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Amazon Smiles & The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation

Amazon Smiles & The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation

As you know, on every single webinar that I do, I ask you to donate to the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation through the Amazon Smiles Program. The Amazon Smiles Program is an incredible program that helps to benefit charities like the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. I just got my delivery

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Breaking News for Amazon Sellers: Suspensions, Appeals, Bezos Escalations & Intellectual Property

Breaking News for Amazon Sellers 1-16-19 Suspensions, Appeals, Bezos Escalations & Intellectual Property Issues

Breaking News for Amazon Sellers 1/16/19 Suspensions, Appeals, Bezos Escalations & Intellectual Property Issues The #1 firm for Plans of Action, Appeals, Bezos Escalations, Recovering Money from Amazon and Intellectual Property Issues for Amazon Sellers. Providing daily updates to Amazon Sellers around the world. The information for Amazon Sellers is

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Breaking News for Sellers 11-21-18

Breaking News for Sellers 11-21-18

Join CJ in Amazon Breaking News 11-21-18 as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are practically here. Touching upon topics like: Taking Amazon to Arbitration Kindle Writers Product Condition Customer Complaints Expired Product Suspensions Plans of Action Details Online Merchants Guild If Amazon holds your money, take them to arbitration. We

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Amazon’s recent brick-and-mortar store openings

Amazon Go

Amazon has made some recent moves to dip into the brick-and-mortar territory of sales. What have they done and what do these moves mean for the online giant? Amazon Cashierless Stores Amazon announced that it is planning to open as many as 3,000 cashierless brick-and-mortar stores by 2021. The stores

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Amazon has teamed up with Snapchat to find products instantly

snapchat + amazon

Amazon has teamed up Snapchat in efforts to make the shopping experience easier than ever and allow customers to find the products they need instantly. How Does Snapchat Work? Snapchat is a popular free mobile app that allows users to send photos and videos to one another in an increasingly

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Amazon Scout: sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you see it

Amazon Scout

Amazon has launched another platform in an attempt to streamline the shopping experience for all its consumers. What is “Amazon Scout” and how will it help consumers and sellers? Amazon hasn’t been known as a destination for window shoppers in the past. The online shopping giant has an easy navigation

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Amazon Continues to Ready Drones for Major Market

Amazon’s drone delivery

Amazon’s Prime Air delivery concept has tantalized potential buyers and sellers since the trial stages in the UK in 2016, but the company has vowed to greatly improve the performance of its air delivery system before undergoing major expansion. In order to properly expand, Amazon’s team of inventors has created

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Amazon Debuts Small Business Platform “Storefronts”

online sellers lawyer

Amazon launched a new section of its online marketplace Monday that is sure to be a welcome addition for the large collection of small business sellers on the site. Amazon Storefronts is a sub-section of Amazon’s website that is stocked completely with small business products. The new addition to the

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Amazon’s Investment in India’s Marketplace

Amazon India

A Race to the Top for Amazon Sellers Amazon is no stranger to the international e-commerce marketplace, dominating the industry with platforms based in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. However, even with all this international success, when Amazon entered the Chinese marketplace in 2004, they were not welcomed

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Amazon Review Fraud

review fraud

Amazon is once again dealing with issues regarding review fraud among its sellers. What is the new problem and how does this stack up with other similar issues Amazon has had in the past? Review Fraud On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal published a report stating that a set of

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Amazon HQ2 Announcement Forthcoming

By the end of 2018, we will know where Amazon plans to build its second headquarters, a project known as HQ2. What’s the latest on the project development and where do the experts think it’s headed? A Second Headquarters HQ2 has been in the works for a couple of years

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Amazon Business marketplace

Amazon ecommerce lawyer

Amazon Business, one of the company’s newest marketplaces, is on pace to explode in profits according to Amazon’s newest sales projections. It’s time for you and your business to get involved in this area to help improve your connections and your profits. What is Amazon Business? Amazon Business launched in

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Bernie Sanders calling out Amazon for immoral business practices

contact ASL

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos has grown his company from a basement operation to the largest online retail conglomerate of all-time – but at what cost? Recently, Bezos and Co. have been under scrutiny from the public due to paying their low-level employees what has been described as unlivable wages amidst

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Amazon is upping the ante in it’s shipping game

Amazon Mercedes vans

Amazon is upping the ante in the shipping game in order to make package travel faster and safer than ever before. New developments to an earlier announcement by the company show that Amazon is serious about helping a new fleet of Amazon-powered deliverers arrive on the scene. Amazon Shipping Concerns?

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Amazon Alexa now spreading its university fellowship program to 14 more schools nationwide

Amazon Alexa

Amazon is increasing its reach with Amazon Alexa and will now be spreading its university fellowship program to 14 more schools nationwide to help connect talented students to the Alexa software in order to further its programming and development. Where Does The Amazon Alexa University Fellowship Program Come From? Back

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Another change to Prime memberships? Customers and third-party sellers aren’t thrilled.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Amazon is making yet another change to their Prime memberships this month, but this change is not something customers and third-party sellers will be thrilled with. The 20 percent discount on video game pre-orders that Amazon Prime users have grown accustomed to will officially end on Aug. 28, according to

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All Online Sales are Subject to State Sales Taxes Wherever the Consumer is Located

sales tax laws

The Era of Requiring a Nexus to the State is Over Legal Definitions for Sellers A.    Granting Certiorari – When the Supreme Court agrees to hear a case from lower courts. The United States Supreme Court chooses what cases it will hear and refuses to hear most cases presented to

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Breaking News: Amazon Sellers Suspensions

breaking news

 Thank you for joining me again for Breaking News. My name is CJ Rosenbaum and I am the founding partner of law firm, Rosenbaum Famularo. We have staff all over the world and help sellers develop and protect their private label brands. Every plan of action is conferenced among

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Prime Day 2018 Finds Success Amidst Failure

Amazon ecommerce

2018’s Amazon Prime Day promised customers big deals and third-party sellers big profits – but did it deliver? And at what cost? This year’s installment of Prime Day was Amazon’s largest sales event of all-time. Though the company does not disclose their sales revenue to the public, financial analyst Michael

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