Amazon Sellers’ Breaking News: recent Nike lawsuit against Amazon sellers.

Hi, I’m Travis Stockman, I manage our litigation department here at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC. As Jacques was telling you, Nike has recently filed a lawsuit against many Amazon sellers.

If you were thinking about contacting an attorney to review this case, just do it.

Now, if you’ve received notice of this lawsuit, it’s by way of a temporary restraining order. You’ve likely received notice that your funds are being withheld and that you have to contact the plaintiff’s attorney, Greer, Burns, Crain to resolve the issue.

For this case, Nike is claiming trademark infringement of both the term ‘Nike’ as well as their Swoosh logo. If you’ve received this, it’s extremely important to respond to the courts, as you likely have 21 days to respond. If you haven’t been served yet, you will have 21 days to respond once that process service is effective.You have an obligation to file an answer with the court. Your failure to file that answer could result in a default judgment filed against you in which the plaintiff can be awarded a high amount of damages simply for your failure to appear or respond to the lawsuit.

So again, it’s extremely important you respond to these lawsuits. If you’ve received this temporary restraining order, it’s highly advised you seek an attorney’s consultation and seek what’s going on with the complaint filed against you.

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