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Suspended Amazon sellers often need help drafting a Plan of Action to get their accounts reinstated, since Amazon usually refuses to provide the exact details on why a seller's account was suspended in the first place.

Our law firm helps sellers address Amazon account suspensions from a legal perspective, providing strategic and successful appeal plans that cover every detail of Amazon’s extensive requirements for reinstatement.

All of the plans of action drafted for suspended sellers are written in our Long Beach, New York office in a collaborative work environment.

Contact us for a free consultation on the best way to deal with your Amazon account suspension.

When sellers contact our law firm, all information provided is confidential under the attorney-client privilege.

Has an Amazon account suspension destroyed your business? The solution is here. We have hundreds of happy client reviews & many reinstatement successes.

Amazon Account Suspension Appeals: A Legal Approach.

Our law firm focuses on Amazon account suspension issues for sellers. We work to help suspended sellers get reinstated as quickly as possible.

suspended sellers reinstated on Amazon

Our strategy involves a thorough initial investigation of your account by our seasoned analysts, followed by a comprehensive report that clearly outlines the main issues for you. After we examine your account, we will immediately draft an appeal plan for you that covers every angle of the suspension.

Our method of helping Amazon sellers includes: 

  1. Reviewing everything the suspended Amazon seller provides to us.
  2. Investigating seller performance, customer metrics, alleged policy violations that caused the suspension, and analyzing these factors to develop an appeal.
  3. Addressing buyer complaints and negative feedback to boost your seller performance and prevent account suspensions in the future.
  4. Working with the seller to identify the best ways the suspended seller can improve their business.
  5. Constructing a Plan of Action to obtain a successful reinstatement of the suspended seller’s privileges.
  6. Seek lost profits due to buyer complaints and negative feedback.

The entire process of drafting a plan of action for a suspended Amazon seller is focused on persuasive writing. Our goal is to persuade the person at Amazon to reinstate your selling privileges.

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If you run a successful ecommerce business on Amazon, it’s crucial to understand why accounts get suspended, how to avoid a suspension, and what to do if it happens to you.

With unparalleled experience in both law & ecommerce, Rosenbaum Famularo, PC is a dynamic firm that has the ability to approach your Amazon suspension case from every angle.

Amazon Suspensions & Appeals

Reinstate Your Seller Account

A suspended account brings an Amazon seller’s entire operation to a halt. Account suspensions on Amazon are extremely common, due largely in part to Amazon’s strict adherence to customer obsession, a strategy outlined in their main principles. If the Amazon team believes that, for any reason, your selling procedures are not maintaining this standard, you may wake up one day to an Amazon suspension.

As an Amazon seller, it’s important to maintain the standards required to sell on Yet, account suspensions happen all the time due to minor issues, whether it is because of an invalid buyer complaint, a shipping delay that’s out of your hands, or even a trivial miscommunication in your item details.

Amazon’s dedication to top quality customer service leaves the sellers hanging in far too many cases.

This is where the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team comes in – with a unique mix of talent, a strong knowledge of Amazon culture, and all the right experience to back it up, our team caters to Amazon sellers who have been suspended for any reason, offering a valuable weapon to avoid being left at the mercy of seller performance.

Amazon account suspension

CJ Rosenbaum and the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer have written a total of six books:

Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions

Amazon Law Library

Copyright Law

Trademark Law

Your Guide to Selling Fashion on Amazon

Chinese IP Law


The ASL Team

As a law firm, Amazon Sellers Lawyer provides a unique benefit for Amazon sellers who seek our services. With the ASL team, suspended sellers get the benefit of 100% confidentiality – all of the information you disclose is protected under the attorney client privilege.

In addition to the benefit of having a licensed attorney on your side to help you get your Amazon account reinstated, our clients have the advantage of working with our knowledgeable Account Analysts. Our analysts provide a unique set of skills and the experience necessary to develop the right strategy for any particular account.

Our account analyst team includes former Amazon sellers who know how it feels when you’re dealing with an account suspension – you shouldn’t have to battle with Amazon to access the money you earned.

With unparalleled experience in both law and e-commerce, the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team is a dynamic firm that has the ability to approach your Amazon suspension case from every angle.

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, the law firm behind Amazon Sellers Lawyer: brand protection by the law firm that wrote the books on selling products on Amazon.