Selling Chemicals on Amazon: EPA Regulations & Amazon’s Rules


One of our clients was selling a chemical product which violated Amazon’s rules on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policies for labeling requirements.

We did quite a bit of research and from our view, they met all the EPA labeling requirements.

When the seller first contacted us, their account was shut down. They reached out to us because they believed they had a very complicated issue and felt it was best to have a law firm handle it.

When it comes to certain products, Amazon’s labeling requirements exceed federal label requirements.

You may think this is wrong, but Amazon is a private entity; they are not the government, so they can make their own rules that exceed the government’s requirements. They can’t sell products that don’t have government required information, but they can always ask for more to build up Amazon’s brand, which they do all the time.

Our firm did research into EPA regulations and Amazon’s rules on chemical products. We wrote a Plan of Action and showed the seller how and where to submit it. Their account was reinstated shortly after.

If you are considering using a company who doesn’t involve you in writing a POA, don’t hire them. Each POA must be unique to your issue, account and product. No one can write a great POA without your involvement.

** Since we are a law firm, every seller that contacts us gets the benefit of the attorney-client privilege where everything is maintained with the utmost secrecy. We can’t even be compelled by a judge to release any information. That’s why we are always so vague in our videos, we try to tell you about the seller, but we will never identify someone’s product.

Selling Chemicals on Amazon: EPA Regulations & Amazon’s Rules

We want you to know, like in this case, if you’re selling a chemical product and have a problem, you’re not alone. We have the experience to help you, and there are also other sellers out there who have faced the same obstacles.

GET HELP NOW: The staff at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC are required by law to assure you 100% confidentiality. As a law firm, we protect your privacy under the Attorney-Client Privilege.

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