AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS: Suspended Amz Seller Reinstated after Counterfeit Complaint

We recently helped a seller get reinstated after they were suspended for intellectual property complaints. Someone had asserted counterfeit complaints against their account.

At Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, our process involves speaking with suspended Amz sellers, reviewing sellers’ accounts and reaching out to complainants as your attorneys. Every case is conferenced; our sellers get the benefit of a collaborative team approach.

After consulting with our client, we reached out to the complainant, however they remained unresponsive. We decided that we were going to bring this information to the Amazon notice dispute team and also let them know that our client was actually sourcing and getting these orders fulfilled directly from the manufacturer. Our client provided a copy of the agreement that they had with the manufacturer, which we also shared with the notice dispute team and we were able to get the listings and account reinstated.

If your Amz account has been suspended for counterfeit sales, contact us to help you put together a plan of action. Only lawyers are professionally qualified to defend you in a counterfeit case, Amazon suspension, or Amazon lawsuit.


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