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We help sellers address Amazon suspensions from a legal perspective. Our firm provides strategic appeal plans that cover every detail of Amazon’s extensive requirements for reinstatement.

Our Amazon listing reinstatement strategy involves a thorough investigation of your account by our analysts. We then follow up with a comprehensive report outlining the main issues we see for you. After that, we examine your suspended listing and draft an appeal plan that covers every angle of the suspension.

Reinstate (ASIN) Amazon Product Listing Suspension

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As an Amazon seller, your ecommerce success depends upon your cooperation with the rules & regulations set by Amazon. Listing suspensions can happen at any time, for many reasons. For instance, just one complaint from a buyer can suspend a listing. Our team helps with listing suspension issues.

Has Your Amazon Listing Been Hijacked By Another Seller?

Amazon listing hijackers

You develop a private label product with a trademark, you get brand registry, start doing well & what happens? You get a hijacker. Hijackers are generally people with vendor accounts who are able to access your Amazon listing. They change your listing to their own brand and then make an IP complaint against you. We’ve seen this issue dozens of times.

We’re seeing a lot of product detail tampering suspensions.

For example, you create a listing for your private label brand of lollipops for a pack of 20. Then all of a sudden, your listing says you’re selling packs of 50 lollipops and you also see the product details changing. Sellers receive listing suspensions because of customer complaints of the product not being as described. One thing we urge you to do is notify Amazon immediately. You have all the evidence to show Amazon that your listing has been taken over.

If you're a private label seller and you have hijackers on your listing or your listing has suddenly been changed, make sure you get in contact with us 1-877-9-SELLER. We can help you get back control of your Amazon listing.

Learn 3 tips to protect yourself from hijackers.

1: Monitor your listing like a hawk.

Watch for images being changed by hijackers, and watch for the titles being changed by hackers. What hackers will do is they’ll change the images and they will change the titles to add their branding to your listings. And then they’ll make complaints against you.

2: If you have a brand registry, you still need to be careful about hijackers.

Why? Amazon still allows itself Amazon retail and it also allows sellers who have vendor accounts to alter listings. It is clearly a problem with Amazon. It’s an issue that has not yet been addressed, but if you have a brand registry, you still have to monitor your listings to protect yourself against Amazon vendors and Amazon retail.

3: If your account gets hacked, Amazon blames you.

What does Amazon claim and how can you use this information to protect yourself? What you need to do is make sure that your log on information for your Amazon account is entirely different from your log on information for other online accounts you might have. For example, you might have a Microsoft account where you get PowerPoint from. You want to make sure that your email address and passwords are entirely different. In addition, make sure you’re using Amazon’s two-step verification. If your account gets hacked, Amazon is going to blame you. One of the things Amazon will point out is that you didn’t use its two-step verification.

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Manipulated Amazon Mexico and Canada Listings Causing USA ASIN Suspensions

Our law firm is client-oriented, both to current and potential new clients. We focus on making your end-to-end client experience—from consultation to invoicing—more enjoyable & efficient.

Choosing to work with our team means that your needs will be met and your preferences will be taken into account — so you can sit back, relax, and trust the process. We use a collaborative team effort to reinstate your suspended ASINs on Amazon.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative work environment. Our college-educated staff works together with clients to create the best possible plan of action for Amazon listing reinstatement.

The reason we work alongside our clients is because no one knows a business better than the person running it. Our goal is to help get your accounts up and running asap. This way, you can continue to make money to support your family and employees.

We help sellers reinstate suspended Amazon listings. Call us for a free consultation about your suspended ASIN 1-877-9-SELLER.

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Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Copyright Law

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Unfortunately, as an AMZ seller, you need to watch out for Seller vs Seller dirty tricks.

We continue to see a ton of false trademark, copyright, and counterfeit complaints being made against Amazon sellers. What’s really shocking is the number of seller vs seller complaints by non-rights owners. Sellers are making complaints even though they don’t own intellectual property rights to anything at all.

Complaints to your business on Amazon can be a serious hit to your bottom line. However, we want you to know that there are remedies. This includes taking that person to court or simply letting them know that you have a suit drawn up. Despite the veracity behind the complaint, it is important you still respond and address them.

If you’ve been subject to a complaint on Amazon, call us for a free consultation now 1-877-9-SELLER.

Manipulated Amazon Mexico & Canada Listings Causing USA ASIN Suspensions

Watch out for seller vs. seller dirty tricks. For instance, people/companies are making listings under your private label brand but in Canada & Mexico. Those listings are created very poorly with clear mistakes and violations of Amazon’s policies. In consequence of that, your account & listings are being frozen in America. If you notice anyone creating a listing in Canada or Mexico and it wasn’t you, address it immediately. Otherwise, your Amazon account / listings may become deactivated.

Hackers & Hijackers Manipulating Canada Listings Causing U.S. ASIN Suspensions

One of the latest things we are seeing is that hijackers are taking your branded item/s and then creating a new listing in Canada. However, instead of selling your product as a properly set up and violation-free listing, they’re creating it to essentially take your listing down. Sellers are adding in the names of drugs, they’re adding in profanity, and they’re putting prohibited content in the listing itself. That listing gets taken down in Canada, and then guess what? Your listing in the United States goes down as well.

Amazon is finally doing something for seller versus seller tricks.

When you have a complaint against another seller,’s reporting page has been (historically) practically useless. But good news – Amazon applied more resources to their complaint system. If your listings were taken advantage of or if competitors left awful reviews about your products, Amazon’s seller vs seller reporting system is getting better for you to report this type of behavior.

Amazon’s Terms of Service for Sellers: Paragraph 7B: Seller vs. Seller Disputes

If any sort of dispute arises between You vs. Seller or You vs. Buyer, each participant releases Amazon of all liability. This includes any claims, demands, and damages of every kind, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected. Paragraph 7B makes it clear that Amazon is not involved in any of your transactions. They only serve as a platform to make the transactions possible. In other words, you’re on your own.

Seller vs. Seller IP Complaints against Drop Shippers

Beware of other drop shippers making false complaints against you as a drop shipper. If you have been falsely accused of delivering / selling counterfeit products, you have rights. You have ‘defamation per se’ as an argument to negotiate a retraction of the complaint against you. This is only if you’ve been wrongfully accused. As a seller who’s gone down because of a false counterfeit complaint, consider making a claim against whoever made the baseless complaint.

Please do not make false complaints against your competitors. It’s not the way to go. You’re opening yourself up to your account being shut down. Only use it when there are significant seller vs. seller attacks on your brand, listings, or account.

Our team can help you get back to selling on Amazon if you’re suspended. We write the most persuasive plans of action in the world because we know the arguments that win for reinstating suspended Amazon listings. Helping AMZ sellers is what we do.

Our team works together so that you can rest assured that whatever arguments are working currently for that week, that’s what’s being built into your plan of action. We stay current on Amazon trends and report breaking news on all seller topics.