CJ Rosenbaum is the founding Partner of Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com. Prior to focusing on suspended Amazon sellers and intellectual property issues, CJ’s professional history includes:

  • Litigating cases against some of the largest corporations in the world: McDonalds, Sears, Kentucky Fried Chicken, many insurance companies.
  • In NYC, obtaining redress for his clients against the NYPD, the NYC Housing Department, the NYC Health and Hospitals Corp., and other behemoths.
  • Representing clients in the internet, finance, health and entertainment industries.
  • Holding executive and leadership roles in the NYS Bar Association and the National American Association for Justice.
  • Teaching other lawyers how to try cases in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Maryland, Florida and Los Angeles.
CJ Rosenbaum - Amazon Sellers Lawyers
Thanks to Alexa ,Sarah and CJ for their high efficiency and efforts in our case handling.
23:28 11 May 21
Jenn McDonald of Rosenbaum Famularo & Segall, P.C. ( AmazonSellerLawyer.com ) promptly replied to my intake form with an email and called me in Hawaii with an honest, straight forward realistic assessment of my case. Very refreshing! Her boss CJ is a ROCKSTAR in my opinion for all he and his team does to help Amazon sellers. Mahalo
Bill S.
18:46 29 Apr 21
I had an issue with Amazon destroying some of our inventory. They would not reimburse our company and so we had to initiate arbitration against Amazon. I talked with CJ Rosenbaum who gave some excellent advice and helped guide us on some critical issues. I would strongly recommend him and his firm to any business in an arbitration case with Amazon.
John B.
02:42 21 Apr 21
It's Easter Holiday morning but CJ, partner of the firm, called me back to discuss about our case. They're really taking care of their clients.
All Seasons V
14:28 04 Apr 21
I would highly recommend this law firm. I worked with CJ Rosenbaum , Neil Flynn & Alexa Alers and their knowledge and guidance was very reassuring. I’m glad I had them in my corner and I would urge anyone looking for assistance in any of the issues they specialise in to contact them without any hesitation. You will be in safe hands. Thanks again to everyone at the firm for all your help. Regards, Vishal
Vishal P.
12:39 24 Mar 21
Got the best advice from this firm! CJ was extremely helpful on getting our Amazon FBA account reactivated from infringement.
22:14 23 Mar 21
Marisol was a rock star... She sensed our urgency, understood our situation and involved CJ at just the right time. You should confident in reaching out to this firm. We do and will again.
Calm R.
13:29 20 Mar 21
Spoke directly with CJ & literally within the first 5 minutes of our call he answered all my questions. Was able to reinstate my amazon account right after that conversation.
Shae S.
20:43 19 Mar 21
I am an Amazon seller and received several Vorys cease and desist letters. CJ provided a free consultation and it was great. He clearly explained who Vorys is and what they are doing. And he clearly explained our options. Also he just seemed like a nice guy with a good personality. I highly recommend getting in touch with CJ if you have received a Vorys cease and desist letter.
Michael L
18:20 16 Mar 21
These guys are phenomenal! It was my first time with a case and they were able to take care of my matter and deliver an exceptional result. Alexa Alers was very informative, friendly and communicative especially with answering any questions I had. Big shoutout to CJ, Marisol and Neil for guiding me and breaking things down further so I can understand what’s going on, and providing me helpful tips for the future. I was able to relax pretty much once they began working on it. If you need help for any roadblock selling on Amazon, definitely give them a call.
Joseph G.
18:08 15 Mar 21
Excellent service, highly recommend! CJ is awesome and supet helpful!
Ian N.
13:11 14 Mar 21
Without question, and think to yourself, how many law firm 'owners' pick up the phone, nevermind on a Saturday driving to an event with his kids to go skiing? Zero! I am having a difficult situation with a suspected seller posing as a buyer, who is working very hard to intimidate, hurt, and take me down. CJ picked up the phone, in a desperate attempt because Amazon seller support is all automated now - no one you can talk to. And in less than 10 minutes, CJ collected basic information and made me feel good that I have definite steps I can take to protect/defend me against this practice. He offered advice, no pressure to submit or file a case but offered a way I can take steps to protect myself without any charge! This does not happen today. So I can't say enough about this law firm. You need Amazon seller assistance? This is the firm to contact!
Dan M.
14:10 13 Mar 21
I spoke with CJ for a free 30 minute consultation and he offered great advice for my situation. I am an amazon seller with a suspended account and selling private label products. He was attentive and clear
Vincent K.
21:20 11 Mar 21
Thank you CJ for putting me in touch with Nicole Goldberg. I appreciate your help very much both of you! The consultation was free and very thorough. Thank you!
Ethan S.
20:17 08 Mar 21
Mr. CJ was very helpful and honest. His advice about how to deal with Amazon was valuable. I highly recommend.Let me say this about Amazon...The issues with Amazon (the percentage they take, the control over what you can sell/publish and what you can not, the lack of transparency, the creation and selling of similar books/products along side of your product - this is why it is so important to have a unique brand but even then Amazon will steal your hustle, very poor/lack of b2b customer support, and just the all-out disrespect showed by Amazon to individual sellers) made me go to a direct NOT SOLD IN STORES MODEL and I learned a completely different online business that is EASIER AND MORE PROFITABLE and way better than doing business with Amazon. In my opinion, after you give Amazon their cut and deal with their nonsense, it is simply not worth it. Plus, with one click of a button, you are completely done with Amazon. No matter how much time, energy, and effort you have invested with Amazon, you are done with a simple click! This click can be by an employee, Amazon, or even a competitor that has access to the Amazon brand system. I have created secrets to beating Amazon that exposes the dirty truth about selling on Amazon, a.k.a. working for Amazon since you are not really in business for yourself, you simply are working for Amazon if you do not create other ways to sell that can actually beat Amazon at their own game. If you are interested in these secrets and what business that I do that is WAY BETTER (Index and Forex Trading) and easier than dealing with Amazon, reply to this post and I will send you info. Anytime another business can SHUT YOUR BUSINESS DOWN WITH 1 CLICK; IT IS NOT WORTH IT!! No matter how many many people you can reach with Amazon, you are done with a simple click of a button. PERIOD.
Walter W.
19:02 03 Mar 21
CJ was very helpful in providing me guidance on a legal matter for my business. Will definitely contact him in the future for any other needs. Highly recommend this firm!
amanda C.
15:44 10 Feb 21
I use to work for CJ a few years ago in his office, it was amazing. I remember coming to work every day and feeling on top of the world, he allowed us to learn and grow on the job. He always was invested in helping us grow individually and as a team.
Greg G.
17:33 08 Feb 21
Highly recommended! CJ is very knowledgeable and provided a valuable consultation.
Websurge A.
20:46 08 Dec 20
As a Reliable Education Member from New Zealand, I was passed on CJ Rosenbaum's contact after trying to open an Amazon Seller Account for 12 months.Mr Rosenbaum graciously gave me some time free of charge to give me some suggestions and a plan forward to work through meeting Amazon's requirements.Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate your kind assistance !
Cy an Nomi W.
16:42 03 Dec 20
I was having a copyright issue concerning a counter-claimant on Amazon.com. After researching law firms who specialize in copyright law, I decided to call Rosenbaum Familaro, P.C. CJ Rosenbaum answered my call and immediately put me at ease. He knew my concerns and was so generous with his time in explaining my options and imparting rock solid advice. THIS is the law firm to go to if you need legal advice and/or representation in matters of copyright and intellectual property rights. Highly recommended!
Marty G.
04:00 03 Dec 20
I spoke with CJ and had a consultation. He gave great advice and gave me specific steps to follow. He said the consultation was free and I even tried to offer him money for his time and he said he just enjoyed helping and did not want the money. I am really appreciative of the advice given and will recommend to any one that needs helps!
Dustin K.
18:33 02 Dec 20
The most professional law firm working on Amazon issues.Received call back the same day On Black Friday after Thanksgiving.The Partners CJ Rosenbaum and Robert Seagall both reviewed my case and helped me to resolve my issues. AAAA+++++
Ron J.
21:47 27 Nov 20
Spoke to CJ directly. Great personality, easy to talk to.CJ is honest and doesn't beat around the bush about litigation options if you want to go that route.No upfront costs and he lays down any costs that you will need if you choose to go down that road.CJ provides you with pros and cons unlike other lawyers so that you can make your decision with confidence.If I every need a lawyer for my business, CJ is the guy to go to.
Tony A
21:57 23 Nov 20
CJ Rosenbaum
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CJ Rosenbaum

“CJ Rosenbaum was outstanding! He provided very timely and actionable advice on product liability when I needed it most.”

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