5 Ways to Simplify Sales Tax for Q4


Sales Tax for Q4 The end of the year is almost three months away, but extra traffic and sales from the holidays means that Q4 feels shorter than other quarters. It’s a good idea to take a few minutes now to make sure your sales tax processes are updated and

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Preventing Inauthentic Complaints

Inauthentic Complaints

Of all the ways to earn an Amazon suspension, inauthentic item complaints are high on the list. An inauthentic item is defined by Amazon to be a product that was purchased from a disreputable seller. However, it can be difficult to know what’s considered “reputable”, leaving many sellers scratching their

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5 Reasons for Using Amazon Repricing Software

Bqool Logo

Amazon Seller Repricing Software – While some sellers may enjoy adjusting prices manually minute-by-minute, most of us don’t like to engage in that time-consuming process. And why should we, when tools exist to help Amazon sellers remain commercially viable among stiff competition? With the right tools, you can manage your

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Payoneer Global Payment Platform


Payoneer Global Payment Platform E-selling is a global business, and a global business needs a global payments solution. Healthy cash flow is the beating heart of any business and can become a challenging feat when drop-shipping facilities, suppliers, manufacturers and customers are located around the globe. Ecommerce sales surged to

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Amazon Feedback Impacts Your Bottom Line

Feedback Five

It’s easy to get your feelings hurt when a buyer leaves nasty feedback on the Amazon marketplace. Sure, you’re thick-skinned. You know how to handle even the most irate customers. But, there’s just something especially hurtful when the situation results in a negative online rating. Looking past the sour grapes,

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Amazon Associates: What the New Rates Mean for Your Business

Amazon Competition

Amazon Associates program: What the New Rates Mean for Your Business The Amazon Associates program is a way for web page owners and bloggers to capitalize on the traffic their websites generate. Website owners and bloggers who are Amazon Associates create links on their pages that redirect customers to buy

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Do your campaigns have the right ACoS?

Amazon Sponsored Products

Do your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns have the right ACoS? Most sellers measure the success of their Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns (“Amazon PPC”) by looking at the Advertising Cost of Sales (“ACoS”). The ACoS indicates how much you spend on ads for each dollar of sales generated through ads (ACoS

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How to Set Up a Fee Tracking System for FBA

Amazon Inventory Management

How to Set Up a Fee Tracking System for FBA As an Amazon FBA seller, you’re well aware of the conveniences and benefits that the fulfillment service provides. The ease with which you can start an online eCommerce business is exactly why hopeful entrepreneurs flock to FBA. If you’re not

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Monitor Your Amazon Account on a Busy Schedule

Amazon Account Management

Monitoring Amazon Seller Accounts Selling on Amazon for Modern E-commerce Businesses Data shows that 55% of all product searches in the USA begin and end on Amazon.com, which means it’s a platform that you cannot afford to ignore. Unfortunately for busy store owners and entrepreneurs, Amazon requires a significant time

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Restocking Woes: Using Technology to Overcome Adversity

Amazon Restocking

Restocking Woes: Using Technology to Overcome Adversity   What Challenges Do Internet Retailers Face? Sure, participating in the FBA program solves many of the challenges facing traditional Internet retailers. Order management, warehousing and shipping to different customers are just a few of the benefits. Despite the many advantages, FBA sellers still

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Has Amazon Destroyed Small Businesses?

small town store

Is Amazon Destroying Small-Town America? I could answer this question with a simple “Yes, Amazon has killed small town America. I would much rather show you, though. Instead of directly answering your question, let’s dig a little deeper into the history of retail goods, the power of search engines, and

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The Secret to Amazon’s Success

amazon success

The Factors that Drive Amazon’s Success The business world is flooded with MBA’s, formally trained to be “startup ninjas”.  These individuals have attended the elite business schools and been doused in the technical aspects of starting a business.  They use fancy terms like “customer acquisition cost” and “quantitative marketing analysis” that they

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Amazon Listing Ranking Tips for Sellers

ecommerce business how to rank on amazon

Amazon Listing Ranking Tips for Sellers As an Amazon seller, what’s your main goal? Sales, of course. As a seller, you’re probably always on the lookout for a new technique to increase your sales on Amazon. One major aspect of maximizing your sales on the platform is learning how to increase

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