Need help reinstating your suspended Amazon seller account?

Let us help you write an appeal.

Suspended Amazon sellers often need help drafting a Plan of Action as Amazon often refuses to provide the reason why an Amazon seller’s account was suspended in the first place.

Our team of lawyers and college educated paralegals focus on analyzing suspended Amazon accounts and identifying the issues behind it.

All of the plans of action drafted for suspended sellers are written in our Long Beach, New York office in a collaborative work environment. Each paralegal that analyzes an Amazon suspension works with the entire team in identifying the cause of the suspension and drafting a Plan of Action to get the Amazon seller back online. There are no aspects outsourced to anybody.

Amazon suspensions are more common than you may think. If you run a successful ecommerce business on Amazon, it’s crucial to understand why accounts get suspended, how to avoid a suspension, and what to do if it happens to you.

Contact us for a free consultation on the best way to deal with your suspended Amazon account or ASIN.

When sellers contact our law firm, all of the information provided is confidential under the attorney-client privilege.

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We have hundreds of pieces of content on Amazon suspensions for your disposal. Read more below.

Has an Amazon suspension destroyed your business? The solution is here. We have hundreds of happy client reviews and many reinstatement successes.

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Amazon Account Suspension Appeals: A Legal Approach.

Our law firm focuses on Amazon account suspension issues. We work to get suspended sellers reinstated as quickly as possible.

Our method of helping Amazon sellers includes: 

  1. Reviewing everything the suspended Amazon seller provides to us.
  2. Working with the seller to identify the best ways the suspended seller can improve their business.
  3. Constructing a Plan of Action to obtain a quick reinstatement of the suspended seller’s privileges.

The entire process of drafting a plan of action for a suspended Amazon seller is focused on persuasive writing. Our goal is to persuade the person at Amazon to reinstate your selling privileges.

Contact us today for more info. on how we can draft a Plan of Action for you.

With unparalleled experience in both law and e-commerce, the Amazon Sellers Lawyer team is a dynamic firm that has the ability to approach your Amazon suspension case from every angle.

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FAQs: Amazon Account Suspension

How long does it take to write an appeal?

Depending on the complexity of your account suspension and the number of issues that must be addressed, it takes our team approximately 1-3 days to write an appeal plan following the account analysis.

What do your services cost?

Our Amazon suspension services are developed with a customized strategy for each individual client. Since every suspension case is unique, our rates vary depending upon your individual situation and the complexity of your case. Please contact us about your Amazon suspension to find out what the cost will be.

Can I write an appeal myself?

Of course. But without the right research on how to write an appeal, the skills necessary to write your appeal in “Amazon language”, and the experience our analysts have, your chances of getting reinstated are drastically lower. In addition, Amazon gives less consideration to suspended sellers who have already submitted an appeal and been denied. That means even one unsuccessful appeal will lower your chances of a successful reinstatement. By enlisting our services immediately upon receiving your notice of suspension, your chances of reinstatement are much better.

Can you guarantee reinstatement?

When it comes to suspensions, Amazon has the final say. That means we aren’t able to offer any guarantees for reinstatement of your account.