Recently we had a seller come into our office. He is a son who opened up a shop with his dad. They have been selling on Amazon for quite a few years with no issue. This business represents their livelihood; the father can support his wife, the son can provide for his family. There are a lot of people outside of just the father and son dynamic that depend on the income of this Amazon account.

They received 14 intellectual property complaints which resulted in the suspension of their Amazon account.

They were frantic. They called our firm, spoke with a member of our staff, and ultimately hired us.

** Intellectual property complaints should only be handled by lawyers.**

This was an ongoing battle. In this case, Amazon wanted all 14 retractions before they would consider reinstating the account. For us, that meant a lot of work; we had to chase down each complainant, phone call by phone call. What bothered us the most was that all the products were legitimate and all the complaints were counterfeit.

For a guy whose entire life depends on this business, it shouldn’t be so unbalanced that a complainant can just jump in and file all these complaints which can have such devastating effects when, in truth, he was buying from most of these complainants directly. In actuality, it came down to distribution agreements or something completely outside the realm of intellectual property.

Most of these complainants were unwilling to retract their complaints. It took very strong legal letters, threatening lawsuits and constant fighting for our clients until we got all 14 retractions. Ultimately, our client got back online and can now resume their business. They have their livelihood back.

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