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10 Tips for Drop Shipping Success

drop shipping

Amazon Shipping: 10 Tips for Drop Shipping Success Whether you’re training someone in the strategy of chess, or in this case, the e-commerce technique of drop shipping success for fulfillment – there are tricks that usually work if someone is willing to learn. Let’s look at these techniques that support your drop

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3 Legal Tips For Selling Private Label on Amazon

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle and CJ Rosenbaum at ASD Market Week discussing the legalities of selling on Amazon. CJ is an expert in making private label selling (on any online platform) legal and safe for both buyers and sellers.  As a seller, protecting and policing your brand in a way

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Do These 5 Things If You DON’T WANT Positive Product Reviews

Do These 5 Things If You DON'T WANT Positive Product Reviews

The number of online sellers is steadily increasing. Every day more e-commerce entrepreneurs or startups aspire to break into the business of online selling and achieve success. Keep in mind there are those that have already gone ahead and honed their methods to reach the top. Top sellers have carefully

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4 Tips for Finding Suppliers for Your Products

Amazon ecommerce

Know your business needs Be picky when it comes to choosing a supplier. This is someone you want to develop a long-term relationship with to allow your business to grow. There are several ways to source your products, but it all depends on your business needs. Choosing a manufacturer or

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10 Tasks an Amazon Freelancer can Take Off your Plate

Connor Gillivan Amazon

Are you looking for an Amazon freelancer experienced in Amazon tasks? Now that you’ve set up an online store and joined the Amazon market, it’s time to tap into the growing freelance economy. According to Connor Gillivan, CMO of FreeeUp, “In the US, it’s calculated that already 35 percent of

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How to Avoid Issues for New Amazon Sellers: INVOICES

How to Avoid Issues for New Amazon Sellers: INVOICES

How to Avoid Issues for New Amazon Sellers: QUALITY INVOICES when buying products. The most important thing a new Amazon seller should keep in mind is to make sure you have good, quality invoices when buying products. You want to have invoices from a distributor / manufacturer that indicates what

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5 Factors to Look at Before Sending Invoices to Amazon

5 Factors That You Need to Look at Before Sending Invoices to Amazon

 If you receive an inauthentic suspension or loss of an ASIN listing, be sure to do the following before sending invoices to Amazon: 1. No Excel or Pro-forma: Never submit an excel spreadsheet or a pro-forma invoice. 2. No Photoshop: Stay away from Photoshop. Do not Photoshop anything on

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Product Warranties & Amazon Sellers

Amazon Help

In a competitive space like Amazon, sellers are always looking for ways to differentiate their products. There is one potential solution that doesn’t cost a lot up front, can beat out competitors, knock out Amazon listing hijackers, and boost overall sales. So, what is it? A Product Warranty. Of course,

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How To Contact Amazon Seller Performance

Amazon Seller Performance

 How do you contact Amazon Seller Performance? A common issue for Amazon sellers – most often in the case of an account suspension. When you’re scrambling to regain access to your account, it may seem like you can never get in touch with anyone at Amazon at all –

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Using Amazon Seller Central Coupons to Increase Product Sales

Amazon Seller Central Marketing

Amazon has made many changes to the Seller Central platform of the past year or so by adding new features for Sellers to take advantage of. One of our favorite additions by far has been the Seller Central Coupons. This feature provides some incredible benefits for Sellers and has become

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Guidelines For Outsourcing Amazon Listing Creation & Management

Amazon listing creation & management

As one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, Amazon is a must for anyone from individual sellers to large-scale sellers. The platform provides an easy opportunity for growth by leveraging consumer trust in Amazon’s platform as a whole, so that retailers selling anything from private label to generic

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Fake Amazon Reviews: An Up-hill Battle

Online Consumer Reviews

Fake Amazon Reviews: An Up-hill Battle Self-promotion has always been a method of positive publicity. Public propaganda for literary works dates back to the 1880’s, when famous literary giant Walt Whitman was unimpressed with the negative reviews he received regarding his “first volume of poetry, titled Leaves of Grass”[1] and

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