selling without a brand

Selling on Amazon without a Brand

Ways individuals can sell on Amazon without being a brand owner:

In accordance with the first sale doctrine, an individual has the right to take a product, which was purchased authentically, in the exact same conditioning and packaging received from that supplier and resell it on the Amazon marketplace.

What this means is, they can join a preexisting listing. When a listing creator creates the listing and uses those images and that product description, he or she is essentially granting the perpetual license for individuals to join and list against that.

There is nothing wrong with them joining that listing, as long as the product is authentic, it’s in its original packaging, and it comes with all the contents that it came with, such as an original warranty.

An individual should be aware that they can go ahead and resell products that were authentically purchased and are in the exact same condition. They can join a listing that already exists, and they can sell against that listing with no issue.

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