Amazon Seller Sued for Damages Allegedly Caused by Product

Amazon Seller Sued for Damages Allegedly Caused by Product

I’m super proud of this case and I’m super proud of Brett and Travis. Brett is our director of client relations, and I can’t think of a more empathetic person to take the calls of sellers around the world when they’re incredibly stressed, especially in this case.

This woman had been sued, she was a solo entrepreneur. She was super nervous, being sued for tens of thousands of dollars. This woman called up and she was in a panic. She was being sued by an insurance company for tens of thousands of dollars, and she didn’t know what to do. She was very nervous, and she needed to speak to someone.

That’s where I came in. Because she was in Israel, there is a vast time difference. What I try to do is make myself available almost 24 hours a day for our clients. That may mean sending an email at midnight or taking a call at six in the morning: whatever it takes to make our clients happy and our clients really appreciate that.

Travis is a remarkable attorney. I’m so blessed to have him as my friend and as someone who works for us. He is absolutely a future partner here at the firm, and he negotiated like a pro on this case.

This was Amazon and an insurance company seeking indemnification over a product liability claim. Now, it’s one thing to receive an inauthentic complaint, it can be another to receive a policy violation from Amazon.

But when you’re on the receiving end of a law suit imminent letter threatening to sue you if you don’t indemnify Amazon for the damages that your product caused, that can be an intimidating situation. But, that’s why we’re here to help.

We worked with our client, we worked with the insurance companies. They were claiming that this product caused roughly $30,000 in damages to this individual’s home. Ultimately, after we continued fighting for our client, we were able to reduce these damages to a fee that would allow our client to stay in business… $1500. Given that, we also had installments, so they didn’t even have to pay this fee at once.

Our client’s business was depending on us. The Amazon seller sued for damages was unable to negotiate on their own. They were in a position where they were facing liability for $30,000. This would have put them out of business, and they did not have money to pay that off.

If a judgment were filed against them, they could have gone after all their U.S. assets and that would have been devastating. But, after hiring us, and our continuing efforts, we were able to successfully allow this individual to thrive, to stay in business, and save them money on damages and they are still in business today because of it.

This case is also so cool because it allowed me to use a lot of my skills. I used to do a ton of personal injury trial work, medical malpractice and employment cases. I’ve spent more time in court than any dozen lawyers that anyone knows. Combine their experience together and I was involved in more trials. It allowed me to participate in this case in a certain way: I knew that the insurance company had nothing to go for. Even if they were right, because our client was in Israel, they could take the case all the way to court and win at trial and they would not be able to collect anything because there was no big pot of money to collect.

They were on the losing side of these negotiations from the very first call, but it took some skill to get them to recognize it. It really used all our combined experience, mine as an experienced trial lawyer, Travis as a killer negotiator, someone who knows Amazon inside and out, and Brett who is able to give people the confidence that they’re going to succeed. Just a fantastic case to work on. I couldn’t be prouder of Travis Stockman or Brett Sondike or our entire team at Rosenbaum Famularo, law firm behind

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