CJ Rosenbaum and Sal, one of our awesome paralegals, talks to you about a third party courier that caused a late shipment suspension.


The case Sal just worked on was that of an experienced Amazon seller who was merchant fulfilled and suspended for his prime privilege because just one order was delayed due to other services that he had. The tracking and shipping has to be spot on if he wants to keep that Amazon prime account. In this case, the seller is using a courier company. The facility had an issue with the scanning because there was a delay for the order to the customer.

After reviewing their account, we came up with a plan. The seller accepted responsibility for the courier, changed couriers, changed frequency of order pickups, and added multiple couriers to protect consumers from late shipments.

This was another huge success from our team working together in a collaborative work environment in Long Beach, NY. Sellers who hire us get the benefit of an entire team working together: Nothing is outsourced.

POA’s for a late shipment suspension should include:

  • Immediate Corrective Action
  • Identify the Issue
  • Changes Make to Contract Issue Phrased in a Positive Manner
  • Do Not Generally Admit Fault or Violation

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