Used Sold as New Amazon Suspensions

used sold as new Amazon suspensions

David Miller, managing attorney at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com talks about Used Sold as New Amazon suspensions. Used Sold as New Amazon Suspensions: When someone sells a product that they think is new, but a buyer flags the product as not new. This can happen for a

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Used Sold as New Suspensions – FBA Returned Items

Used Sold as New Suspension Case - FBA Returned Items

  Zachary Cole, paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, talks about a used sold as new suspension case involving FBA returned items. Our client was not selling products that were used. They were selling products legitimately. We had the invoices from the manufacturer / distributor showing that our client did in

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Amz Suspension Guide: Multiple Accounts on Amazon

Amz Seller Guide to Suspensions: multiple accounts on Amazon

Amazon Suspension Guide: Multiple Accounts on Amazon, Customer Dissatisfaction Rate & Importance of a Dedicated Customer Support Staff In this video, Briana Stanco talks about the edits she’s making to one of our books, Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions. For Amz sellers maintaining multiple accounts on Amazon without approval, pay

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Winning Plan of Action for Inauthentic Suspension on Makeup Remover

inauthentic Amazon suspensions

Winning Plan of Action for Inauthentic Suspension on Makeup Remover In this case, a seller was offering makeup products, specifically makeup remover. Unfortunately, they received a few customer complaints, even though their account was spotless (they reply to customers all the time and process full refunds). Unfortunately, these customers were

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Reinstated after a Used Sold as New ASIN Suspension

Reinstated after a ‘Used Sold as New’ Suspension

Our client sourced and sold designer brand sunglasses; items such as Gucci, Ray Ban, and Tiffany. Unfortunately, their account was hit with a used sold as new suspension. It was for just one ASIN listing, so the whole account wasn’t down; however, a seller should address these complaints as they

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How We Reinstated a Suspended Amazon Listing after an IP Complaint

Suspended Amazon Account Reinstated

Intellectual property complaints are often the result of a rights owner filing a specific complaint with Amazon. We had a seller whose listing was blocked after it became reinstated. What happened was that their listing was suspended due to intellectual property complaints, which were resolved. After appealing, Amazon said that the

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Winning Plans of Action for Appeals & IP Issues on Amazon

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC team

Our law firm has been reinstating Amazon seller accounts for years with our winning Plans of Action.  We’re extremely well-versed on a variety of issues pertaining to Amazon, including but not limited to: Arbitration Against Amazon Account / ASIN Suspensions Inauthentic Complaints 72 Hour Performance Notifications Trademark Complaints USPTO Submissions

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Get Back $ That Amazon Owes You – sellerboard Money Back Report

As we know, Amazon refunds an order as soon a customer initiates a return (and charges the seller immediately). If a customer does not actually send the product back to FBA within 45 days, Amazon should reimburse the sum back to the seller. However, this doesn’t always happen. Your inventory

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Suspended from Amazon due to Transparency Codes

Suspended from Amazon due to Transparency Codes

In this case, the Amazon seller was large and advanced, including 21 staff other than himself. It was important that we got this account back up and running because about 70 to 100 Americans relied on this account for their livelihood. This advanced seller was suspended from Amazon due to

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Buying Like Bezos – The FBA Acquisition Strategy

Buying Like Bezos - The FBA Acquisition Strategy

Join CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, as he interviews Alex Champagne of Empire Flippers as they discuss acquisition strategies. Build your Amazon business to sell for 6, 7 or 8 figures. Webinar Wednesday Discussing topics like: – What goes into valuing an FBA business – FBA buying and selling

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Amazon FBA: Selling With Limited Inventory

Amazon FBA shipment import

Can You Start an Amazon FBA Business with Limited Inventory? So, you want to start selling on Amazon – but you have limited inventory, at least for the time being. Is it possible to begin an e-commerce business on Amazon with a limited number of items? Here is the answer:

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A Guide to Understanding Amazon FBA Seller Fees

taxomate for amazon sellers

A Guide to Understanding Amazon FBA Seller Fees In 2018, Amazon made a streamline of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees which include features that are quite easy to understand and manage by sellers. The characteristics of this FBA fee include the fees for picking, packing, and shipping. All these

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Amazon Add-On Items: impact on online marketplace going forward.

Amazon is planning on giving even more products the “add-on” tag in a move that will no doubt frustrate millions of sellers and customers all around the world. What’s An Add-On Item? Add-on items are generally low-cost items sold on Amazon by sellers of all kinds that can only be

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5 Reasons Why Amazon Sellers Are Turning to Repricing Software to Stay Competitive

RepricerExpress – 5 Reasons Why Amazon Sellers Are Turning to Repricing Software to Stay Competitive Getting your pricing strategy right is one of the most important parts of selling on Amazon where prices are changing constantly. There are two ways Amazon Sellers can manage prices on Amazon — manually or automatically

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Feedback, Reviews & Growing and Maintaining Your Online Reputation

Amazon buyer feedback Time is running out to ask customers to leave you feedback on items bought during the holiday season, and something as simple as reaching out to those customers could give you a big boost in your first and second quarter sales in 2018. Amazon Limits Time for

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How Experts Increase Their Best Seller Ranking of a New Product

Amazon Sellers Branding Tips

Best Sellers Rank If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, looking for a particular product, you know how that little gold flag over the photo of an item draws your eye. “Best Seller,” it proclaims. That tag lets you know that that item has been chosen by hundreds, if not thousands,

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Amazon Sellers Sales Taxes Washington State vs Massachusetts

Amazon sellers sales tax Amazon has started to help states collect Amazon sellers sales tax. Amazon’s methods are confusing and stressful to many Amazon sellers… Massachusetts Sales Taxes: On January 23, 2018, Amazon informed Amazon sellers that it released sellers’ information to the State of Massachusetts. Information about Amazon Sellers

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Amazon Feedback vs Reviews: Which to Focus On?

Amazon feedback vs reviews

Amazon feedback vs reviews Did you know that there are still people who don’t know the difference between Amazon feedback and reviews? You might even be one of them. If so, don’t fret! Our customer success team at eComEngine still sees a lot of confusion about this topic – even

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