News for Sellers: arbitration, loans, generic products, removing UPCs

News for Amazon Sellers arbitration, loans, generic products, removing UPCs

News for Sellers by CJ Rosenbaum Amazon Sellers Fighting Back: taking Amazon to arbitration. If Amazon refuses to reinstate your account, release your money, or give you back your inventory and you can’t resolve things with Plans of Action or by creating cases, every seller has the absolute right to

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Winning Plan of Action for Inauthentic Suspension on Makeup Remover

inauthentic Amazon suspensions

Winning Plan of Action for Inauthentic Suspension on Makeup Remover In this case, a seller was offering makeup products, specifically makeup remover. Unfortunately, they received a few customer complaints, even though their account was spotless (they reply to customers all the time and process full refunds). Unfortunately, these customers were

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Customer Review Manipulation: How we got this seller reinstated.

Online Consumer Reviews

Customer review manipulation is not something that Amazon turns a cheek to. Review or feedback manipulation is when a customer is offered an incentive in exchange for writing a review. Amazon has strict policies against manipulating reviews because it skews the authenticity of product reviews. Even if the review itself is genuine,

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How to get a 72 hr suspension notice removed from your Amazon account.

How to get a 72 hr suspension notice removed from your Amazon account

AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS: 72 hr suspension notice removed. At Rosenbaum Famularo PC, law firm behind, our goal is to help our clients get their suspended listings and accounts reinstated. Our team works tirelessly and prides themselves on being the David to your Goliath. We recently got a seller reinstated

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Turning a ‘Used Sold as New’ Complaint into New Business Opportunity

Turning a ‘Used Sold as New’ Complaint into a New Business Opportunity

HUGE WIN: One of our European clients offered Apple products such as tablets, iPhones, MacBooks, etc. A few of their listings got hit with a ‘Used Sold as New’ complaint on each Amazon EU platform. In preparation for writing a plan of action for a ‘Used Sold as New’ complaint,

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Entering into a Licensing Agreement to Settle a Utility Patent Complaint

Entering into a Licensing Agreement to Settle a Utility Patent Complaint

We recently had a client who received a utility patent complaint on Amazon. Utility Patents apply to the function of the product, ie. what the product does. Even if your product does not look the same as another patented invention, if it performs the same function, or does the same

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Reinstated after a Used Sold as New ASIN Suspension

Reinstated after a ‘Used Sold as New’ Suspension

Our client sourced and sold designer brand sunglasses; items such as Gucci, Ray Ban, and Tiffany. Unfortunately, their account was hit with a used sold as new suspension. It was for just one ASIN listing, so the whole account wasn’t down; however, a seller should address these complaints as they

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How to Resolve a 72 Hr Amazon Suspension Notice

How to Resolve a 72 Hour Amazon Suspension Notice

How to Resolve a 72 Hr Amazon Suspension Notice Quite a few of our clients have received 72 hour suspension notifications regarding intellectual property complaints. This means that the seller has 72 hours to submit an appeal to Amazon. What Amazon is requesting is a Plan Of Action, which, once

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Client Testimonial: Hacked Amazon Account

Amazon Sellers Lawyer Client Testimonial

ANOTHER AMAZING REVIEW FOR CJ ROSENBAUM. Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer, CJ Rosenbaum helped one Amazon seller with a hacked Amazon account. $35,000 was taken out. CJ helped this seller get his funds back. “CJ will always pick up the phone and answer your questions.. I would only hire CJ for any issues

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Amazon News Stories by CJ Rosenbaum

Amazon News Stories

1. Litigation against 3rd party sellers is increasing exponentially. 2. Private label sellers dealing with hijackers & counterfeit goods. 3. Suspended Sellers: signs that reinstatement is probable. 4. Related account suspensions for sellers are increasing. 5. Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions – 2nd edition coming soon. Amazon News Stories by

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Amazon Sellers’ Breaking News

Amazon Sellers' Breaking News

1. Our recently won trademark case with Amazon. 2. Fraudulent or baseless counterfeit complaints. 3. Be wary joining a listing with outdated images. 4. Liability insurance. Amazon Sellers’ Breaking News Hey everybody, thank you very much for joining me once again for Amazon sellers’ breaking news. I’m in a hotel

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Amazon Suspension News Update

Amazon Suspension News Update

Business Verification Suspensions Seller Misconduct Suspensions Message Tab Changed in Amazon Seller Dashboard Suspected Intellectual Property Violation Amazon’s Neutral Patent Evaluation Amazon Suspension News Update 1. Business verification suspensions are all of a sudden spiking. I don’t know why. I know it’s the tremendous growth in the number of Amazon sellers

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How We Got 2 Used Sold as New ASIN Suspensions Reinstated

Suspended Amazon ASIN Reinstatement

AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS: Recently, we had a client who received two Used Sold as New ASIN suspensions. The seller’s account was still open, but they had to comply with a plan of action. The client reached out and asked for our help. We went ahead and investigated the issue. We

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Intellectual Property Complaint Retracted for UK Amazon Seller

Intellectual Property Complaint Retractions

An Amazon seller selling on the Amazon European Union platform had a case which involved multiple intellectual property complaints. In this seller’s account, quite a few ASINs received infringement complaints, so being a little overwhelmed, our client reached out asking us to send a request for a retraction to the

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How We Reinstated a Suspended Amazon Listing after an IP Complaint

Suspended Amazon Account Reinstated

Intellectual property complaints are often the result of a rights owner filing a specific complaint with Amazon. We had a seller whose listing was blocked after it became reinstated. What happened was that their listing was suspended due to intellectual property complaints, which were resolved. After appealing, Amazon said that the

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Winning Plans of Action for Appeals & IP Issues on Amazon

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC

Our law firm has been reinstating Amazon seller accounts for years with our winning Plans of Action.  We’re extremely well-versed on a variety of issues pertaining to Amazon, including but not limited to: Arbitration Against Amazon Account / ASIN Suspensions Inauthentic Complaints 72 Hour Performance Notifications Trademark Complaints USPTO Submissions

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