“I just retained CJ’s firm today actually… Called them to represent me in an Amazon case. Got a call back on the first day from Jason… super knowledgeable guy… works for CJ… and he actually was able to explain to me all the fees that were involved, the procedure, all we would have to go through… timelines, and actually gave me realistic expectations. What I liked the most was the fees were set fees. I have had lawyers in the past where it’s an hourly rate, and next thing you know you’ve got thousands of dollars in bills. So that was actually what attracted me the most. He said CJ will be back in the country in a week and would give me a call potentially on Friday. Literally got a call back that same day. Didn’t charge me for any of his time… When I talked with CJ today… very impressed… super charismatic guy, he’s a trial lawyer so I definitely felt like this is somebody who is going to be able to talk to a judge… and a confident go-getter and someone who would fight for me. Super excited to be with the firm and feeling really good about how this is going to go.”

If you NEED HELP writing your PLAN OF ACTION, or getting your ACCOUNT / ASINs back, please contact us 1-877-9-Seller.

Reasons to hire us? Read below:

1. Confidentiality: Anything you tell us, we only use to help your account / ASINs back online. You have the benefit of the attorney-client confidentiality rule of law where we cannot use your information for any other purpose, other than to help you, and that is absolutely vital. We don’t sell anything at all and anyone who works for us, anywhere around the world, isn’t allowed to be a seller at all.

2. We have full time staff in beautiful Long Beach, NY consisting of college-educated Americans who have been trained by us. They have been trained for intellectual property issues, how to write Plans of Action, working in a collaborative environment to figure out what’s going to be best for your account and get you reinstated. We try to get you back in business as soon as possible.

3. Unlike any other company out there, CJ cross-examines witnesses during arbitrations against Amazon. Many sellers don’t realize this, but if Amazon tells you to go jump in a lake, and they refuse to treat you fairly, refuse to reinstate your account or refuse to give you back inventory or release your money, you have the right to take them to arbitration. We use the information we have to get sellers back online.

4. Every single Plan of Action is reviewed by an attorney to make sure the writing is precise, the facts are right, and to make sure the most persuasive Plan of Action is put together for you.

5. Read cases about our success. You can see our many testimonials and case studies in any one of the 700+ reviews on Facebook, Google, or Web Retailer.

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