Inauthentic Suspensions on Amazon

Inauthentic item complaints on Amazon – What they are & how to appeal a suspension.

Inauthentic is a term loosely defined by Amazon that often confuses sellers who receive this type of complaint.

What is Amazon’s definition of inauthentic? According to seller policies, inauthentic items are not quite counterfeit. In the eyes of Amazon, inauthentic items are not completely fake, but they are part of a gray market category that can get quite complicated. This gray market can be hit or miss – regardless, when Amazon chooses to flag your item as potentially inauthentic, it means that the product has allegedly been purchased from a source that is not authorized to sell it.

In the eyes of Amazon, an inauthentic item is defined by where it is purchased by the seller.

Items purchased from any source other than the authorized manufacturer of the product are considered to be inauthentic – even if they are indeed the “real” brand name product.

Kerry McDonald, our most senior paralegal, (the first paralegal that Anthony and CJ hired) has found persuasive arguments that are working for sellers across the United States and also for sellers around the world. If you have an inauthentic suspension or complaint, get in touch with us, tell us what’s going on, we’ll guide you to help yourself or we can handle it for you.

Inauthentic vs. Counterfeit Product Complaints

Inauthentic items aren’t necessarily fake (although it’s possible for an item to be both inauthentic & counterfeit).

“Inauthentic” refers to a product that was not purchased from a good enough distributor.

“Counterfeit” refers to a product that is a fake (a knock off).

If an item is in question and a complaint is issued, you will be required to provide proof of purchase to the seller performance team to show that you purchased your items from an authorized seller or at least one that passes Amazon’s unknown standards.

It is common knowledge that Amazon often refuses to accept receipts that fail to identify the product, and also dislikes liquidators and other resellers where it is difficult to identify where your distributor obtained the products.

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Why Do Customers File Inauthentic Item Complaints?

Buyer Mistake:

Sometimes, complaints are simply misplaced by your buyer. This leaves you, as a seller, in a frustrating position. Your products are 100% authentic, but the customer has made the complaint regardless. If you cannot discover why someone left the complaint, you will need to demonstrate in your plan of action where you bought your items.

Inconsistent Packaging:

You may be selling authentic products, but perhaps the packaging is inconsistent with the customer’s expectations. Some buyers reported inauthentic items due to a perceived difference between the product on Amazon and the one they received. While this should be filed as a “Not as Advertised” complaint, it is now your job to correct your packing mistakes and prove the authenticity of your product: show Amazon where you purchased your products.

Product Looks Similar:

Another reason for inauthentic complaints is that your product looks similar to another brand name product, and customers believe you are selling a knock off. It is once again your responsibility to correct your product descriptions so that the customers are not easily confused, as well as prove the authenticity of your product.

An inauthentic suspension is the #1 reason for an account getting suspended and the #1 reason for a seller to lose a listing (ASIN) or a group of ASINs.

Inauthentic means Amazon wants to see where you’re sourcing your products from. It doesn’t necessarily mean counterfeit. You need to be able to show where you source your products from, show an internet presence of that source, submit invoices that have a whole bunch of things on it. Then you also want to be able to track your source of goods back to the manufacturer, and that could also be done in countless ways. If you receive an inauthentic suspension, whether it’s a listing suspension or an account suspension, there are literally dozens of ways to skin the cat to get your account back and get your listings back.

If you’ve been suspended on Amazon, contact us for a free consultation: 1-877-9-SELLER.

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Read some of our amazing reviews from reinstated Amz sellers:

William M.
William M.
16:23 16 Dec 19
My asin was suspended for inauthenticity and product safety issue; Kerry, Shuffle and Bruce patiently analyzed the case, and followed up with several POAs, it’s amazing they dealt with the issue one by one; finally my Asin got reinstated; it’s really so professional team; has been working with them since 2016; highly recommended, they are the choice for you.
Monica H.
Monica H.
00:10 18 Feb 19
Amazon Seller's Lawyers is amazing, I am so blessed to have found them. They helped me get my account reinstated from an inauthentic claim. I was devastated and wasn't sure will I get it back. I worked with Kerry, Travis and Anthony and they were all SO knowledgeable, experienced, and highly professional. They really know what they are doing and know Amazon really well. I am so happy that they exist, they will have your back and help you when something goes wrong. I am so happy and grateful and can't thank them enough. Thank you for existing. And Thank you CJ for all of your informative videos! I learned so much from you. You guys rock.
Eun Jung K.
Eun Jung K.
14:23 27 Sep 18
Our account was suspended for inauthentic complaints from customer.
Chitagam Saluja, Kerry and Travis worked for us as a team and the result was great. Our account was finally reinstated yesterday.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the team for all the care and concern the team have shown me. I really appreciate the help through out the whole process. Thank you!
Costa D.
Costa D.
00:17 31 Jul 18
My account was suspended due to inauthentic complaints. Anthony and his team had me back up and running in no time. I was skeptical at first in case this was fake or a scam, but they proved to be true professionals! I'm very happy I called them and I will call them again if I need to...!
Kimberly S.
Kimberly S.
20:50 31 Aug 17
On 08/29/2017 my Amazon selling privileges were Suspended (inauthentic product claim) ! I asked a few other sellers for advise & referrals.... I did my own research via Facebook and YouTube. Decided to call the Law office of C J Rosenbaum & Famularo, I spoke with Brett and Anthony Famularo. Anthony was very knowledgeable and knew the Amazon rules. He took ALL of the needed info. wrote a P.O.A. (plan of action) and guided me to submit it through my sellers e-mail account.
*3 HRS. after submitting the POA I received notice from Amazon, "I WAS OFFICIAL REINSTATED" Tears of gratitude rolled down my face.
I would like to mention, I am completely dyslectic and do not feel confident that I could of done this on my own.
Thank you Anthony Famularo

New sellers getting killed with inauthentic suspensions.

We’re seeing a rise in new sellers who finally get past the verification issues and then boom.. immediately getting hit with an inauthentic. When it comes to inauthentic, there is no intellectual property complaint from a brand. No one has accused you of anything. Amazon, on its own volition, is going after sellers.

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private label products

Inauthentic suspensions have historically been the number one cause of Amazon sellers getting their listing suspended and Amazon sellers temporarily losing their accounts.

If you get an inauthentic claim, you need to submit an invoice. Don’t redact anything. Don’t put any handwriting on it. Hopefully, the source will answer the phone calls from Amazon and all the information regarding you as the purchaser matches your Amazon account. Good invoices lead to quick reinstatement and even though it doesn’t make much sense, you have to submit a short, concise well-drafted plan of action.