What Belongs in a Letter of Intent when Selling an Amazon Business?

Hi, everyone. My name is David Miller. I manage our Business Law For Sellers department here at Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

I wanted to discuss a bit today selling your business and what the first step is.

Now, the first step, you should always try and get what’s called a letter of intent. It’s typically a non-binding agreement, but it makes sure that the buyer that you’re dealing with is actually serious about the deal.

If you don’t have one signed, I would not solely work with that potential buyer, I would also shop around. I would see if other buyers are interested because there’s a good chance that if they’re not willing to sign a letter of intent, they may not actually be serious.

Sometimes, this also includes a small deposit to make sure that that party is actually serious.

If you have any specific questions about what else belongs in a letter of intent, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-9-SELLER. Thank you.

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