How Amazon Sellers Limit the Amount of Complaints on their Accounts

Every day, we’re asked by different Amazon sellers how they can limit the amount of complaints they receive on Amazon. Well, there’s things you can do, but in truth, you’re always vulnerable to a possible complaint. That’s just the way the Amazon platform is structured.

So, let’s take ‘used sold as new’ for today. There are many instances where a buyer will get a package and it’s damaged, where they think that it’s a used item because it’s not in the interior / exterior packaging that they expect. So what can you do with this? Well, one idea may be to take the packaging that the manufacturer gave you and switch it to a better packaging that you may have. You’re thinking you’re doing good by your buyer. You’ll get less complaints if that was the case.

Well, if you think about it, that may not be the case. You’re covered under the first sale doctrine in most cases, if you’re a reseller. That means if you sell the same product in the same condition and the same packaging, in most cases, you’re covered by the first sale doctrine, which lets you resell those items. Now, if you’re changing the packaging, you take yourself off of that umbrella of the first sale doctrine and leave yourself open to different types of complaints.

So, if you’re changing the packaging, that may not be the best thing.

You also may get an inauthentic complaint about that, because if you’re getting a package as a buyer from your manufacturer, and you’re going to get a package from you, they’re going to be different. The customer may think they’re inauthentic. So what’s the best thing to do? I would call up your supplier / manufacturer and tell them there’s an issue with the packaging, and see if you could work together to come up with something better. It’s in their interest to have the package go to the buyer and not have any complaints and not fall apart.

Try to work with them to better the customer experience.

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