’ll agree CJ is the leading expert in Amazon’s seller performance appeals and arbitration.
Ray B.
15:28 22 Mar 17
Excellent source of information. Offered a free consultation where I was given great guidance and advice. Spent a considerable amount of time for no charge discussing my situation and how I should proceed. Offered an option for me to use if my current strategy didn't work. Highly recommended.
Gary B.
20:17 21 Mar 17
Today I call Amazon Sellers' Lawyer and had the pleasure of speaking to CJ. He was very helpful, profesional and honest about the whole thing. Game me good advise on what he thought I should do and told me that the chances of them helping me successfully were slim. I really appreciate his honesty and advice at no charge. I will be sure to use them again if I need them in the future!
Vicente López-Perea P.
22:50 15 Mar 17
If I could’ve given Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer 10 stars I would have. CJ Rosenbaum immediately took my call regarding my Amazon suspension notice and read through all the email correspondence between myself and Amazon before the subject of fees even came up. I’ve worked with other companies that won’t even speak to you until you pay them. CJ was realistic about what I could expect and very knowledgeable about the inner workings of Amazon. I highly recommend CJ Rosenbaum and his law firm.
Brenda Y.
22:40 14 Mar 17
CJ Rosenbaum is the consummate lawyer that you want to have as your partner because he will have your left flank and protect your interests, especially as you grow. And the reason for this is because he is GENUINELY interested in helping you to succeed in your eCommerce business. I feel VERY fortunate that I have had the honor to meet CJ and look forward to many years of collaboration in the future. I highly recommend him and his services.
Parrish P.
16:22 08 Mar 17
I left a message for someone to return my call and in a very short time the i heard back from CJ, who was not on very knowledgeable but took the time to walk me through the different programs has has available. Not only that, but he also pointed me in another direction as what i was requesting wasnt current available through his program. He is the type of person that i like doing business with, straight forward, no nonsense and willing to talk to me over the phone.
Andrew Gilton I.
00:30 03 Mar 17
excellent service. CJ got back to me and really helped me
Human S.
00:22 03 Mar 17
My Amazon Seller account is shut down, CJ gave me great free advice and address any questions I had. The customer service at the firm (Alex) was spot on and very friendly. CJ even recommended a book for me, Great Service!!!
David G.
17:47 01 Mar 17
I was asked to leave a great review and I'm doing it gladly. Not only my issue was resolved, it was resolved very quickly and professionally.
Amazing service.
Thank you
Avi S.
16:09 01 Mar 17
First of all if you are an Amazon Vendor, you would prefer not to have to call an attorney, but if that time comes- Thankfully C.J. answers and returns calls on a Sunday with a FREE consult. The advice is sound and there is no pressure to go whatever way you think is best. Without getting into specifics, no worries, he has heard it all and you will be comforted with a plan of action. I would give 6 stars if I could.
James M.
22:23 26 Feb 17
Awesome folks, very knowledgeable in the area, very responsive and an affordable solution to this type of Amazon problem.

Can't say enough good things about the TEAM and CJ ( he is AWESOME !!!).

PS- They got it resolved for us in a very short period of time.
Reggie R.
20:57 22 Feb 17
Did everything we could ask for. Very quick response time and very professional to work with. If you are having problems or concerns with your Amazon account I would 100% contact these guys!!!!
Chad W.
16:46 17 Feb 17
After sending my contact information to CJ and his team I received a call back from CJ himself within 5 minutes. A very down to earth an awesome gentleman to speak with. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation as myself.
Jason G.
20:41 08 Feb 17
Highly recommended! CJ personally answered my call and questions immediately. He actually listened to my issues in a free consultation and gave 'real' advice. No nonsense, no bs. Seriously, wow. I know what law firm I will be using again in the future.
It's so refreshing to find a good lawyer!
Brandi H.
20:58 06 Feb 17
I was unable to afford CJ's services but he still provided useful advice. 5 stars
Aj A.
13:01 04 Feb 17
i spoke with C J on the the phone and he had offered me some really good advice in putting a plan of action together and what steps to take in going forward.
Bryan Gentlebear G.
21:23 01 Feb 17
CJ Guided my through different options and strategies for a half an hour on the phone without charging me a penny.

He know a lot, but even better he admits what he doesn't know - refreshing and rare in the world of lawyers.

He is leads and bounds above anyone else I have talked to regarding Amazon matters.
Marc P.
16:26 25 Jan 17
I called C.J. Rosenbaum thinking it's no way I'll get a chance to speak with this guy one on one. I couldn't help but notice how great the customer service was and well spoken. All of a sudden C.J. Rosenbaum one on one reaching out that's quality!
Quincy J.
22:22 18 Jan 17
CJ and his firm are top notch. They know what they are doing and give you straight forward no non-sense advice. I appreciated not being charged for the initial consultation. The advice he will give you is highly valuable and worth every penny.

I spent 17+ years as a CEO, dealt with many different attorneys, CJ is great!!
Jared S.
19:24 18 Jan 17
CJ Rocks! He's prompt, personable and really knows his stuff. After a series of frustrations trying to get my store reopened with another firm I turned to Amazon Sellers Lawyer for help. CJ provided me with a creative method I hadn't considered before and I'm hopeful it will result in being back up with full selling privileges. I'll report back here when I have some official good news to share.
Brad C.
23:17 11 Jan 17
CJ called me back the same day and gave me some great advice! I would highly recommend and trust them!
Blaine H.
21:47 11 Jan 17
C.J. was quick to get back to me and was a wealth of knowledge and help with our amazon issues.
Joseph L.
17:55 06 Jan 17
I recommend Amazon Seller Lawyer (CJ's law firm) if you have any problem with your amazon seller account. they have very good knowledge about amazon, they can resolve your issue, they are very friendly and helpful, specially many thanks to Anthony Famularo who help me to reinstate my account.
Md R.
15:05 03 Jan 17
Outstanding knowledge of the Amazon system and outstanding client service! Anthony worked diligently to push through the issues I had with my seller account- from an bogus IP claim- was able to fully restore my selling privileges for my ASIN! He helped me deal with Amazon and dealt professionally with the complaining party, to get the complaint remove! Thanks!
Bart K.
16:16 30 Dec 16
Just got off a call with C J Rosenbaum . AT 840PM EST! Great service, he answered all of my questions . I am going to call again tomorrow . I have found my Amazon attorney.
Gary K.
01:51 29 Dec 16
CJ took my call right away and gave me some valuable advice even before asking for a formal engagement.
David H.
18:13 22 Dec 16
CJ and his team are dedicated, professional and knowledgeable in getting resolution. Don't do anything until you contact them to discuss your situation.
Geoffrey C.
14:12 19 Dec 16
I hired Amazonappeal for $500. They got me reinstated once before (after 3mo of attempts) so when I got suspended again I hired them again. This recent time they were horrible & took a week between each email2respond. eventually amazon said "don't email us anymore caz we won't respond" I got extremely angry w them& I called "amazon seller lawyers" just to see what they might say. I didn't want to spend anymore $ because I had already spent $500 with amazonappeal but I was desperate to make a last attempt to save my account. I called A.S.L. in the morning &I didn't get a response all day but at (9pm my time 12am their time) C.J. Emailed me&I I responded instantly. He then said "if you want u can call me on my cell now." We talked for about 10min&he convinced me2 hire them. I had a POA the very next day. Mind you I had already infuriated amazon w letters from amazonappeal . com so they denied a few POA's but I always had a new one the next day. Eventually after the the 3x letters I had paid for got denied A.S.L. Gave me a free 4th letter for the escalations dept (at this point I had already told myself my account was done for good) but I sent the escalations dept my letter& within a week A Jeff bezos rep replied Stating my account was restored. I screamed so loud with excitement I bet the guys from A.S.L. In New York probably heard me from Vegas lol. I offered them a $1k tip& they just requested I write a review for them instead.

Anthony, C.J. And everybody else... YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!

CJ I hope everybody doesn't bug expecting u to call them at midnight lol but I had to mention how cool it was of you to help calm me down b4 bedtime lol 🙂
Ryan P.
05:59 18 Dec 16
Had a initial consultation with CJ today regarding the upcoming launch of my new product. Great advice and a really nice guy!
Andrew Stephen P.
15:43 14 Dec 16
My seller account was suspended in early October for the first time. I started researching what was needed for reinstatement, and this included finding CJ’s firm. He gave a free initial consultation via phone, but being only a small/medium volume seller I decided to take a stab at getting reinstated on my own. This proved to be a stressful decision; even though I got the company to withdraw their complaint, I still had hit a brick wall and was getting nowhere with Amazon.

I finally decided to retain CJ’s firm in late November, after nearly two months of stress and lost income. I should have done this at the beginning, as I was reinstated on Dec. 1st. I believe what makes them so valuable is that they know exactly what to look for, what Amazon looks for, and all the intricacies of the process. All you need to do is read CJ’s site, or watch one of his interviews or Q&A sessions, and it’s evident that their knowledge on these matters is tremendous. Combined with the fact that they’re actual attorneys who know the law and are trained to not miss any little detail, I believe CJ’s firm is by far the best choice for any seller fighting a suspension out there today.
Michael J.
21:51 09 Dec 16
CJ provided me with a valuable information and helped me to handle the problem with my listing. Despite the fact that he was busy, he found some time to talk and consult me! Thousand thanks!
Sofia M.
19:15 08 Dec 16
Very knowledgeable about Amazon, so if you're having any type of problem, you're guaranteed to have a professional ear willing to, at the very least, hear you out and potentially even provide a solid resolution completely.
Victor C.
22:52 07 Dec 16
CJ Spoke to us on the phone for free when most lawyer require payment up front. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is having problems with Amazon. They will help you figure out exactly what needs to be done.
Mason B.
19:00 06 Dec 16
I just want to say Thank you, Thank you and Thank you to Anthony and CJ. It has been VERY a positive experience working with the amazonsellerslawyer firm. They have were very helpful working on our case. It's was pleasure working them and they made it very easy to understand all the procedure that were involved. We appreciate all the work and effort they put in on working on our case. We were Suspended from selling on Amazon for about a week, But once the POA was finished and then sent to seller performance we were back up and running in a few hour . I can not tell you how happy you have made me today. You have saved years of work and now I can keeping all my employee working which evening more of a blessing now that it is Christmas time. So for All you Amazon sellers out there who have had your accounts suspended, there is real hope right here. 10 Stars!!!!
Don C.
17:21 02 Dec 16
Had a quick call with CJ to discuss various options regarding hijacked product listings. He was very knowledgeable, and offered actionable advice on how to move forward...for FREE. I'm very appreciative that CJ did not try to immediately "sell" me on his services to make a quick buck. Instead, he recommended some steps on how to move forward that may solve our issue outright, then wait a few days for an outcome. If it turns out that we need legal representation down the road, he'll be the one we turn to first.
David S.
16:06 29 Nov 16
My amazon account is suspended and I submitted a form explaining my situation on his website on 11/23 and wasn't expecting any response till 11/25 or later but CJ called back on Thanksgiving and requested more information. I sent him the information and he is reading my correspondence now. I'll update this review once my issue is resolved just like many others here. Thanks CJ.
Andy Y.
16:16 24 Nov 16
I feel blessed to have found CJ. His prompt professional advice helped me with my Amazon account.
It’s vital that you have professional legal advice to help you navigate through the process. What you say and how you say it, is critical to your chances and success in saving your business.
A friend of mine who is a prolific seller has just run into problems and I immediately recommended CJ
I cannot recommend CJ highly enough. Money well spent!
Graeme H.
05:19 21 Nov 16
Great Response, Called him on Sunday and he responded - Looking forward to the results
Salman N.
02:09 21 Nov 16
All I can say is that CJ and his team Rock -- If you ever get suspended by Amazon, DO NOT try to handle it yourself - We did this and it did nothing but cost us time, headaches and money.
Paolo R.
14:02 18 Nov 16
CJ took my call after hours (8:30 pm) , spent the time listening and reading through my performance notification, advise me how he thinks I should proceed and did not charge me for the call. Thanks CJ
Sara N.
02:06 15 Nov 16
I have an ongoing issue with Amazon and their deceptive practices with their sellers. C.J was very helpful and took time to talk to me about the issues so that I could come to a positive conclusion. I would highly recommend his firm in any legal action.
Jay W.
18:16 10 Nov 16
They did a great job for me relisting a product. Excellent write up.
Cynthia D.
01:34 06 Nov 16
CJ was very knowledgeable and very informative. I felt very comfortable after speaking to him. Him and his team kept me in the loop thru the process and delivered the documentation quick. I am very satisfied with the results and I have already referred his firm on to others.
Frank E.
01:41 04 Nov 16
Cj has been a phenomenal help to my business. He gave a free initial consultation that allowed me to understand the issues that I was missing with my business while selling on Amazon and gave me the tools necessary to prevent further issues in the future. Most other people will charge before even assessing the health of your account, but Cj really kept true to his word of giving an honest examination of my account's status. His YouTube videos are a phenomenal resourc and add a genuine human touch that shows that he really does care about the success of your business
Owolabby A.
19:10 31 Oct 16
My selling privileges were suspended since May because a hacker attacked me and changed every day the name of my account and password. I thought my business was gone, since my main outlet is Amazon.
CJ and Anthony wrote a POA for me. Five days after, my selling privileges were reinstated.
Thank you for saving my business, I can sell now again!!! Excellent service.
Fanny K.
13:52 31 Oct 16
I Just want to say that CJ is the man! I called his office around 8:30pm and they close at 9..I left a message with his secretary..and to my surprise CJ personally got back to me just after 9pm! He took the time to talk to me and hear me out..WITH his kid in the back who was hungry!! I have not retained their services yet but if I do I am so glad its with someone like that who will get back to you at 9pm on a FRIDAY! He even gave me some good advise and did not rush me off the phone and really seemed to care! Wish every law firm or even company was like that! Thanks CJ!!!
Tom H.
01:21 29 Oct 16
CJ was very helpful in returning my phone with regards to recent inquiry and guided me through the process of filing a suit/notice. I will definitely be using him as my lawyer in the future for legal guidance with any bumps down the road as a seller.
Philip L.
21:52 26 Oct 16
CJ is very quick to respond and is able and willing to help you out anytime, He will work with your budget and will the best to satisfy your needs
Thanks CJ
Avi B.
20:21 26 Oct 16
the best firm out there if you're dealing with counterfeit or listing issues, if this guys can't solve it, nobody can. I'm very pleased with the results, very professional, excellent communication, and very knowledgeable. I can sleep better now knowing that if I have a problem in the future I have this team by my side. 😀
Erick Martinez P.
03:12 26 Oct 16
CJ gave an outstanding webinar. He is obviously extremely knowledgeable, and is very generous with sharing valuable information. He exuded confidence in getting through any listing and account hurdles with Amazon. I spoke to him the day after the webinar - he was immediately available, listened to me fully, had great insights and infromation, and overall left me with a desire to work with him. He even gave me a business idea about how to expand my Amazon store! He didn't charge me for any of this. Highly recommend.
Liza B.
18:02 21 Oct 16
Listened to an Amazon seller webinar with CJ Rosenbaum as speaker. He presented highly valuable information that every seller on Amazon needs to know. Best to know the Mr. Rosenbaum's information first versus learning the hard way.
Jonathan A J.
18:02 21 Oct 16
CJ was the speaker for one of the best Amazon Webinars I've seen in a long time. His passion for what he does was immediately evident. Emailed him some questions and received a very timely response, especially since I'm sure he was flooded with emails after the webinar. The great experience continued with our conversation. He clearly knows his stuff. Highly Recommend. Feels like I now have someone in my corner when needed.
Brian A.
15:52 21 Oct 16
CJ is awesome. We was the featured speaker in an Amazon webinar and I could immediately tell he was a credible expert. I was also impressed by his general business knowledge, something often lacking with lawyers. He truly gets the legal challenges with selling on Amazon, but he also understand the practical business applications and the challenges of balancing the too. I called him right after the webinar and within 30 minutes we were discussing some of our specific issues. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him for a long time.
Conch D.
13:45 21 Oct 16
I received a lot of helpful information from CJ free presentation. I sent him an email about my situation and he got in touch with me within an hour. He went over my case and gave me some great ideas about how to handle my Amazon response..... at no charge.
Drew A.
00:13 21 Oct 16
CJ was very prompt to respond our concerns against a copyright infringement case. If the case does not get resolved soon, we are glad to know we have CJ on our side.
Alex M.
03:30 18 Oct 16
Had a great experience with CJ. Had an issue with Amazon shutting down our listing because a competitor reported a trademark infringement. CJ quickly confirmed we were not infringing any trademarks and knew the fastest approach to get our listing turned on. Very frustrating to deal with Amazon but CJ helped us get out listing turned back on.
Christina S.
23:50 17 Oct 16
CJ promptly responded to my email in regards to an anti-competitive seller attempting to unrightfully claim copy-right infringement. Very knowledgeable about the Amazon infrastructure.
Stanley G.
20:21 10 Oct 16
They are amazing! Great service. They are good at what they are doing. I am gonna recommend them to my friends whose accounts are also being suspended. They desperately need professional help like this.
Amanda L.
02:03 21 Sep 16
I do not know what they do over there in New York, but they make some incredible things happen. Hopefully, I will never have to use their services again, but if I do, I know my account would be in great hands.
Victoria E.
05:19 31 May 16
Hands down the best - so grateful I decided to use C.J.
Andy M.
03:49 05 Apr 16

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IP Complaints Against Your Amazon Account

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Amazon Sending Canned Responses To Your POAs

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