HUGE WIN: One of our European clients offered Apple products such as tablets, iPhones, MacBooks, etc. A few of their listings got hit with a ‘Used Sold as New’ complaint on each Amazon EU platform.

In preparation for writing a plan of action for a ‘Used Sold as New’ complaint, we looked at the root cause of the case. Additionally, we reviewed the invoices that were provided by our client, and did a thorough background investigation on the supplier.

We learned that the supplier had sourced used iPads and other Apple products. Amazon caught wind of this and suspended the accounts. We also discovered that customers were very displeased that the products they had ordered were not received in Apple manufactured packaging.

Being that our client was very savvy he came up with this idea to work towards eligibility for Amazon’s Renewed Refurbished program. In this particular program, a seller with great metrics is able to join and sell their devices or listings as refurbished rather than simply just used. This allowed our client to continue to sell his merchandise without penalty.

With that added protection, our seller would be able to correctly list these products. In our appeal, we made it very clear to the Amazon France and UK teams that our client, the seller, was going to correctly list these products. We provided the invoices from the supplier and our client was reinstated in no time.

At Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind, we pride ourselves on our collaborative work environment.

Our college-educated staff works together with our clients to create the best possible plan of action to get their suspended accounts reinstated.

The reason we work alongside our clients and ask for their input as we help clear their issues is that no one knows a business better than the person running it. Only a fool would write a plan of action without asking the business owner to collaborate. Our goal is to help get our client’s accounts up and running as soon as possible so they can continue to make money to support their families and employees.

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