Amz Suspension Guide: Multiple Accounts on Amazon

Amz Seller Guide to Suspensions: multiple accounts on Amazon

Amazon Suspension Guide: Multiple Accounts on Amazon, Customer Dissatisfaction Rate & Importance of a Dedicated Customer Support Staff In this video, Briana Stanco talks about the edits she’s making to one of our books, Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions. For Amz sellers maintaining multiple accounts on Amazon without approval, pay

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NY Times Reports Amazon’s shipping faster than ever, but at what cost?

The New York Times reports on Amazon faster shipping

NY Times Reports Amazon’s shipping faster than ever… but at what cost? There’s an article in the New York Times entitled, “Amazon Pushes Fast Shipping but Avoids Responsibility for the Human Cost.” What the article talks about is how Amazon is using small shipping companies, sometimes with rented trucks, to

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How we appealed a Used Sold as New packaging suspension

Used Sold as New Amazon suspensions

Another great win for the Rosenbaum Famularo, PC team! In this Used Sold as New packaging suspension case, the products sold were being labelled as: “Not as Advertised; Damaged, Defective; Missing/Incomplete Items Received.” Amazon Packaging Issue Reinstated with Amazon Sellers Lawyer We review a variety of metrics and parts of

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Amazon Packaging Suspensions – ASIN Reinstatement

Amazon Packaging Suspensions – ASIN Reinstatement

We had an intake recently where a client had an ASIN block because of an issue with packaging. It was a ‘Used Sold As New’ complaint. The seller had complaints regarding packaging prior to this – the packaging was not lasting through the shipping process and was damaged. Our client

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10 Tips for Drop Shipping Success

drop shipping

Amazon Shipping: 10 Tips for Drop Shipping Success Whether you’re training someone in the strategy of chess, or in this case, the e-commerce technique of drop shipping success for fulfillment – there are tricks that usually work if someone is willing to learn. Let’s look at these techniques that support your drop

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Amazon Continues to Ready Drones for Major Market

Amazon’s drone delivery

Amazon’s Prime Air delivery concept has tantalized potential buyers and sellers since the trial stages in the UK in 2016, but the company has vowed to greatly improve the performance of its air delivery system before undergoing major expansion. In order to properly expand, Amazon’s team of inventors has created

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Amazon is upping the ante in it’s shipping game

Amazon Mercedes vans

Amazon is upping the ante in the shipping game in order to make package travel faster and safer than ever before. New developments to an earlier announcement by the company show that Amazon is serious about helping a new fleet of Amazon-powered deliverers arrive on the scene. Amazon Shipping Concerns?

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Amazon Add-On Items: impact on online marketplace going forward.

Amazon is planning on giving even more products the “add-on” tag in a move that will no doubt frustrate millions of sellers and customers all around the world. What’s An Add-On Item? Add-on items are generally low-cost items sold on Amazon by sellers of all kinds that can only be

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5 Factors for Product Package Design

Amazon Sellers Product Packaging As an Amazon private label seller, one of the missions during the process of building your brand is to create a logo and package for your products. Some people may think of package design simply as a nice image on a bottle or box, but there’s

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Amazon Drone Delivery Testing Underway

Amazon Drone Delivery to Be Tested in the UK We’ve all heard about Amazon’s plans to utilize drones to deliver products to their customers worldwide. Naturally, Amazon has faced roadblocks regarding this venture – is Amazon drone delivery service feasible, reasonable, and most importantly, safe? According to a report released

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Amazon Bans Buyers for High Return Rates

Amazon Bans Buyers

Amazon Bans Buyers for Too Many Returns How many is too many? Amazon’s policy of suspending buyers’ accounts for “too many” returns has come to light in recent news. But, as we often see with seller account suspensions, what constitutes “too many” is not clearly defined.  This is a significant

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