CJ Rosenbaum is the founding Partner of Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com. Prior to focusing on suspended Amazon sellers and intellectual property issues, CJ’s professional history includes:

  • Litigating cases against some of the largest corporations in the world: McDonalds, Sears, Kentucky Fried Chicken, many insurance companies.
  • In NYC, obtaining redress for his clients against the NYPD, the NYC Housing Department, the NYC Health and Hospitals Corp., and other behemoths.
  • Representing clients in the internet, finance, health and entertainment industries.
  • Holding executive and leadership roles in the NYS Bar Association and the National American Association for Justice.
  • Teaching other lawyers how to try cases in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Maryland, Florida and Los Angeles.
CJ Rosenbaum - Amazon Sellers Lawyers
Highly recommended! CJ is very knowledgeable and provided a valuable consultation.
Websurge A.
20:46 08 Dec 20
As a Reliable Education Member from New Zealand, I was passed on CJ Rosenbaum's contact after trying to open an Amazon Seller Account for 12 months.Mr Rosenbaum graciously gave me some time free of charge to give me some suggestions and a plan forward to work through meeting Amazon's requirements.Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate your kind assistance !
Cy an Nomi W.
16:42 03 Dec 20
I was having a copyright issue concerning a counter-claimant on Amazon.com. After researching law firms who specialize in copyright law, I decided to call Rosenbaum Familaro, P.C. CJ Rosenbaum answered my call and immediately put me at ease. He knew my concerns and was so generous with his time in explaining my options and imparting rock solid advice. THIS is the law firm to go to if you need legal advice and/or representation in matters of copyright and intellectual property rights. Highly recommended!
Marty G.
04:00 03 Dec 20
I spoke with CJ and had a consultation. He gave great advice and gave me specific steps to follow. He said the consultation was free and I even tried to offer him money for his time and he said he just enjoyed helping and did not want the money. I am really appreciative of the advice given and will recommend to any one that needs helps!
Dustin K.
18:33 02 Dec 20
The most professional law firm working on Amazon issues.Received call back the same day On Black Friday after Thanksgiving.The Partners CJ Rosenbaum and Robert Seagall both reviewed my case and helped me to resolve my issues. AAAA+++++
Ron J.
21:47 27 Nov 20
Spoke to CJ directly. Great personality, easy to talk to.CJ is honest and doesn't beat around the bush about litigation options if you want to go that route.No upfront costs and he lays down any costs that you will need if you choose to go down that road.CJ provides you with pros and cons unlike other lawyers so that you can make your decision with confidence.If I every need a lawyer for my business, CJ is the guy to go to.
Tony A
21:57 23 Nov 20
We are a large amazon seller and an account of ours was shut down. I spoke with CJ and he advised us about some options and ultimately asked us not to work with him until a later date. Even though this meant not getting business he still helped steer us in a good direction for the business overall. Definitely helpful and trully appreciate the proffessionalism.
Brandon R.
14:49 17 Nov 20
Great firm - we didn't need an amazon lawyer just yet but wanted a firm on retainer - he wouldn't take my money until we had an issue! Rare ethics.... CJ spent 30 minutes on the phone with me just to point us in the right direction...If / when we need a firm, this will be our very first call
Anthony F.
19:04 12 Nov 20
I had a question regarding my account with Amazon and decided to call. This was on a Sunday afternoon, I was expecting to hear a recording or from an answering service. To my surprise, CJ answered the phone and I was able to talk with him about a few questions. He was very helpful and I am looking forward to my follow-up call with him. Highly recommend!!
K S.
17:34 27 Oct 20
Called after business hours, got CJ on the phone and he was amazing. He was very honest and gave tremendous advice, I highly recommend him and his teams services.
Scott A.
23:00 26 Oct 20
I called on a sunday and immediately got some great advice from CJ himself. Most legal services are closed for the weekend so this just goes to show the effort they put into customer service. I now have a good plan of action going forward. Highly recommend CJ and his team for anything Amazon.
Reggie Y.
20:58 25 Oct 20
I am in Romania and I have called on Sunday the Lawyer company Rosenbaum Famularo. CJ Rosenbaum has answered the call and provided me with support even if it was Sunday and he was driving. I highly recommend their services, they are very supportive even if this was for free.
Iacob E.
16:58 25 Oct 20
Im in Colombia and I just spoke with CJ Rosenbaum, this guy IS AMAZING.He personally answered the phone, at 8:30 pm, while he was attending his parents due to health issues. And I didnt even pay him.This guy is the real deal. I would recommend him in a heart beat!
Juan Manuel V.
00:33 16 Oct 20
These guys are the real deal and they care about your business. They gave me their time and attention with no expectations. Outstanding service, great team.Thanks CJ!
Ahad V.
21:24 12 Oct 20
Mr. CJ was very helpful and honest. His advice about how to deal with Amazon was valuable. I highly recommend.
Walter W.
18:13 07 Oct 20
I called in on Sunday, and CJ was willing to assist me to my suspension issue. He provided good resources and gave me detailed advices on how to write a strong appeal to reinstate our account.
Tien N.
08:54 29 Sep 20
I had a complicated and urgent Amazon FBA problem on a Sunday afternoon. I called the toll free number - CJ answered, spent 15 minutes listening my issue, and gave me great advice on how to proceed on my own. I might end up not even needing legal help resolving this, but if I do CJ will be my attorney.
Andrew T.
19:29 20 Sep 20
CJ answered my phone call at 08:31 PM on a Friday Night and provided great value. Ultimately keeping money in our pockets and focused on Q4
Kevin O.
00:37 12 Sep 20
Highly recommend this firm. I am a brand new seller and CJ gave me his time and respect, even taking the time to call me on a Friday evening to answer a question he wasn't getting paid for. He explained how I could solve my issue and that it wasn't something I needed to hire them for, which I really appreciated and it shows they have their clients' best interest in mind. I look forward to hopefully working with them in the future.
Emily C.
22:26 11 Sep 20
I needed immediate assistance, so I called on a Sunday morning at 9:40 AM and CJ answered immediately - superb service!! He is a professional, very responsive man who has his best interest in mind. We are glad we found them to work with! Jennifer, the assistant, even helped me on that Sunday too. She is so friendly and knowledgeable. Jacques was our paralegal, he did an amazing job writing a very thorough plan of action. His first plan of action was successful and my ASIN was reinstated in a few days. Thank you so much everyone!!!! I highly recommend them - saved us from losing sales for weeks or months!
Health Highness & Jenree C.
17:27 04 Sep 20
Spoke with me for 30 mins and gave best possible advise. No sales pitch just pure advise and eagerness to help. Thank you CJ !
Ezra K.
20:24 27 Aug 20
Wonderful law firm. Extremely knowledgeable. The legal advice we received (attorney CJ) was tremendous in assisting us with our Amazon business. THANK YOU!!!
Whip-It I.
18:30 20 Aug 20
Very helpful and informative law group. As an Amazon seller I had an urgent matter and needed advise on what to do.I called this law group on a Sunday and surprisingly was directly connected with CJ. He answered all of my questions and gave me great advise on how to move forward with my issue. Very happy I reached out.
Jeff K.
16:39 16 Aug 20
Australian Amazon seller - Getting ASINs back up. Thorough and courteous, do what it takes attitude - Thanks CJ
Brad C.
13:59 11 Aug 20
CJ was awesome on the phone and helped answer any questions. Looking forward to continue working with him!
Austin B.
17:41 06 Aug 20
Got a call from CJ, to discuss a counterfeit claim on Amazon. He went above and beyond to inform me exactly how to go about resolving the issue. Highly recommend!
Sean V.
17:15 06 Aug 20
Top-rate law firm - immediate results after one phone call or email to them - highly, highly recommend! Thanks for your help, CJ!
lance S.
14:10 05 Aug 20
They're making prompt replies. I have talked with CJ directly, he told me what i have to do without for free. He basically told me not to pay him or to anyone for what I needed. Honest and helpful person. Recommended
Eren E.
13:56 04 Aug 20
CJ and everyone here is great! I had a question at 7pm and he got right back to me with the answer! One of the best connections from TWF! I would highly recommend Rosenbaum Famularo PC to anyone, especially professional Amazon sellers.
Kelly G.
23:14 03 Aug 20
Great and professional review! Spoke with CJ and received valuable advise on my Amazon business! Highly recommended !!! Gave me an advice without charging!
Andrey B.
15:39 22 Jul 20
I contacted CJ's office because I needed help with 3 issues. CJ got back to me himself within about 4 hours. During our 15 minute phone call, CJ gave me 2 great resources I did not know about, and he told me about a possible solution to fix my suspended UK account. Great stuff!
Eric O.
18:54 20 Jul 20
Excellent Attorneys CJ very professional and great experience overall.Thanks
Bobble F.
17:55 19 Jul 20
I have a great experience with CJ . Jason Powell is who help me get my account reinstated . He is very professional . High recommend .
Taoguang L.
21:15 02 Jul 20
A big thank you to CJ and the team in particular David Miller for preparing a great plan of action to have one of our SKU’s reinstated.One Day Amazon decided that we were selling old as new. I feel without their professional knowledge we would have been going back and forth for months to get a favorable result.With the help of Amazon Sellers' Lawyer we were back up live in less than a month.
Margaret J.
05:38 27 May 20
Absolutely no reservation in highly recommending CJ's team for their professional yet personal way in handling our case. We are so appreciative that Anthony Du Zhang calls were made on weekend to follow through our case despite a time difference from overseas. Anthony Du Zhang was thorough in studying our case and his effort was impressive. We are extremely happy with the end results. Many thanks again to CJ Rosenbaum, Anthony Zhang, Anthony Famularo, David Miller, Jennifer McDonald, Kerry McDonald.
Tommy Z.
09:59 20 May 20
David Miller was very helpful in getting 5 of my private label brand listings reinstated after a fraudulent IP rights complaint. CJ and the team are wonderful to work with and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Stephen O.
06:19 15 May 20
We had a wonderful experience with CJ. He was extremely informative and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to answer all of our questions. He was very professional and super helpful. We are so appreciative of the time he spent with us. Highly recommend!
Gilbert & Angelica H.
21:23 14 May 20
Selling on Amazon requires knowing the rules of selling from A through Z.Getting help understanding these rules is as easy as putting ABC&D on your team.AnthonyBrettCJDavidThese guys are part of a super authoritative e-commerce law firm experienced in preventing account suspensions from ever happening in the first place and assisting with reinstatement if suspension does happen.
Kyle R.
01:12 12 May 20
CJ Rosenbaum was outstanding! He provided very timely and actionable advice on product liability when I needed it most.
Vernon M.
14:37 06 May 20
I called to get some advice on a simple business transaction, but CJ went above in beyond in delivering candid, honest, and clear advice. Would highly recommend.
Yazan M.
21:52 29 Apr 20
I had a question about a MAP agreement that I had been asked to sign. CJ gave me some excellent advice saving me many potential problems. They are the go to Amazon answers firm.
Kevin W.
17:44 23 Apr 20
Thank you so much for all your help and patience. CJ is very knowledgeable. Kerry McDonald and the team's professional experience and full understanding of our business have tremendously helped us to build up solid POAs as well as in all previous cases. We look forward to continuing working with these people.
Lisa W.
20:21 21 Apr 20
I am a Nurse Practitioner and small business owner/ Amazon seller living in Georgia. Recently, my Amazon account has been suspended for "selling hand sanitizer." I don't sell hand sanitizer, I sell The College Student First Aid Kit which has over 40 items, one of which is a 2 oz bottle of hand sanitizer. After 3 weeks of back and forth emails and phone calls with multiple amazon associates, I called this agency for advice. I and was so thrilled to get an actual person on the phone. I spoke with CJ for 30 minutes and received FREE advice on my case. He told me there is only a 50/50 chance of resolving my case so I have to think on it. But, I appreciated his candid advice and his honesty! I am impressed with this group of lawyers, but I certainly don't envy their job!
Beth S.
19:38 16 Apr 20
Spoke directly with CJ himself by calling in the morning to just ask about documentation i needed to submit. CJ provided clear and concise advice without ever trying to charge me a single dollar.This firm is an excellent group to work with!
Brian N.
14:05 15 Apr 20
CJ Accepted my call on Easter Sunday, then called me back since he was with family. Went the extra mile on a holiday and informed me at this time he could not "sell" me a service but will be willing to help if we cannot resolve our situation with Amazon soon.
Steven M.
13:29 13 Apr 20
I heard CJ speak with Todd on the Entrepreneur Adventure podcast and was impressed, so since I'm having an issue with my account being suspended, I went to the website for Amazon Sellers to see what I could do. I went to the chat link, expecting to speak with anyone there or leave a message. I was surprised first that CJ himself was chatting on a Sunday afternoon, then he offered to call me!He spoke directly with me for about 15 minutes and told me exactly what I could do to correct the issue - for free. He even said he would have someone follow up with me the next day. That, my friends, is excellent customer service. Highly recommended.I just wanted to add, Brett Sondike from the office DID follow up with me the next day on a call, spoke again about my situation, gave me some resources to handle it on my own, since my issue is a small one! He then followed up with an email. This is a great company - I see why Todd uses them!
Harold W.
15:02 03 Apr 20
I could not have requested a better overall experience and outcome.I specifically worked with CJ, Rob, Jennifer, and Ashley. Each one of them were polite, quick to respond, and easy to work with.And, of course, most important of all, we got EXACTLY what we asked for in our settlement.Thanks so much for everything.I hope to never have another issue with Amazon that requires representation, but if the need arises, without hesitation we will be working with this company.
Karim D.
20:43 01 Apr 20
These guys are great!! They answered the phone on a sunday, I actually spoke to CJ!! I inquired on the terms of their service, and I said I need some time to review the terms, and he walked me through the process of getting to their website, and how to get free books they created to help me with my Amazon suspension for FREE!! He even told me to send him a draft of my POA, and said he would take a look at it for free! Right now I am going to read the literature and make a POA, but when I need help from the services they offer, I will turn to CJ, he just made a customer for life, and these guys are really out there to help you, and actually make sure their service is right for you, and if it is not, they will guide you to where you need to be! I feel very appreciative and thankful for his help, and feel indebted to them for their help, and not having the "buy this" mentality! GREAT PEOPLE!! Thank You!!
nicholas R.
17:12 29 Mar 20
Talked to CJ, who called me back after hours. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
J G.
22:07 23 Mar 20
Spoke with CJ directly for roughly 15 minutes on an unscheduled phone call. He was more then happy to give me his time, free of charge, to answer questions anywhere from avoiding issues when running multiple Amazon accounts, to changing business entity tax setup with my seller account, to proper business setup to avoid future account suspension. I offered several times to setup a paid consultation and he told me to ask as many questions as I had and he would do his best to save me money. I hope I never have to speak to him again.....but if I ever run into trouble with Amazon his firm will be my first call! Beyond satisfied with him and his firm!Eric
Eric S.
21:00 17 Mar 20
2 for 2! That's how many times I've reached out to CJ for recommendation and both times he has been spectacular. Not only is he knowledgeable in all things Amazon, he's built a wealth of network of professionals that makes this law practice a MUST KNOW. My first contact was an ip claim that CJ advised on, that claim was dropped like a hot potato based on his advise!Second, I called his office on developing a private label from an idea, he was on the phone in less than 1 minute and gave me a top 3 things I need to do to get started, and ended with an introduction to the right contact on the spot! I'd give 10 if that were possible. I'f you sell on Amazon, you need Rosenbaum Famularo PC!
Ronnie I.
19:47 16 Mar 20
After having some listings taken down I emailed CJ and got a quick response. Both CJ and Jenn were in constant contact with me and answered all my questions. They gave me such helpful advice. If you are ever in a legal situation due to selling on amazon they are the ones to call! I highly recommend them!
Emily A.
18:03 06 Mar 20
CJ reached out to me on Superbowl Sunday and took his time to explain to me the process of handling copyright complaints. CJ answered all my questions and there was no rush or pressure. I am looking forward to working with him and his team to hopefully resolve a few issues with my account.Update: I had copyright violations that I was afraid to do myself so I reached out to CJ and his team. I worked with Alexa Alers. We were able to eventually get Amazon to remove those complaints after a few appeals. I will definitely use them again if I have anymore issues. Thanks again CJ, Alexa Alers and team. The hype definitely matches the results.
13:41 26 Feb 20
I would give Jenn McDonald 6 stars if I can. I emailed Travis & CJ after viewing their video about amazons related suspension and immediately received an email stating "Jenn" will call me. She did and I was amazed from Jump. She gave me information I presumed most companies would charge for. She really cared about my situation and I never felt rushed at all. This is customer service well delivered. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Jenn!
Tai Q.
00:40 12 Feb 20
I had some questions that I wanted to ask an experienced lawyer in the industry. Because this firm has an excellent reputation, I gave them a call. CJ was knowledgeable about all of my questions. It was great to talk to an expert. Five star experience! Thank you CJ!
Kimberly P
18:10 22 Jan 20
What can I say, AMAZING! Firstly, I called last night from Australia to set up a quick chat with CJ the very next morning. Within five minutes of the call, CJ had helped me with my new innovative idea, and together we set up a plan of action for my next steps. You can tell that he is passionate about helping others as he was so professional and kind to help me on my Amazon journey. Thanks CJ, because of you I will be able to bring my idea to light.
Julie Mckenzie - Spiritual Life S.
14:25 22 Jan 20
I had a situation that was not the type of lawsuit this firm handles, but even though CJ Rosenbaum new his firm could not take my case, he still spent time with me by explaining to me what I need to do. If ever I have a situation that is right for this firm I will give them the case hands down. CJ Rosenbaum knows how to treat people. Thank you CJ.
YoSoy B.
05:37 04 Jan 20
I had a great experience with CJ Rosenbaum, he did not charge me for my initial phone consult even though I offered to pay him. CJ called me back within 1 hour. He was very knowledgeable and honest about my E-commerce business and even gave me recommendations to others in his network for business services. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks for the great advice.
Jtsea B
15:10 20 Nov 19
CJ answered the phone after 6 pm and was willing to talk about my case and give me my options and outline how they could help. His responsiveness made me feel more confident in our time of need.
Beet R.
23:02 22 Oct 19
CJ Rosenbaum is currently helping me fight a battle with Amazon and a hijacker who is very persistent.From my first contact with Amazon Seller’s Lawyer I was treated with warmth and kindness- it was a refreshing change from my dealings with Amazon!!I’m in Australia and was calling in the middle of the night for me. As soon as the receptionist found this out, she made it a priority to get CJ to return my call as soon as he could, which he did. Since then CJ has always responded to my questions quickly and thoroughly. I have found the resources on the ASL website very helpful too, particularly the ebook.Thank you CJ and team.
Hilary H.
21:00 07 Oct 19
Excellent service! I was talking to CJ on the phone regarding about an issue with Amazon. He was more than happy to assist me in the 15 minute conversation we had over the phone! I highly recommend the law firm to any Amazon seller.
Robert G
03:52 05 Oct 19
CJ really goes above and beyond. He was willing to give advice in my particular case of being suspended by Amazon free of charge!! He was very reassuring that it's possible to get accounts back but if I needed him that he would fight for me! He gave me a free book on how to get unsuspended which is awesome! Thank you so much CJ! You really do care about sellers like myself!
Christopher L
14:27 01 Oct 19
Jenn promptly called me about my inquiry for legal advice within 15 minutes of my email to Amazon sellers lawyer. She then contacted their legal team with my case details and within 30 minutes I had a call from one of their lawyers, CJ. He called me from his son's hockey practice! I was honestly astonished about the level of service that I received. He provided a free consultation, and answered all of my questions. He was kind, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable about the legal aspect of selling on Amazon. I honestly could not have been any more pleased. If you are searching for some legal advice regarding your Amazon seller account, I highly recommend you send an inquiry to Amazon sellers lawyer, you won't be disappointed.
Jonathan N.
01:15 21 Sep 19
CJ and Jenn took a lot of time to help me out with my Amazon business. Even on Saturday C.J. called from his son's hockey game to discuss solutions over the phone with me. I think these guys really do care about Amazon sellers and have the experience to back it up.
Lin k
21:31 14 Sep 19
Anthony, CJ and team were excellent! Got us reinstated quickly after we were initially stonewalled by Amazon. Team was highly responsive, attentive and results-oriented; their deep experience was invaluable.
Richard H.
14:28 12 Sep 19
I did a consultation with CJ, and he is the best very courteous calls me at 10:00 p.m. to discuss my case, and gave me a lot of good advice I will use Amazon Sellers Lawyer for any problems I ever have with selling on Amazon
Shon C
20:47 01 Sep 19
We have worked with CJ, Anthony and their team for over 3 years. His team shepherded through a difficult suspension and was able to help get our account back. We sell in a category that has a large number of false IP complaints. Unfortunately we were recently served with a 72 hour notice in regards to bogus IP complaints the ASL team was already working on. David Miller was able to write a quick plan of action which Amazon accepted and allowed us to continue business as usual. He is also doing a great job being a bulldog with the brands to attain retractions of their IP complaints. ASL does a great job and even though we know how to handle IP complaints on our own we hand them all over to ASL . IP complaints are a way of life on Amazon now and we use this tough team to deal with them!
Aaron T.
15:32 07 Aug 19
CJ's team are the best. They are not cheap but will work with you to get your account reinstated. The process of getting an account reinstated varies by case. My case took about 14 weeks. There were moments, I was going to give up with my account, but thankfully CJ's team didn't and now my account has been reinstated.
melvin L.
18:55 23 May 19
I have known CJ and his team for a while now but first used them for a client of mine this past month. I cannot say enough good things about them, but let me share what you will experience with them:1. Communication - so important to have with sensitive situations like Amazon reinstatements. The team was amazing to give the constant updates and next steps along the process. Awesome communication!2. Control - anytime when hiring an agency to help with a particular need, you always desire for them to take the reigns fully, but many fail to do so. That is NOT the case with the ASL team. We simply provided what we had done, they took control of the situation and completed everything for us. So amazing!3. Results - we all know you cannot control Amazon's timeline to resolve, but the quick reinstatement for my client by the ASL team was due to the attention of detail to the plan of action sent to the right teams. They know what they are doing!If you are looking for help with your Amazon account around any issue, these are the guys to look to!
Bd A.
21:07 09 May 19
Highly recommend Rosenbaum Famularo to anyone having issues with compliance on Amazon. Jenn McDonald was kind enough to answer my questions and help us overcome an IP infringement complaint. CJ gives a ton of incredible free information away on YouTube that you can't get anywhere else.They are highly experienced and will be our "go-to" team for issues in the future.
Derek F.
14:32 18 Apr 19
The Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a great place to get unparalleled legal advice in the world of E-Commerce and Amazon. Having used lots of lawyers in the past, I have found them to be very expensive compared to CJ and his team. This is particularly the case when it comes to navigating around the Amazon ecosystem. CJ knows which departments are most responsive and will save you thousands of $$$, not to mention your time, in getting these matters resolved. I recently called CJ about a supplier issue, fully expecting to write a check to him..... He guiding me through the issues I was facing and gave me some free advice. What kind of lawyer does that?? One that will be getting my repeat business. Highly recommend.
Jules F.
00:40 07 Mar 19
Amazon Seller Lawyers law firm was retained by our company to handle our Amazon account suspension. Within two weeks, CJ and Dana were able to reinstate our account. In fact, the quality of service was exceptional to a degree that we retained them to also register our USPTO trademark. In addition, CJ, a celebrated lawyer, has always been there for us and has given us solution-based advise whenever needed. Clearly, his satisfaction is our destination. He treats us like a family member and is there to help us with any legal issues we might have. I definitely recommend him for any e-commerce issues. Thank you!
LA Rug L.
21:40 05 Mar 19
CJ's knowledge and experience are unmatched. He totally disambiguates the process of Amazon suspension and appeals and puts you at ease about what can seem like a world-ending nightmare.Turns out, running afoul of Amazon is not the end of your business and if anyone can help with getting things right again its CJ and his team.
anthony L.
05:51 23 Feb 19
I have used their services about 5x in 5 years. They are absolutely amazing. I honestly think they continue to get better as time passes. If your amazon account is your primary source of income, then DO NOT cut corners & try to use a less expensive company. On my first suspension I made that mistake, and amazon kept denying the plans of action. Eventually they said “please do not contact us anymore, we will not review or consider any future plans of action that you send us” then I contacted the amazon lawyers as a last attempt to save my account and they were able to do so quite quickly & easily. The whole team is absolutely AMAZING. CJ, Brett, Anthony, Travis, and everybody else. I literally can’t say enough good things about these guys. The only thing I can say negative is the price, but DO NOT cut corners or you will most likely just waste money, time, and possibly lose your account permanently. Therefore I PROMISE every dollar spent with this team is well worth it.
ryan P.
17:17 22 Feb 19
CJ answered my call himself which I didn't believe it was a real lawyer. I had 35K stolen from my Amazon account, he went to bat and got it back for me from Amazon. I had taken measures to prevent and recoup the money but Amazon hadn't gotten off their butt's I guess. Regardless, he got me the money back in my account. I would only use CJ for any issues going forward.
Doug J.
16:09 18 Feb 19
I had the pleasure of working with CJ one on one on a patent infringement issue. He is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and gave us the right advice to proceed with the case and resolve the situation for us. I'm extremely pleased with his services and highly recommend his services to any online seller. They really do take care of the clients and know Amazon to the core.
Max S.
06:47 16 Feb 19
CJ and the team at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer are currently helping us with a hacking and suspension issue. So far they have been super responsive and have gone over and beyond to help us resolve the issue and remove the suspension. I highly recommend engaging them early if you have any legal issues with your Amazon account. I have every confidence that they will resolve our problem soon!
Mark W.
09:32 15 Feb 19
CJ is a classy man. I attended a webinar that he hosted on Hijacking and instantly I was hooked to his kind advise. He is really a guy that cares about serving Amazon Sellers. He know his stuff and knows it globally as you watch his webinars, and travels the globe. His experience is very broad, that's for sure.
George N.
23:54 11 Feb 19
I use to work for CJ a few years ago in his office, it was amazing. I remember coming to work every day and feeling on top of the world, he allowed us to learn and grow on the job. He always was invested in helping us grow individually and as a team. With CJ, I was able to learn how to communicate, he taught me how to believe in myself. I didn't have a job for 6 months before I met CJ and now my business is producing income, I've learned so much from him. It's been 3-4 years since we've met and we still continue to talk/meet to this day, that's a long-term friendship/business relationship. That's very rare to find in a human being, I'm very much appreciative of our relationship over the years. Thank you for everything you've done for me, I do appreciate you, you put me on "the elevator of life" and allowed me to see things from different views. For that, I am thankful.
Greg G.
20:14 11 Feb 19
I just got off the phone with CJ and he really surprised me with the amount of effort he put in with trying to help me with my intellectual property complaint. The youtube video said it was a free consultation so I figured I had nothing to lose, so I called the number and the guy from the video I was watching on youtube actually was the one to answer the phone. I told him that I didn't have the money to pay for the service, but he still tried helping by telling me the things I should tell the distributor(he really knew what he was talking about) that filed the complaint against me. He even went to the length and said that he wouldn't mind me giving him a call back if the distributor denied appealing the case. 5/5 stars
Devin T.
19:55 08 Feb 19
Thank you, Jason for your patience with my numerous questions. I look forward to working with this firm to get my business protected. I also saw CJ himself in a video webinar.. what a nice guy! Doing business "out there" can be daunting and scary... I am confident that this firm will handle the TM process seamlessly.
Nancy Lee Orvin B.
20:15 04 Feb 19
Great Team. it was a very unique experience for me to work with CJ. Rosenbaum PC. they are very good and fast in responding to my questions. worth every penny. thank you again
Mustafa S.
16:15 02 Jan 19
My experience with the firm has been as easy as one could ask for. Jenn McDonald in particular is professional, polite and started working on my case with CJ immediately with seamless communication. Considering the stress of the situation they definitely were a calming influence. Thanks guys.
Jason C.
05:04 02 Dec 18
If you are an online seller and need any legal advice, I recommend CJ & Amazon Sellers Lawyer. They saved my family’s holiday.My business was subjected to relentless trademark bullying by the Dallas Cowboys resulting in my Amazon account being suspended.I reached out to Amazon Seller Lawyers for guidance and spoke with Rob Segall.What I thought would be a quick, free consultation turned into an impressive, no pressure, in depth discussion of my Amazon issue. I enlisted the services of Amazon Seller Lawyers.The next morning, I had a conference call with two excellent attorneys, Anthony Famularo and Travis Stockman. There are not many firms that connect you to 2 lawyers within a day.I felt assured my problem would be resolved. By that night they had an excellent plan of action to present to Amazon.Amazon requested more information and we had another conference call with CJ, Travis, and Anthony. These guys are Amazon experts.An updated plan of action was successful. My account was reinstated just in time for the holidays.I called to tell them the good news and had a great conversation with Jennifer and Brett.Everyone at this firm is knowledgeable, friendly and accessible.They understand the urgency in addressing Amazon issues and provide fast, honest advice. It’s the best law firm I have ever dealt with. Thank you.
07:07 18 Nov 18
After getting suspended on Amazon my fiancé and I were panicking and didn’t know what to do. I found CJ’s office after googling amazon lawyers and my first thought was SCAM. After reading all the good reviews I still thought was on the fence, but we have no choice. Let me tell you that after 2 weeks of suspension we have finally been reinstated! We thought getting reinstated was impossible and didn’t know what we were going to with thousands of dollars in merchandise or how we were going to make a living.We never thought this would happen and I can’t thank this office enough — Anthony, Jason, and Travis were amazing and extremely quick with coming up with appeals and POA’s. I highly recommend hiring this office for all your Amazon needs!!
23:59 16 Nov 18
The best nicest guys and TRUSTABLE very. CJ helped me out alot. They are not looking for your money but your Success. Thanks CJ
A2Z Pet S.
19:54 13 Nov 18
Enlisted CJ and Firm's help with an Amazon IP claim issue. Travis drafted a letter that was accurate, sensitive to the people and issues, and quickly achieved the goal of having the invalid claim withdrawn. Great job, great team!
Bernie T.
21:56 15 Oct 18
CJ and his team have been amazing. I was treated right away and never had to worry about anything. He made a scary and stressful situation easy and stress free. Great communication throughout the whole process. I would recommend them 100% to everyone.
21:10 05 Oct 18
CJ personally gave me a call and even though I wasnt able to do the service right then he sent me a free book in the mail!
Ali Aboriginal B.
21:48 01 Oct 18
I visit CJ and his associates often, and it is always a pleasure to deal with such a great group of individuals!
Avremel C.
17:58 14 Sep 18
I've worked with CJ since 2015 when I first opened Amazon FBA store. He's guided me through copyright takedowns (both receiving and submitting), listing issues, and out of court settlements. If you have an Amazon storefront, you need an attorney who specializes in all things Amazon. He's the first guy I call when I have an Amazon issue (and he doesn't charge me for a quick phone call or email, like every other lawyer). Thanks CJ!!
Steve L.
19:27 31 Aug 18
Spoke with them about my case. Amazon was holding my funds permanently with out giving me any reason as to why. CJ called me and was upfront and honest with me throughout. Did not feel like a sales pitch at all like with most attorneys. I feel confident in retaining them for this case and believe they will do all they can to help me.
Roman G.
19:44 29 Aug 18
CJ and his team are very professional and informative. I reached out several times about different matters and spoke with Jason and it was a fantastic experience. I would consider myself a fairly new seller and I have not had many concerning issues with my account until the past few weeks. Since I am pretty new, I had a ton of questions and Jason patiently answered every one of them and cleared up any concerns that I had. I would highly recommend this firm for any Amazon related matters
Mike M.
19:42 29 Aug 18
I called the office and spoke with Jason. I explained my issue regarding Amazon holding my funds for an extended period of time. Jason immediately connected me with CJ. CJ thoroughly explained my options and what to expect. His guidance and support were invaluable. I would highly recommend the firm. Thanks guys!
Brett S.
20:01 14 Aug 18
Finally got reinstated from my suspension! Thanks to CJ and his team! I've been working with Vincent since March and he has been with me every step of the way. I thought I was done for, but Vincent gave me hope and kept plugging away at the action plans. My god I'm so happy right now and I owe it all to his team! Very highly recommended!!
14:28 14 Aug 18
I was so relieved to have the opportunity to learn from Attorney, CJ Rosenbaum at a recent trade show in Las Vegas. What a great resource to new and small business owners like myself. His charisma and willingness to help answer questions is invaluable. All those jokes about lawyers out there...they're not about this guy! Thanks again, CJ!
Katie L.
17:33 07 Aug 18
I am an attorney in Chicago and a client of mine has an important issue with their Amazon account. After reading online about CJ's experience with Amazon, I reached out to CJ to ask for his thoughts on the situation. It is important that an advocate be knowledgeable, that is a given. There are a lot of individuals who have practiced in this field for awhile. The differentiating factor in my mind is personality. Do you have someone who believes in your case and will advocate for you? CJ checked all of those boxes. CJ provided his thoughts, based on years of experience, without compensation, because he believes in doing the right thing. Thanks, CJ!
William G.
19:10 23 Jul 18
Hi CJ,Thank you for your help. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and helping me with my Amazon issues. I will Highly recommend you.Cynthia
Cindy H.
01:16 20 Jul 18
CJ took time to listen to me and gave excellent, experienced advice. He has an insight to understanding the problem and then come up with a common sense approach to the solutions. He understands the correct approach to take - and even more important - he understands the wrong approach to avoid. Good man and reliable attorney.
M D.
23:08 18 Jul 18
Wow, all of my Amazon questions answered!! Spoke to CJ and he is extremely knowledgeable in all Amazon matters. Don't waste your time, give them a call!!
John D
19:44 16 Jul 18
Thank you so much to Amazon Sellers Lawyers to getting my account back in perfect standings! I made a mistake with my account that resulted in an IP Infringement. After reaching out myself to the brand owner, I was unable to get them to retract their complaint. This caused chaos on my Amazon account and I was no longer able to sell this brand. I then contacted Amazon Sellers Lawyers. Kerry worked daily on my account, reaching out to the Brand Owners and consuting me on what to say to Amazon. They NEVER gave up! By some kind of magic, they were able to get the brand owner to tell Amazon that the complaint with me was resolved. Within two days, my account was back in action. I am sure I could not have done this without them. THANK YOU Amazon Sellers Lawyers, CJ, and Kerry!
Jody C.
21:48 29 May 18
Outstanding experience. Had an alleged inauthentic complaint in January 2017, and was finally reinstated January 2018. We tried other services unsuccessfully. CJ stuck with me us all the way through. Even when I thought it was a lost cause.. They fought for us relentlessly and got it fixed for us. Their knowledge is unmatched. Very very satisfied. Don't go anywhere else
German Audio T.
23:57 16 May 18
I called from Spain with patent pending doubts. This is the quickest customer service I've ever seen. From doubts to answers in minutes! First contact and first questions answered for free. Thanks CJ and team!
Carolina G.
13:44 03 Apr 18
Truly outstanding lawyers!I was dealing with fraud on my Amazon account and that caused me to lose tons of money. I tried resolving the issue with Amazon but they never responded and left me in the dust. At that point I knew i needed to seek professional help. CJ Rosenbaum was my first choice after reading about them in a Fox Business News Article. I gave them a call and right away I was connected to CJ. He told me we had many options and that we had a great chance of winning the case. Within a month CJ called me with the Amazing news that we won the case! I couldn't be happier! CJ saved my business and got me back on my feet! Now anytime I have a question or need some advice, CJ is my go to lawyer!Thank you for all your help!
17:00 22 Mar 18
I decided to sell om amazon and initially called the firm with a list of questions on how do I start. CJ just answered all my questions over the phone and even gave recommendations. I was impressed how genuine these guys are and all for free! I look forward to working with them once I’m up and running !
Tatyana O
15:41 08 Jan 18
CJ, Kerry and Anthony worked with me to get my Amazon listing reinstated. They are very knowledgeable and communication was fast and efficient. I will definitely use them next time I have a problem with my account. Highly recommended.
Joanne C.
11:29 06 Dec 17
Spoke directly with C.J. Rosenbaum who professionally advised me how to proceed with the Amazon FBA situation. I was not charged for our initial conversation which was very helpful. When I decide how to proceed with my case I will be working with C.J. Rosenbaum's firm.*Follow-up 11/28/17. I did work with CJ and Anthony over a period of 2 months to have my selling privileges re-instated. Throughout the long, protracted process (which was finally successful) everyone working with C.J's firm worked in a patient, highly professional, respectful manner. I have worked with many legal firms in my 20+ year career and will state that this is one of the very best I have worked with. Much appreciate their expertise and professionalism. Highly Recommended!
David N.
21:42 28 Nov 17
Excellent results, i spend a week shopping around for whoever could be able to reinstate my account, as soon as i heard about Amazon Seller Lawyers, it gained my trust, i decided to invest, and guess what, in less than 24 hours my account was re-instated, thanks CJ!DJI Spare PartsLH Electronics LLC
LH Electronics L.
12:42 13 Oct 17
CJ and Anthony are incredible! Our brand was swamped with knockoffs and counterfeits on Amazon and within three months they removed themselves from Amazon due to the pressure from this team. The scammers from 'you know where' never go away entirely, but now taking them down is manageable.
Mark M.
19:49 06 Oct 17
I work with a large number of onlinesellers in the UK and abroad, and have introduced CJ and Gary to a number of them who feel like their livelihood has been removed from their control, between bogus complaints, hard to understand rules and other issues. They offer a great, professional service to everyone who contacts them, and they always strive to offer good advice, even if that's not the most profitable option they could pursue.I recently watched CJ talk at a show to a room full of sellers, and I've rarely found someone with a depth of specialist knowledge and experience in a this field that can speak so confidently and be totally clear to everyone listening.I can heartily recommend them to anyone who needs advice about problems with their Amazon account - These days Amazon should be making you business money, not losing it. Not forgetting the advice they can offer on protecting your valuable Intellectual Property!
Mark C.
13:57 03 Oct 17
We own an Amazon FBA private label brand. We sought CJ's feedback to determine if we had an actionable situation. Unfortunately, we don't, but we were delighted that CJ was honest with us upfront, and didn't accept $$ for an engagement that would ultimately not solve the problem. Highly trustworthy - Thanks, CJ!
PointLine G.
22:41 02 Oct 17
Excellent. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I appreciated your help. Amazon is totally robbing me. CJ was able to help me determine my best course of action.
20:23 28 Sep 17
CJ and his company are great. The girl who answered my initial call was very friendly and passed my message to CJ who called me back and gave some advice for no charge. He also happily referred me to someone who is better equipped to handle the issue I was having.
Expert T.
23:41 26 Sep 17
I am very very happy with their service and wanted to thank their team. If there would be 10 star rating, I would give them definitely 10 star review. They are very experienced, reliable, and trustful. They deserve more recognition. Highly recommended!! Thank you sooooo much CJ and your team!
jenny K.
17:33 22 Sep 17
Our Amazon account has been suspended for 10 months, have known about them prior to getting suspended but tried a different company with no success. Finally I called Amazon Sellers Lawyer and CJ and Anthony were fantastic and we are back up and running, Thank you.
Calvin G.
13:20 05 Sep 17
I reached out to CJ hoping to gain insight regarding some questions I had and CJ responded very quickly. He took the time out of his day to personally speak to me over the phone. We had a great conversation. He was extremely knowledgeable, insightful and helpful! Thank you once again!
14:42 01 Sep 17
CJ was very helpful and clear, and we appreciated not being charged for our initial telephonic consultation. Should we decide to go ahead with our Trademark application we will definitely revert to this company.
Christie L.
15:37 22 Aug 17
I came across CJ's firm while searching for someone online who could help me get my Amazon Account reinstated.I was put directly in contact with CJ.After explaining my Amazon concern to CJ, he laid out a course of action that gave me great confidence in his plan. He never made any promises but you just knew he was going to do everything possible to get the job done. My account was handled by Anthony.In the end, Anthony got my Amazon account reinstated after being closed for 2 1/2 years.He and his team performed the impossible.I can't thank all of you enough. Everyone from the administrative staff to the lawyers. After dealing with so many online phonies who profess to be Amazon experts, I can say with absolute certainty that CJ and his staff are the real deal.Thanks again to all of you.
Alex S.
01:06 16 Aug 17
CJ reached out to me in a timely manner and was able to help answer many of my questions. I look forward to establishing our relationship further.
Adam M.
21:35 10 Aug 17
We were recently suspended from selling on Amazon so we started contacting firms to see who could help. We contacted CJ's firm while he was in Las Vegas for a conference. It just so happens, we LIVE in Las Vegas. When the person we were talking to at the firm realized we were in Vegas, he offered to set up a face-to-face meeting with CJ!We met with CJ and had a fun, informative visit at no cost. CJ was warm, personable and genuine. We left our meeting feeling like we'd made a new friend... One with a lot of knowledge of his industry.We highly recommend CJ and his firm!
Melanie W.
02:22 01 Aug 17
CJ and his team are professional and really know the legal aspect of how to deal with amazon suspension. The cost might not be the cheapest, but it worth the investment. One of my ASINs was blocked by Amazon due to a false trademark claim by a reputable brand. It's an uphill battle and took 60 days to get it back with all the guidance provided by CJ's team. Throughout the entire process, they worked restlessly and patiently on my case. If I have to deal with this myself, it gonna be a nightmare.I want to specially thank Anthony for leading on the case. His legal advice and logical approach to the case is key to a successful reinstatement.I highly recommend using their services. If you were suspended and don't know what to do. Don't think twice, hire them.
Jay C
18:07 24 Jul 17
CJ and his team were very helpful. The advice he gave me helped me to better the suspension and reinstatement process. I would recommend his service for anybody who has questions about how to prevent suspensions on Amazon and get their accounts reinstated.
Ed D.
20:32 18 Jul 17
GREAT WORK!!! CJ and his team especially Anthony are really helpful and very fast to solve the problem. Actually we are quite desperate when our account suspended. However, CJ gave us hope and make us relax. I am really grateful for reinstating our account immediately. We are going to visit them asap to thank them face to face.
16:48 10 Jul 17
Very pleasant and professional to work with Brett and CJ! They are straight forward and upfront about everything concerning a case.
Lou M.
21:06 28 Jun 17
CJ was quick to answer the phone and gave me some options in regards to my situation. I liked the fast paced solution solving and I'm based in Sydney, Australia which made no difference! Thanks!
Elijah K.
20:26 22 Jun 17
They were very professional and honest. I had a simple question and they took the time out of their day to answer it truthfully. It's tough coming across people who are honest. Thank you CJ for listening and giving me great advice. I will definitely use your services if needed in the future. Thank you!-Buchi O.
Buchi O.
16:16 20 Jun 17
These guys are amazing. Don't even waste your time looking around. CJ dropped everything and called me at 11pm on Father's Day. After constantly dealing with seller central and getting no where, it's amazing actually being able to talk to someone with such extensive knowledge of Amazon. I'm currently dealing with the Amazon retail team which is a complete nightmare. Not only does CJ know what he's talking about but he actaully cares about helping you.
Nicolas B.
03:35 19 Jun 17
When working with a lawyer, it's rare and refreshing to hear "that's probably not worth your money and my time."I've worked with CJ a couple times and most recently he provided me with useful counsel on how to handle a frustrating issue with Amazon FBA. He also introduced me to someone who ultimately will be helping with this in a more cost effective manner than turning to arbitration.I will no doubt turn to Amazon Sellers' Lawyer again if I need legal help or guidance on where to go.
Flasking W.
19:43 15 Jun 17
CJ jumped on the phone and was very helpful in answering our questions.
David S.
16:34 15 Jun 17
Amazon Sellers Lawyer has expansive services to help sellers like me resolve issues with Amazon. Amazon's marketplaces for 3P sellers is like the wild west and we at Skubana have recommended CJ and his services to fellow high volume sellers who are in the midst or in danger of Amazon suspension or encounter other issues that arise.
Chad R.
15:30 12 Jun 17
I reached out to CJ Rosenbaum at Amazon Seller's Lawyer, about my Amazon listing that I was experiencing problems with. He was very knowledgeable and well experienced, and due to his great efforts and hard work, I was able to get my Amazon listing back up and running. I am very glad I contacted CJ, as he has been tremendously helpful, is very well informed, and a very polite person to deal with.
Nasreen K.
01:49 09 Jun 17
I sent an email Wednesday night, Thursday morning I had a reply and contacted Brett who was very helpful in taking down all my information and concerns during my initial contact. He was very thorough and professional. I was contacted by CJ within 30 minutes of my initial call. CJ discussed my problem with my Amazon Seller account suspension and helped me draft a letter of appeal / "plan of action", all at no charge!! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is having problems with Amazon.
Me F.
18:20 03 Jun 17
These guys are the BEST, very professional and reasonably priced for the amazing fast service they provide. Got our account restored within a few days. Highly recommended. CJ and his team are on it very fast with a plan of action. Anthony was very professional and concerning to our business needs. Very satisfied with the service and would not think twice if I needed legal help again with Amazon. 5 Stars...
Kevin K.
13:00 01 Jun 17
CJ is excellent. Provided free consulting and guided me in right direction. No lawyer does that. I would work with him again.
Nash D.
16:11 30 May 17
I launched a line of bathroom products and experienced success for over a month. Then all of a sudden, my momentum was stopped as competitor for one of my products filed a complaint against me for patent infringement. This was devastating news since I performed patent research prior to launching the product and knew for a fact there was no patent for this product. Over 3 weeks, I contacted Amazon numerous times, submitted appeals through the proper channels - Seller Performance, Notice Dispute and Bezos Escalation Team, to no avail I continued to receive the automated bot response I needed to contact the complainant to resolve the issue. At this point, the complainant was silent because he knew Amazon would not reinstate the listing without his retracting the complaint. After getting no where with Amazon on my own I reached out to the law firm of CJ Rosenbaum. CJ, Anthony and the team drafted legal briefs and correspondences, again going through the proper channels - Seller Performance, Notice Dispute, Bezos Escalation Team and Amazon's Legal Team. Throughout the process, CJ, Anthony and team was responsive, communicated timely and answered questions or addressed concerns promptly. After working with CJ, Anthony and the team for less than 2 weeks, they were able to get the ASIN reinstated. The team is truly fighting for Amazon sellers and over exceeded expectations as I truly believe Amazon would not have reinstated the ASIN without the help of the Amazon Sellers' Lawyers.
monica B.
15:22 13 May 17
Critical Amazon-Seller problem solved in 24hrs! Always use attorneys! CJ & Gary nailed it! Thank you both!
Geoff R
00:18 12 May 17
Hiring CJ to navigate the erratic and nuanced ways of Amazon Seller Support was a home-run decision for our Amazon business. If you are looking for help with a suspension, appeal, or IP issue; you cannot afford not to work with the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer. Stop stressing and start hitting home-runs again. Call CJ ASAP.
Michael L.
19:57 11 May 17
Awesome help! Very friendly, professional and straight to the point. Thank you CJ for clarifying all question and be kind enough to offer a solution.
Desiree T.
21:32 03 May 17
Spoke with CJ and his advice was very helpful all at no charge. I didn't feel rushed on the phone with him nor did I feel I was being sold or hustled.
Doug J.
01:34 01 May 17
CJ was very informative and a great resource. He spent time going over all the details pertaining to my questions.
Joe R.
21:15 30 Apr 17
Superb experience. CJ answered all my questions and concerns that I had with a Trademarking issue. I would most definitely use CJ's service again and recommend him to anyone requiring expert and efficient advice.
Claire W.
14:16 26 Apr 17
CJ is an exceptional human being an exceptional attorney and has an exceptional team. I highly recommend CJ Rosenbaum's Law Firm for any legal issue when dealing with Amazon.
22:39 25 Apr 17
CJ was a great help in answering some questions about Amazon. I appreciate him sharing his experience and taking the time to help me.
Diana K.
03:39 18 Apr 17
CJ was extremely attentive and took the time to give me great advice about my situation. His advice is spot on and he is very much on the side of the Amazon seller. Thank you so much!
Kelley M.
16:30 12 Apr 17
Awesome. This is the 2nd time CJ and his team have saved us.
Paolo R.
01:41 12 Apr 17
Their Service Rocks !!! Great value if you need any help in this area, CJ & his team are great to work with. Even after they got it resolved, we needed a bit more help and they were totally there to help out. Recommend them highly if you need help with any issue in this area.
Reginald L.
17:31 11 Apr 17
We submitted a case through the ASL website and within 30 minutes our phone rang with CJ himself calling us... I was blown away that Mr. Rosenbaum called himself to speak with us regarding our storefront issue. He was poised with knowledge and professionalism - he immediately advised us of a solution and put a plan of action together once reviewing our notes and documentation... A true professional!
Tim F.
20:12 30 Mar 17
Today I call Amazon Sellers' Lawyer and had the pleasure of speaking to CJ. He was very helpful, profesional and honest about the whole thing. Game me good advise on what he thought I should do and told me that the chances of them helping me successfully were slim. I really appreciate his honesty and advice at no charge. I will be sure to use them again if I need them in the future!
Vicente L.
22:51 15 Mar 17
If I could’ve given Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer 10 stars I would have. CJ Rosenbaum immediately took my call regarding my Amazon suspension notice and read through all the email correspondence between myself and Amazon before the subject of fees even came up. I’ve worked with other companies that won’t even speak to you until you pay them. CJ was realistic about what I could expect and very knowledgeable about the inner workings of Amazon. I highly recommend CJ Rosenbaum and his law firm.
Brenda Y.
22:38 14 Mar 17
CJ Rosenbaum is the consummate lawyer that you want to have as your partner because he will have your left flank and protect your interests, especially as you grow. And the reason for this is because he is GENUINELY interested in helping you to succeed in your eCommerce business. I feel VERY fortunate that I have had the honor to meet CJ and look forward to many years of collaboration in the future. I highly recommend him and his services.
16:28 08 Mar 17
CJ got back to me instantly right away in the morning and helped to alleviate a situation that had been keeping me up at night. Facing suspension or a lawsuit as a seller is extremely stressful, but CJ was straight forward and cut to the chase about my best options. It definitely put me at ease that he was helping me to remedy the situation. Highly Recommend!!
15:07 08 Mar 17
CJ gave me a call to discuss my situation. He also gave me a lot of helpful advice on things to be mindful of and plan for even if we decide not to use their services. Very helpful
Luke J
15:02 03 Mar 17
CJ answered my question promptly and helped me make the determination not to pursue a costly trademark search that may not be necessary.
Alice R.
00:55 01 Mar 17
I highly recommend this excellent firm. It is a pleasure working with CJ and the rest of his team. It is very unusual to enjoy speaking with an attorney, but CJ is an amazing combination of expertise, positivity, common sense, discretion, professionalism and attentiveness. It is a wonderful thing to be in good hands with an extremely capable, trustworthy and positive problem-solver in your corner. They've done excellent work for my company and we will continue to work with them on more projects to protect and strengthen our presence on online marketplaces.
Adam A.
03:33 28 Feb 17
CJ, Thank you for your quick call back and spending your time on the phone going through my case. Appreciate your help. Very knowledgeable and helpful.Roshy
Roshy R.
20:12 19 Feb 17
CJ hopped on the phone with me the same day I emailed him to discuss my concerns. He knows his stuff.
Jeff T
22:00 10 Feb 17
We have found this service through internet. We chose this company to help us from the lawsuit on selling on Amazon. CJ is the best of helping us. Even we have a time difference (12 hours difference), we can manage to work on the case together. I would recommend to any Amazon seller to ask for CJ help. And at the end you case will be just fine and hopefully to all others as well.
Wasin R.
23:23 08 Feb 17
I am delighted I made the call to Amazon Sellers Lawyer. CJ Rosenbaum is the real deal!
Brandi H.
21:05 06 Feb 17
CJ is the man! He was nice enough to speak with me in regards to my seller account and answer all the questions I needed with all very useful info ALL FREE OF CHARGE!! Thanks again, I give him 5 stars.
Stewart M.
18:41 06 Feb 17
CJ and his team are both professional and knowledgeable. They have developed a combination of great law practice and deep knowledge of all legal issues regarding selling on Amazon. This is a badly-needed service for serious Amazon sellers, and Amazon Sellers Lawyer fill that need in a way that is both informative and helpful. If you are a seller facing rights infringement issues, trademark issues or any other seller-related legal issues these guys are the ones to call. Thanks CJ!
Barry L
18:42 02 Feb 17
Caring, dedicated, philanthropic and true to their word. Amazon Sellers' Lawyer provides impeccable service, and they are dedicated to giving back, which is so admirable. In fact, CJ Rosenbaum has been supporting the TLC Foundation for childhood cancer research for years. I founded TLC in memory of my son, Ty, in 2012. All fees received from speaking roles or awards received by Amazon Sellers' Lawyer are donated to the foundation. We love Amazon Seller's Lawyer!
Cindy C.
15:19 02 Feb 17
A big thank you to CJ and Anthony. After an initial discussion with CJ, Anthony put together an effective strategy to solve our problem. Highly competent and responsive throughout.
Robert A.
03:43 02 Feb 17
I had an amazing experience with CJ! I attended a class by him and on a personal level he answered all my questions and explained everything very clearly. Highly recommended!!
Alon F.
01:46 01 Feb 17
Called for help regarding a delisted ASIN. CJ was able to review my case and provide me with some invaluable free advice. Really glad I reached out and made that call rather than suffering the grind of Seller Support alone. Professional, helpful and straight to the point.
Joshua E
19:45 31 Jan 17
CJ Guided my through different options and strategies for a half an hour on the phone without charging me a penny.He know a lot, but even better he admits what he doesn't know - refreshing and rare in the world of lawyers.He is leads and bounds above anyone else I have talked to regarding Amazon matters.
Marc P.
16:27 25 Jan 17
CJ and his firm are top notch. They know what they are doing and give you straight forward no non-sense advice. I appreciated not being charged for the initial consultation. The advice he will give you is highly valuable and worth every penny.I spent 17+ years as a CEO, dealt with many different attorneys, CJ is great!!
Jared S.
19:45 18 Jan 17
Found CJ's company online and I had initial conversation with him over the phone discussing the options I have over my suspended Amazon's account. He was very helpful and explained in details the different options I have for the suspended account. And most important of all was that this conversation did not cost me a penny and I had all this valuable advices given for free. Looking forward to work with CJ and his lawyer's firm.
18:28 14 Jan 17
After having some consultations with a few well known Amazon advisors we ended up using CJ and his team and their service and attentiveness was top notch! They took the time to put together a plan that helped us solve our issue and handled everything with great patience and professionalism. If you need help with Amazon, these are the people you want helping you.
Anthony M.
19:31 12 Jan 17
Extremely knowledgeable in the ways of dealing with amazon, along with professional strategies about the issue on my seller account. CJ contacted me immediately and Anthony diligently pushed through the issues until my issues was successfully resolved! Thanks!!!
Bart K.
16:11 30 Dec 16
CJ took my call after hours (8:30 pm) , spent the time listening and reading through my performance notification, advise me how he thinks I should proceed and did not charge me for the call. Thanks CJ
The Violet Shoppe S.
02:07 15 Nov 16
Extremely responsive just as other testimonials have said. Highly recommend CJ!
David N.
23:00 13 Nov 16
Received a no strings attached initial phone call personally from CJ. He seems to have a great understanding of a variety of different topics regarding your specific needs
Victor C.
20:57 30 Oct 16
I was very Satisfied with the work CJ did for us, he knows his stuff! he does not procrastinate and he got right to work, he picks up the phone and promptly replays to email.he is honest and very professionalwould recommend to all
S. R.
15:44 21 Oct 16
I called CJ's office at lunch time and talked to Nicole who was very sweet and polite and took down all my information and the issue I was having with Amazon. She told me I will be contacted shortly by a lawyer and that is exactly what happened within 30 minutes. Anthony handled and resolved my case quickly and he genuinely cared about helping out rather than dealing with me and my case in a cold and mechanical manner. As a small business owner, it is extremely reassuring to be dealt with in a personal, prompt and professional manner when facing a stressful situation. I can't thank them enough! I highly recommend them for their service, knowledge and legal expertise!
Kanwaljit K.
19:10 04 Oct 16
CJ was expectational to work with. He answered all of our questions, and gave us honest feedback regarding our case. We plan to use his firm for additional support with our active seller account on Amazon. I would highly recommend his team!
Angela R.
17:18 29 Sep 16
Simply the most enjoyable experience my company has ever had when dealing with a lawyer. Each question i had, i learned more about navigating the Amazon system. He is extremely knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the Amazon system. CJ is the true definition of a professional, not only was CJ on time with each response; but he made sure each question was taken care of down to the most minute detail. He is fun and enjoyable to work with, i know when my next issue comes up i will be calling CJ again.
shlomo R.
04:40 29 Sep 16
Upon inquiring with CJ and his firm we were pleasantly surprised when he called us back in the evening after we inquired via email that same day. He has been nothing but helpful and easy to work with. It is also apparent he knows his the law and amazon. He is our go to guy.
Site S.
08:25 28 Sep 16
CJ support is Great. I am happy to have decent chat session with him. Always Active and fast enough to respond.Helps me to understand different aspects on the problems we are facing and suggests us the solution and possibilities.Best part is he did not make false commitment and straight enough.Still working with him and wants to continueWe are glad to find him as a correct spot
Shweta G.
15:59 27 Sep 16
There is NO Price to "Peace of Mind". After speaking with CJ, I felt confident that if anyone were to help us solve our specific situation, CJ would be the one. There are many "consultants" out there that can provide you with tips based on their personal experiences, but CJ is a licensed attorney and there's no advice quite like legal advice.
Will C.
15:04 27 Sep 16
CJ has a very deep knowledge of how Amazon works. He returned my phones quickly and would do business with him in the future
15:49 26 Sep 16
The entire experience was a wonderful one. From the day we contacted CJ and Anthony till the end of the matter, they were most helpful and professional. They demonstrated a deep knowledge and understanding of Amazon policies and were able to provide the right advice for me. We are well pleased and will highly recommend their services to all Amazon sellers.
Peak P.
00:54 26 Sep 16
Awesome Service! I reached out via the website on a Friday night about my account being suspended and CJ emailed me back giving me his cell phone number to call him Saturday morning. He answered all my questions giving me good solid down to earth advice and potential solutions to my issue. Highly recommend if you looking for fast friendly and attentive service.
Paul A.
16:06 24 Sep 16
I called CJ with a problem on Amazon. He returned my call within the same day. CJ was very nice and he answered all of my question and offered me free consultation.
Phat O.
21:52 19 Sep 16
CJ Rosenbaum
CJ & Max Rosenbaum available to meet sellers
CJ Rosenbaum

“CJ Rosenbaum was outstanding! He provided very timely and actionable advice on product liability when I needed it most.”

Vernon Moore