“My name is Luis. I was sued by a brand and CJ Rosenbaum got me out of court for a cheaper and faster settlement. I would recommend him to all Amazon and general sellers. Thank you CJ!”

We help sellers all over the world. We help sellers with intellectual property issues. We help defend private label issues. We also help with a ton of suspensions all over the world.

One of the things we do is we represent sellers against Amazon if they refuse to reinstate your account or refuse to give you back your money or inventory. The way we do that is by filing an arbitration against Amazon with the American Arbitration Association. That is probably one of the best parts of your contract with Amazon is that while you can’t go to court, you can take Amazon to arbitration.

The way to take Amazon to arbitration logistically is by filing a Demand for Arbitration and that gets filed with the American Arbitration Association and also gets sent to a very particular address that Amazon has on file to receive these documents. Once you file, Amazon responds. The next thing that happens is Triple A will send you a list of potential arbitrators.

Amazon Law LibraryAmazon Law Library: Volume 1

This book is intended to be a “bible” of all legal issues surrounding Amazon and the use of its online platform.

Containing summaries of nearly every case Amazon has litigated within the past several years, the book is written in everyday terms to make the material accessible to anyone, whether they have a legal background or not.

Anyone who wishes to become a seller on the Amazon platform must agree to Amazon’s conditions of use. The conditions for sellers are extremely strict, and Amazon takes their enforcement very seriously. The terms of this agreement are complex, but Amazon has put them in place in order to promote the maintenance of a safe marketplace for consumers, sellers, and manufacturers alike. However, Amazon often reacts harshly towards sellers who violate this agreement in order to protect themselves.

The Amazon platform is unpredictable in the way it handles issues with sellers, so it is important to be prepared. When a seller has been suspended by Amazon, their reinstatement is handled on a case by case basis.

By purchasing this book, you are already taking a step towards bettering your Amazon business and/or understanding the complex issues surrounding the Amazon platform. Amazon has been involved in far more legal issues than many people realize.

We hope this book helps anyone involved with the Amazon platform to educate themselves, avoid problems, and maximize their success as an online entrepreneur.