“Used Sold As New” Amazon Product Suspensions

What to do if suspended on Amazon and how to prevent this from happening to you.

Too often we have individuals that provide us with invoices Amazon will not accept.

Amazon will not accept Google docs, Microsoft word products, Excel sheets, Pro Forma invoices. When you are vetting your supplier, you want to make sure that they are able to give you a detailed commercial invoice. This, first and foremost, will protect you from ever receiving a “used sold as new” notification.

With that being said, on this invoice you want to have as much detail as possible about the products that you are selling. You want to have detailed lines, product codes, SKU numbers, any type of identifier to make it known that this product was purchased from an authorized retailer and that it is in fact new.

“Used Sold As New” Amazon Product Suspensions

Amazon’s Definition of, “New” :

It’s important to look it up, read it, know it. Your definition of new may be different than theirs. The definitions can be construed based on what information is provided on the detail pages and images.

With Amazon’s definition of new, these products have to match exactly. They have to be manufactured new. They have to be in the original packaging, and that packaging and product/s have to match the listing page exactly. If any of the images, even if the packaging has been updated, and an Amazon customer buys a brand new product that’s in a different package, that can get you a “used sold as new” notification.

So always make sure that you verify the listing pages: check that all the images and the product you are selling matches the listing page for that product exactly.

It’s not always going to be exactly your fault. Sometimes you can do everything in the world to prevent this from happening and you can still get this notification.

At Rosenbaum Famularo, if you should get to a point where your listing or account is suspended, we can help you get back on track. We can investigate these matters for you, find out what happened, put together corrected actions for you and future preventative matters to ensure that Amazon sees these issues will not reoccur in the future. Then we can get your account reinstated and get you back to selling as quickly as possible.

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