When Amazon suspends your account or knocks out your ASIN, try to work things out amicably with Amazon – it is by far the better way to go, and faster / cheaper. However, from time to time, Amazon unfairly says no and they won’t reinstate your ASIN, they won’t give you back your money, they won’t give you back your inventory, they won’t reinstate your account.

When the company refuses to reinstate your account / ASIN or give you back your inventory, you have the right to take Amazon to arbitration.

Every single arbitration has confidentiality built into it.

We represent 75% of sellers that take Amazon to arbitration according to Amazon’s council. If they don’t give us what we want, we address it right away. We go right back to the arbitrator.

We’re going to be doing more and more of these videos so that you will learn what an arbitration is, what it takes, how much it costs, what portions we think you can absolutely handle yourselves, and when we think you should hire an attorney. It doesn’t necessarily have to be us.

We’re also happy to talk with sellers all over the world, any time, day or night.

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