Velocity Suspensions Skyrocketing Due to a Surge in Sales for Amazon Sellers

Velocity suspensions are absolutely through the roof.

Velocity suspensions are where the sales of your product start to skyrocket faster than Amazon’s algorithms expect them to.

It could be for a brand new product or a brand new listing, and it could also be for products you’ve been selling for a long time. If there is a sudden surge in the amount of consumers buying your products, you may get flagged on one of Amazon’s reports that the velocity seems off.

That ASIN specified will get suspended. It’s usually not an account suspension. Usually it’s just one ASIN or a group of ASINs where sales are taking off. Then you need to explain to Amazon in a well-written, persuasive, concise plan of action why your product is taking off.

It could be money that you’re spending on pay-per-click with Amazon or off Amazon. It could be other legitimate ways that you’re growing the sales of that product. The main thing you need to do is to show Amazon why the sales of your particular product are taking off faster than most products take off.

Watch out for velocity suspensions, know how to handle them in advance. Bringing you the latest information every day of what you need to know to continue to crush it on Amazon, especially in Q4.

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For additional information on velocity suspensions on Amazon:

We had sellers reinstated who suffered from velocity issues. Velocity is when the sales of your product just takes off, and it triggers Amazon’s algorithm, which spits out a report, which causes sellers’ accounts to go down, Keep an eye on your account. If your sales are skyrocketing, you may want to reel it in a bit to avoid a velocity suspension.

An important thing about documentation (this is brand new, we’ve only had a handful of cases about this) is where Amazon is requesting import and export documents for your products. We’ve seen this when it comes to velocity suspensions. I don’t know why. If this is a new wrinkle, there’s something new that Amazon is looking for. I don’t know if they’re doing this to try and identify products that Amazon wants to start to sell, and compete against you.

Integrated Inventory Management: Inventory management and calculations are time consuming, but they are a crucial part of your account. Overselling, selling out, overstocking, and understocking all cost money. Completely selling out of a product means that you instantly lose traction with Amazon sales velocity, and your product page rank will drop. Integrating strong cross-channel and multi-warehouse inventory management can help you organize your inventory data, so that you spend less time calculating stock levels, setting reorder points, or preparing for and preventing out of stock events.

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