TOP TIPS for Sellers Preparing to SUCCESSFULLY Sell Products on AMAZON

This is Brett Sondike with Amazon Sellers Lawyer. I’ve been playing competitive volleyball, up and down the East Coast of the USA for decades. I won around 10 tournaments and I’m going to compare my success on the court to your success on the Amazon platform. Let’s take this conversation inside..

Number one, getting in shape before I even enter the event. I’m going to hit the weight room and do my cardio. For sellers, we search the Amazon platform. Being a seller is going to be tougher than you think.

Number two, for me, I need to know the rules I enter before I enter the tournament. For you, you need to know the rules inside out. They’re specified in the Business Solutions Agreement. That’s commonly known as the BSA. Read it thoroughly.

Number three, for me, time to enter the event. For you, you need to make sure your verification documents are in order. Set up a relationship with a supplier who sells authentic products. Build your distribution network.

Number four, for me, now it’s time to set a game plan, not only for next point, but the game and the whole event. For sellers, have a short, medium or long term goals and strategies put in place. Lay them out before your first sale and you have to adjust them when needed.

Number five, I’m not going to win every point or every game, consistency is a hallmark of a winner. For sellers with consistent sales and diverse inventory, you can make a great living off the Amazon platform.

Number six, I play to win, but I play fair. If you’re serious about selling Amazon, stay within the rules. It will cost you more in the long run if you try to take shortcuts and you may permanently lose your right to sell on Amazon.

Number seven, treat your teammates and opponents with respect. That’s what I always do. For you, treat your staff and other sellers with respect. Nothing more needs to be said about that.

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