How we appealed a Used Sold as New packaging suspension

Another great win for the Rosenbaum Famularo, PC team! In this Used Sold as New packaging suspension case, the products sold were being labelled as: “Not as Advertised; Damaged, Defective; Missing/Incomplete Items Received.”

Amazon Packaging Issue Reinstated with Amazon Sellers Lawyer

We review a variety of metrics and parts of Amazon seller accounts to determine the possible root cause of an issue.

There were many root causes to be found in this case. In order to identify the actual legal issue, we really had to dive deep and look into the order ID messages to see what the customers were complaining about.

Fortunately, there were many complaints stating that packaging was an issue; some customers received orders in open boxes with the tape being either ripped or torn.

Even if a third party seller has little influence over an event, Amazon will often still hold them accountable for all issues.

We had to show Amazon that these items were manufactured in new condition. Luckily, our client did his due diligence and utilized good sourcing practices in which he had invoices from the manufacturer.

When writing to Amazon, it is important to show active measures to resolve the issue in a succinct manner.

We conveyed all those ideas in a thorough manner to Amazon. In our appeal, we informed Amazon that our client was going to double down on packaging, using materials such as air pillows and bubble wrap to protect the items while in transit.

Amazon saw that this seller was willing to reform their business practices and reinstated the account.

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