Recently, we had a client who received an inauthentic ASIN suspension. They were sourcing their products directly from Marshalls and had receipts for the shoes that they were selling on Amazon.

Our client received inauthentic complaints for 4 ASINs.

On Amazon, ‘inauthentic’ means that the product is not as the customer expected.

The ASINs were all different brands of shoes that were sold at Marshalls. Amazon will accept retail receipts, but they need to be sufficiently detailed. Amazon wasn’t able to verify the products on the receipt, as the receipts simply stated ‘men’s shoes’, so they weren’t able to identify the specific ASINs.

Many suppliers are willing to work to help their customers’ business; make sure yours is willing to work with you.

Since the ASINs were already taken down, we had to call up the Marshall’s where our client sourced the products from and get approval from one of the representatives that our client did in fact source the products from their store.


We were able to explain this to Amazon by drafting an appeal, and ultimately the account was reinstated.

We go the extra mile to help sellers.

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