Christian Dior v Sellers

Christian DiorChristian Dior v Sellers, Case No. 19-cv-5007

Notice to Defendants

Christian Dior Couture, S.A. v The Partnerships and Unincorporated Associations Identified on Schedule “A”.

The defendants operating the Defendant Internet Stores listed in Schedule A to the Complaint are hereby advised:

Plaintiff has charged Defendants with violations of United States federal and state laws prohibiting trademark infringement and counterfeiting.

Defendants are advised to seek U.S. legal counsel.

Christian Dior Couture v Sellers:

  • Complaint (VIEW)
  • Motion for Temporary Restraining Order (VIEW)
  • Memorandum in Support of a Temporary Restraining Order (VIEW)
  • Minute Order Granting Temporary Restraining Order (VIEW)
  • Temporary Restraining Order Extension (VIEW)

** This domain was previously held for the sale of alleged counterfeit Christian Dior products. Control of this domain has been transferred to Christian Dior Couture, S.A. (“Dior”) pursuant to a temporary court order.

Dior took this action to protect the Christian Dior brand and the consumer from unknowingly purchasing counterfeit products. The websites listed in the Complaint are not affiliated with the genuine Christian Dior brand or Christian Dior. Dior and its counsel cannot provide any additional information regarding any orders placed with any of the websites.

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