Updating Order Management Software and Amazon FBM Suspensions

Hello Amazon sellers, my name is Jacques Lavaud, paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC. I’m going to talk to you about one of my most recent successes.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer - Jacques LavaudSo back in March of 2020, one of our clients received an FBM suspension notification due to his late shipment confirmation exceeding the 4% threshold.

What happened was that our client was using order management software that had a hiccup. After having this hiccup, he was working on getting the software back online, but unbeknownst to him, orders were still going through and he wasn’t able to fulfill these orders in time, thus causing this late shipment confirmation issue.

So one thing that we advised him to do going forward is to make sure to deactivate the listing if you plan to make any updates to your auto-management software. We went through the appeal process multiple times, spanning over five months. We ultimately wrote a letter to Amazon’s legal department. They reviewed it and his account was reinstated.

So why did I mention a case from March of 2020? Well, oftentimes we have clients that get concerned or impatient because they don’t see any progress being done. I’m saying this to serve as an example to show that even though sometimes it may take a long time to get your account reinstated, it is still possible.

Patience and perseverance is everything you need in order to appeal with Amazon if suspended after updating order management software.


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