CJ Rosenbaum and Dana Rodriguez, one of our key paralegals, discussing her top 5 tips for used sold as new suspensions for booksellers.

Used Sold as New Suspensions for Booksellers:

#1. CHOOSE SUPPLIERS WISELY: One of the cases we had was that our client was getting books from a used online vendor of books. He was then selling the books as new. He had received a bunch of buyer complaints.

#2. KNOW THE CONDITION GUIDELINES: Amazon has condition guidelines specifically for books. It has an option to write out what you can write the condition under.

#3. DON’T SOURCE AT USED BOOK STORES: With this particular case as well, going forward, we said that he would just sell his books as used. The entire account was suspended. One of the things we argued was that he is going to start selling books solely as used.

#4. REFUND DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS: Refund or replace to restore your listings. We call this our immediate corrective action for sellers to take. We tell sellers to refund the money and let them keep the item.

#5. SWITCH MAIL CARRIERS: If the items are being received as damaged, switch the mail carrier that you use. A lot of the time this is the reason for damaged goods from sellers. Shipping and packaging is vital.

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