Winning Plans of Action for Appeals & IP Issues on Amazon

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC

Our law firm has been reinstating Amazon seller accounts for years with our winning Plans of Action.  We’re extremely well-versed on a variety of issues pertaining to Amazon, including but not limited to: Arbitration Against Amazon Account / ASIN Suspensions Inauthentic Complaints 72 Hour Performance Notifications Trademark Complaints USPTO Submissions

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Amazon Seller Sued: Temporary Restraining Order Settled in 48 Hours

Amazon Seller Sued in Court - Temporary Restraining Order Settled in 48 Hours

We just helped an Amazon seller who is ranked Top 10 in the entire world in their selling category on Amazon. They got named in a lawsuit that commenced a few days ago. All of this client’s funds were frozen on Amazon due to a temporary restraining order. Temporary Restraining Orders

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Taking Amazon to Arbitration

taking Amazon to arbitration

When Amazon suspends your account or knocks out your ASIN, try to work things out amicably with Amazon – it is by far the better way to go, and faster / cheaper. However, from time to time, Amazon unfairly says no and they won’t reinstate your ASIN, they won’t give

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3 Legal Tips For Selling Private Label on Amazon

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle and CJ Rosenbaum at ASD Market Week discussing the legalities of selling on Amazon. CJ is an expert in making private label selling (on any online platform) legal and safe for both buyers and sellers.  As a seller, protecting and policing your brand in a way

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When Chinese Amazon Sellers Are Sued

When Chinese Amazon Sellers Are Sued

 When Chinese sellers are sued, just like any seller anywhere in the country, when they sue the United States court, we handle the case exactly the same. First, we try and settle. We don’t want you stuck in litigation for months or even years. And we certainly don’t want

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A New Supreme Court Tax Ruling is Changing the Way E-Retailers Operate

online sales tax

online sales tax A new Supreme Court tax ruling is changing the way e-retailers operate, and it may negatively affect Amazon third-party sellers depending on what states they operate out of. This ruling, which came into effect on June 21, questioned a South Dakota law imposed in 2016 that required

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With our global staff, Amazon Sellers can reach a US admitted attorney… even during holidays.

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC | Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Our US admitted attorney, Gary Ward, Esq., manages our European clients and will be available to speak with Sellers that need help on the upcoming holiday. Since Gary resides in Europe, he follows the European holiday calendar and is available during US holidays. E-commerce attorney available during US holidays. If

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Counterfeiter’s Paradise Amazon’s Consumer-First Policy Harms Sellers

Recently the technology-accessory company “Elevation Lab” posted an article to their blog alleging that Amazon is complicit in counterfeiting on their own e-commerce platform.[1] The company’s founder, Casey Hopkins, described a situation that, unfortunately for us here at Amazon Sellers Lawyer, as an all-too-familiar situation. Amazon Seller Counterfeit Products Elevation Lab

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Amazon Sellers: How to File for Arbitration

File for Arbitration against Amazon

Amazon Sellers: How to File for Arbitration against Amazon Aside from the fact that arbitration is cheaper and faster than litigating in a traditional court setting, Amazon actually requires that all Sellers agree to binding arbitration as the method to resolve disputes. Why Amazon Sellers Should & Must Arbitrate their

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Intellectual Property Right Complaints & Sellers

Intellectual Property Right

As an Amazon Seller, be prepared to receive intellectual property right complaints, even if you source your products directly from a distributor or manufacturer. Even Amazon Sellers that purchased their products directly from the manufacturer receive intellectual property complaints from the manufacturer themselves sometimes, as part of a broad attempt

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Things every Amazon Seller needs to know about Trade Dress

Trade Dress

What is Trade Dress? Trade dress is an overall appearance of a packaging or label that can be afforded intellectual property protections. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, Trade Dress is defined as, “The overall appearance and image in the marketplace of a product or a commercial enterprise. For a product,

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Trademark Law Considerations for Amazon Sellers

It is important for Amazon sellers to protect their private label brands on the Amazon platform. In the past, we have written about the importance of trademark protection as well as other ways to combat listing and product hijackers (link to article). However, it is also important to consider the

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WIPO- Useful for Amazon Sellers


Intellectual property allows business owners and creators across the globe a level of security when it comes to their creations. Copyrights, Trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets and patents make up Intellectual Property. Whether you are an author or inventor, you want what you created to be protected from copycats. Theft

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Defense to Trademark Infringement and Trademark Dilution Claims

Amazon Trademark

First Amendment Protections and the Lanham Act: Both the First Amendment of the Constitution and the Lanham Act provide a high level of protection against trademark infringement and trademark dilution claims. The Lanham Act is the federal trademark statute of law in the United States which prohibits certain activities including trademark infringement, trademark dilution,

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