Breaking News for Amazon Sellers: Zantac recalled by the FDA, Amazon shipment suspensions, Plans of Action for 72 Hour Notices on Price Gouging, IP Complaints in Foreign Marketplaces

Zantac, the heartburn medication, recalled by the FDA.

Zantac has been under investigation by lawyers for about a year or so. It’s causing injuries to people all over the world but it’s still showing up on Amazon. If you are an Amazon seller who is selling Zantac, stop immediately.

Amazon shipment suspensions continue to plague sellers.

FedEx, UPS, Amazon itself, USPS… all of the couriers are having problems. Amazon Prime has extended its shipping dates. Amazon shipment suspensions are a huge problem right now. Make sure you are leaving enough time so the consumer gets your product EARLY. It is always better to be an hour early than a minute late.

Plans of Action for Amazon 72 Hour Notices on Price Gouging

Amazon sellers are getting their legs cut off with price gouging suspensions. Now, Amazon is giving sellers 72 hours to get a Plan of Action in place. If you need help with writing a POA, we are here for sellers 7 days a week.

IP Complaints in Foreign Marketplaces

Over the past few months, we’ve seen huge brands stepping up their game to make false complaints against Amazon sellers. Now, those same brands are doing it in foreign marketplaces. I strongly suggest sellers get into the UK, Germany, and Japan. You need to know that there’s different intellectual property laws in each country. Watch your accounts like a hawk.