Many sellers forget to respond to Intellectual Property (IP) complaints.

It is very important to tackle IP complaints as they come in because unresolved intellectual property complaints will negatively affect your account health.

We go through each complaint and reach out to the complainants. Each letter that is drafted will be overseen by an attorney. Our paralegals will put together a draft, then one of our attorneys will review it to ensure that every legal argument presented is legitimate before it gets sent out.

If the complainant is unresponsive, we then draft a Plan of Action for Amazon Notice-Dispute.

We try to do whatever our clients want and try to fight for them in whatever way they prefer.

In this particular case, the client was adamant that they wanted to try to get a retraction. We tried to find alternative measures, different contacts, find other ways that we could force the complainants to respond. In this case, the client was right; we hounded the complainant. When we finally got in contact with the complainant, we discovered that the letters had been going to their spam folder.

Once they realized what was going on and got their hands on the letter, it wasn’t long before the seller got a retraction. Our client was buying from an authorized distributor and there was no issue at all, the complaint was immediately retracted.

When sellers feel that they cannot get a retraction, remember that it’s not the end of the road. We can continue to fight for you until we get a retraction, which is what we do every day. We don’t stop until we get that retraction.

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