A seller was selling supplements just for men and received an inauthentic account suspension.

He was buying the legitimate, name brand products directly from the manufacturer and had all his invoices.

He spoke with our director of client relations, Brett Sondike, who took down all the information the seller had. Brett offered to help the seller help himself, but the seller was uncomfortable writing his own Plan of Action, so he hired us, Rosenbaum Famularo, PC.

Paralegal Vincent Famularo, along with other members of our staff, worked collaboratively with the seller to find out about the supplements and exactly how the business was operated. The reason for this interaction is that nobody will know your business better than you do. No one can write a great Plan of Action for you unless they are working with you. Therefore, this interaction is vital to help reinstate your account.

Vincent wrote a Plan of Action, then sent it back to the seller so they could review it together to make edits. At that point, it was reviewed by one of our attorneys and was again sent back to the seller with specific instructions on where to send the plan.

The seller submitted the Plan of Action and the account was reinstated on the first try. His account was back up and running, supporting himself, his family, and his employees.

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