Symbols in Product Listing Descriptions Triggering Amazon to Suspend Listings

How Using Symbols When Creating Listings Are Resulting in Seller Suspension

Amazon sellers, this is breaking news and if you are creating listings today, if you are creating listings in the next week, I want you to stop using symbols other than letters and numbers when you’re creating your listing.

This is triggering Amazon to suspend listings. Attribute needing correction is the term that Amazon is sending you. So if you’re creating listings today, if you’re creating listings this week, avoid putting symbols in your listing because you are just asking for problems.

I don’t know the reason why Amazon is doing this, but it is easier to ride the horse in the direction that it’s going. So create listings, put up killer images. If you have enhanced brand content, make full use of it, but don’t use symbols right now and I will update you as soon as we stop seeing this problem arise for sellers all over the United States and all over the world. Thank you for joining me for today’s breaking news and join us every single day where we get to share with you, I get to share with you what we learned from helping thousands of sellers and working on tens of thousands of listings every year.