Amazon Seller Suspension Insurance: CJ Rosenbaum (Amazon Sellers Lawyer) interviews Costa Kleoni (NAS Insurance) = Amazon Seller Suspension Insurance

Giving sellers confidence to get back up and running from a suspension as fast as possible.

Interested in costs? It’s based off of projected gross sales of each Amazon seller. Covering gross sales, less costs of goods sold, less Amazon fees.

When does coverage kick in? 5 days from when a suspension occurs.

Suspended on Amazon?

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Defending Online Sellers’ Rights

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, the law firm behind can assist you in discovering the issues within your Seller account that caused your Amazon account suspension. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of your Seller account, identify the underlying issues, and figure out how to address each of them before we complete your Plan of Action and get your account reinstated.

“Amazon Sellers don’t need to live in fear of policy violations, buyer complaints, and account suspensions any longer. Amazon Sellers now have a lawyer on their side to address these issues from a legal perspective, utilizing the law to pursue lost profit caused by an account suspension.”

Focused on Amazon Sellers

Before CJ Rosenbaum’s law firm was founded, Amazon Sellers had only one option for assistance in getting their account reinstated: non-lawyers who lack the education, expertise, and resources needed to defend a client against Amazon policies. These consultants also lack the X factor that CJ provides as a licensed attorney: the legal obligation to maintain your privacy.

CJ’s Background and Experience in Law and E-Commerce

CJ RosenbaumCJ’s tech background includes membership in the New York New Media Association (NYNMA), a group of young entrepreneurs who recognized the commercial power of the web. It was founded in 1994 to support and promote the ‘new media’ industry in New York City. In 1996, CJ bought shares of Apple for $22 and $24 a share.

Since starting his practice in 1994, CJ has represented entrepreneurs who operate both online and brick & mortar businesses. CJ is also a courtroom lawyer and litigator. He has represented people across the United States, has taken countless depositions, and tries more cases each year than most lawyers do during their entire careers.