The Cheapest & Fastest Process – Bringing Amazon to Arbitration & Resolving Disputes

When Amazon refuses to release your money, keeps your inventory, or sells your inventory like it’s theirs, you have rights under the terms of service and you have the right to take Amazon to arbitration.

Many people in companies think that arbitration is bad. It’s actually a great thing for small businesses, because you’re able to get your disputes resolved with finality faster and cheaper than it is to go to court.

If Amazon has refused to return your inventory to you, or even if Amazon sent you back your inventory and when it showed up it was utterly destroyed, you have a right to bring Amazon to arbitration and recover every penny that Amazon owes you, and also, when it comes to your inventory, the terms of service says that, if you prove your case, you get the money you would have made if Amazon had sold it. Sell price less FBA fees is the amount of money Amazon owes you during an arbitration.

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If Amazon is refusing to release your money to you, you are not impotent. Amazon does not have the final decision-making power. We can stand with you, we can help you stand up for yourself.

If Amazon is withholding your money and refusing to release it after your plans of action and your appeals, you have every right to take Amazon to arbitration.

Arbitration: Get your money / inventory back when Amazon is withholding it.

Compiling a Witness List for Arbitration against Amazon