Amazon Sellers News 11/18/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: VORYS Representing Nestle, Related Amz Accounts & Unresolved IP Complaints & other news.

VORYS Representing Nestle

We are talking baby formula, cookies, water, chocolate, tons, and tons of products. If you are selling anything that is owned by Nestle, anything with Nestle’s trademark and you receive a VORYS threatening letter, you must get in touch with us. Most of the claims, they assert, are absolutely baseless. From time to time, we see their letters and the claims may have some validity, you need to know the difference, but please contact us. We want to take on VORYS. We are just looking for the right seller with the right claim of VORYS Representing Nestle.

Related accounts and how they’re going along with verification issues.

New sellers in particular, as you are creating your account, you have to have documents that match. The address must match. Your credit cards must match. Everything’s got to be lined up. If something happens with your verification issue and you go on and you open up another account, start all over again, you’re going to get caught and everything’s going to shut down. It’s going to take you much, much longer to get your business off the ground. This is under the new terms of service, business verifications linked with related accounts. We’re getting tons of calls, chats, and emails about it.

Inauthentic suspensions and Amazon enforcing the rights of brands without any complaint from the brand at all.

If you receive any of these notices, whether it’s under a 72-hour notice, a suspension, or just a warning under the new TOS, take it very, very seriously and provide the sourcing information for your products. Show that it is, in fact, genuine. The best receipts, the best invoices you can use can be linked all the way back to the manufacturer and contain phone numbers that Amazon staff can call and confirm that you sourced your products from them.

Unresolved intellectual property rights complaints that are preventing reinstatement.

Now we always, always, always have told sellers, deal with IP complaints as they come in. Get retractions before it’s an emergency. What’s going on again is what went on about two years ago around the fourth of July, where you have multiple IP complaints. Amazon notifies you of the latest one that your account goes down, but the reality is, they’re not reinstating you until you resolve more than one, until you get the majority or at least a significant portion of those complaints retracted. You need to address IP complaints as they come in for the long term health of your Amazon business.

The genius of Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Let’s first talk about all the money that Amazon gets to use interest free. If you have been suspended, Amazon is using your money interest free. If you have an IP compliant, they’re keeping your money interest free. If you have to take Amazon to arbitration, they’re using your money interest free. And all the accounts that go down with minimal amounts of money, money that’s not worth taking them to arbitration on, the $5,000.00, the $10,000.00 to $15,000.00, they get to use and/or keep all that money interest free. The same thing goes with inventory. How would you like to get inventory absolutely free? Well Amazon does it and it seems like they do it every single day of the week, where they miss log in inventory you’ve sent in, where they’ve accused you of selling counterfeit products, but your products are still being sold online. Amazon is getting inventory absolutely free in many, many situations. We represented one vendor where Amazon obtained close to two million dollars of inventory and sold it, without any cost, because they kept it for free.

So does Jeff Bezos need your money? Does Amazon need your money? I think he has enough, between the Washington Post, his own space program, Amazon has enough money and you should not allow them to keep yours for free. Arbitrations are how you compel Amazon to return your inventory, how you get an order compelling Amazon to release your money.