Amazon Sellers’ News 12/17/19

Amazon Sellers' News 12/17/19 - Amazon Sellers Terrified of New Policy Update & Chinese Problems Arriving in the United States

Amazon Sellers’ News 12/17/19: Amazon Sellers Terrified of New Policy Update, Chinese Problems Arriving in the United States, Prime’s free one-day delivery starting on January 1st. Chinese sellers’ problems arriving right here on U.S. shores. There has always been a tremendous misuse of brands claiming intellectual property rights against sellers

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10 Tips for Drop Shipping Success

drop shipping

Amazon Shipping: 10 Tips for Drop Shipping Success Whether you’re training someone in the strategy of chess, or in this case, the e-commerce technique of drop shipping success for fulfillment – there are tricks that usually work if someone is willing to learn. Let’s look at these techniques that support your drop

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Amazon Drone Delivery Testing Underway

Amazon Drone Delivery to Be Tested in the UK We’ve all heard about Amazon’s plans to utilize drones to deliver products to their customers worldwide. Naturally, Amazon has faced roadblocks regarding this venture – is Amazon drone delivery service feasible, reasonable, and most importantly, safe? According to a report released

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Amazon Bans Buyers for High Return Rates

Amazon Bans Buyers

Amazon Bans Buyers for Too Many Returns How many is too many? Amazon’s policy of suspending buyers’ accounts for “too many” returns has come to light in recent news. But, as we often see with seller account suspensions, what constitutes “too many” is not clearly defined.  This is a significant

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