CJ Rosenbaum is the founding Partner of Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com. Prior to focusing on suspended Amazon sellers and intellectual property issues, CJ’s professional history includes:

  • Litigating cases against some of the largest corporations in the world: McDonalds, Sears, Kentucky Fried Chicken, many insurance companies.
  • In NYC, obtaining redress for his clients against the NYPD, the NYC Housing Department, the NYC Health and Hospitals Corp., and other behemoths.
  • Representing clients in the internet, finance, health and entertainment industries.
  • Holding executive and leadership roles in the NYS Bar Association and the National American Association for Justice.
  • Teaching other lawyers how to try cases in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Maryland, Florida and Los Angeles.
CJ Rosenbaum - Amazon Sellers Lawyers
If you need legal help with Amazon this is the place to go. CJ was super responsive and knowledgeable. He's someone I can trust to help with all legal issues related to Amazon. The extra plus is that he cares and he's not all about the money.
Amir A.
16:06 17 Sep 21
I cold called CJ yesterday 8/25/2021. The best call I have had with a lawyer in a long time, he listened to my issue, gave me a quick resolution and a follow course of action for the total price of $0. In fact, he explicitly told me that hiring him would not make sense for me, he saved me the $ and provided me a viable course of action. In addition, he is very pleasant to talk to, sounds very down to earth and definitely someone I would recommend or call again for future issues. Thanks CJ, I really appreciate you making me feel at ease. Be safe, and God Bless. Fernando
Fernando C.
19:51 26 Aug 21
Jenn MacDonald helped us out throughout the process. She was knowledgeable and understanding of the situation. She even got CJ on the phone to help out with our issue. Jenn and CJ heard me out and suggested the best plan they have to offer. Luckily, in the end, I was able to rectify the issue on my own, but they were there the whole step of the way. Thank you Jenn for continuing to follow up!
21:58 12 Aug 21
CJ And his team exemplify the definition of professionalism! CJ‘s good counsel is like a light piercing the darkness. To overstate my recommendation would be impossible. Thanks CJ !!!
Inventasaurus L.
20:43 02 Aug 21
Spoke with CJ via telephone. He was very informative and straight forward. Would definitely recommend.
James M.
21:52 07 Jul 21
I can't praise this law firm enough for their incredible work. I contacted the Rosenbaum Famularo, PC when I received a Cease and Desist letter in the mail from a major battery brand. It was scary and overwhelming to get something like this. Once I got focused, I looked on YouTube for a solution and found CJ's videos talking about how they are the very best at handling these issues. I gave them a call that day and they got me oriented immediately. I first corresponded with Nicole who was super nice and walked me through the entire process. I then was served by Alexa who was so patient explaining the pros and cons of each decision and what the best options were. We closed out the issue with the battery brand and I can move on with my business. For anyone who is thinking about cutting corners, DON'T! The best decision I made for my business was (and still is) investing in high-quality legal. Do yourself a favor and reach out to CJ's firm if you run into any Amazon related issues. You'll be thanking yourself in the end.
Brenton G.
16:22 28 Jun 21
CJ took our call on a short notice, and has been easy to work with since. Very straight shooter and transparent. He gave us a ton of feedback and guidance on TRO of our amazon funds, and has left us feeling confident and in good hands.
Dillon M.
20:00 08 Jun 21
We had a question and reached out to Nicole Goldberg. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful on the original call! She followed up a few minutes later with a conference call with CJ. They are extremely professional and honest. Easy to deal with and a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommended!
Mindy Z.
20:20 28 May 21
I had a huge problem with my Freight forwarder in China. called the firm and they arrange a conference call for me straight away to speak to CJ (one of the Partner) who gave me a really good advise. I really happy with the advise and also the way the firm dealt with me. I felt understood the urgency of the problem. I would recommend them 100 percent.
Kiran Z.
21:14 25 May 21
Thanks to Alexa ,Sarah and CJ for their high efficiency and efforts in our case handling.
23:28 11 May 21
Jenn McDonald of Rosenbaum Famularo & Segall, P.C. ( AmazonSellerLawyer.com ) promptly replied to my intake form with an email and called me in Hawaii with an honest, straight forward realistic assessment of my case. Very refreshing! Her boss CJ is a ROCKSTAR in my opinion for all he and his team does to help Amazon sellers. Mahalo
Bill S.
18:46 29 Apr 21
I had an issue with Amazon destroying some of our inventory. They would not reimburse our company and so we had to initiate arbitration against Amazon. I talked with CJ Rosenbaum who gave some excellent advice and helped guide us on some critical issues. I would strongly recommend him and his firm to any business in an arbitration case with Amazon.
John B
02:42 21 Apr 21
It's Easter Holiday morning but CJ, partner of the firm, called me back to discuss about our case. They're really taking care of their clients.
All Seasons V
14:28 04 Apr 21
I would highly recommend this law firm. I worked with CJ Rosenbaum , Neil Flynn & Alexa Alers and their knowledge and guidance was very reassuring. I’m glad I had them in my corner and I would urge anyone looking for assistance in any of the issues they specialise in to contact them without any hesitation. You will be in safe hands. Thanks again to everyone at the firm for all your help. Regards, Vishal
Vishal P.
12:39 24 Mar 21
Got the best advice from this firm! CJ was extremely helpful on getting our Amazon FBA account reactivated from infringement.
22:14 23 Mar 21
Marisol was a rock star... She sensed our urgency, understood our situation and involved CJ at just the right time. You should confident in reaching out to this firm. We do and will again.
Calm R.
13:29 20 Mar 21
Spoke directly with CJ & literally within the first 5 minutes of our call he answered all my questions. Was able to reinstate my amazon account right after that conversation.
Shae S.
20:43 19 Mar 21
CJ Rosenbaum
CJ & Max Rosenbaum available to meet sellers
CJ Rosenbaum

“CJ Rosenbaum was outstanding! He provided very timely and actionable advice on product liability when I needed it most.”

Vernon Moore