Amazon Seller Inside Information: Winning Plan of Action for Trademark Complaint on Bundled Product Listing

Amazon Seller Inside Information: trademark complaints.

In this specific seller’s case, the listing at issue was a bundled product detail page. So although bundles are allowed on the Amazon platform, they need to be created the correct way and need to include the correct information. So although our client didn’t create this listing, our client joined the listing that was created by the rights owner to offer those particular products.

The product was a bundle of teabags, as well as honey sticks. Our client sources their product directly from an authorized distributor, and we were able to show that with the invoices. So after this listing went down and our client’s account was flagged, we reached out to the rights owner, but unfortunately the rights owner never responded to us.

So we were able to show this to Amazon, and after providing Amazon with the information, they responded to our client saying that the complaint was filed on our client’s account on accident. Our client was very happy that the listing was back up and they were able to continue selling. Sometimes Amazon will mistakenly take down a listing just to side with the rights owner, even if our client is not in the wrong.

It’s always important to make sure you have invoices / receipts, or something that will show that the products are authentic. You’re always joining the correct listings, not joining duplicates, or listings that are for bundles that are not in compliance with Amazon’s policies. Just try to always look into the complaint and make sure this is actually a baseless complaint or filed against our account because we are in violation.

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