Seller vs. Seller Dirty Tricks – Tips for Amazon Sellers Dealing with Litigation Matters

Just because you can sue somebody doesn’t mean that you should.

What I want Amazon sellers to know is that you’re often victimized by other sellers doing dirty tricks against you and even brands making baseless complaints.

While you have every right to sue them to recover every last penny, what you need to know is that sometimes litigation is not worthwhile. Often, litigation is only good for the lawyers.

Here’s what I believe you need to do and what every lawyer should do when it’s a business matter.

Number one, identify how much money you are losing and the amount of money that you’re losing, the amount of money that you hope to regain in court, the amount of money you want to win in court has to be a lot more than the cost of going to court.

We always look for 5X as a bare minimum. If the litigation’s going to cost you $10,000, I want to know that we’re going to win $50,000 at the end of the day and that you can and actually collect your winnings. If you sue and you spend 10 to get 10, you have lost money, you’ve lost time and that lawyer really hasn’t done the right thing for you.

So if you are thinking about litigation, do it as a business matter. Every time you hire a lawyer for a business matter, it should result in a profit, just like an investment in anything else that pertains to your business. Don’t let any lawyer rush you into court. Court, legal fees, consultation fees, all of this stuff is only worthwhile on litigation matters if it is anticipated to result in a profit for you.

Don’t let any lawyer talk you into suing unless it’s anticipated to result in a big profit for you/your business.

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