Customers Leaving Negative Reviews on ASINs – Amazon Seller Suspensions – Used Sold as New 72 Hour Suspensions

In this case, our client was facing a 72 hour suspension, which their account within three days was going to be suspended.

This was specifically for used sold as new products, about six or seven of their listings were flagged as used sold as new.

In used sold as new cases, customers leave negative feedback. In our case, it was electronic accessories / devices. Some were smartphones, others were speaker devices and speaker stands. Here, the customer said that the products were broken or didn’t work correctly or didn’t work for long periods of time.

We outlined in our plan of action how these products were going to be thoroughly inspected, how our client was going to use fulfillment by Amazon to make sure that the products are shipped carefully. Also, we provided invoices which showed the correct suppliers and the authorized distributors for these products. Again, a lot of these products were brand name such as Apple or Samsung so we were sure to show Amazon evidence that everything was sourced correctly and there were no counterfeits or used products being shipped to customers.

It’s always good to keep valid proof of authenticity, invoices and receipts to show Amazon where you source products.

We were able to keep the client’s accounts still active even after the 72 hour deadline. I’m happy that they’re up and running still, and that the used sold as new complaints are cleared from their accounts.

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