Thank you for joining me again for Amazon sellers news. Topics that will be discussed in this video are:

Inauthentic suspensions, suspension of merchant fulfilled prime and business verification and how they are incredibly on the rise, both for new sellers and just like it’s written about in the new terms of service, business verification for experienced sellers are on the rise tremendously and also sellers’ rights under the new terms of service, when you should expect 30 days notice.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been seeing a continuous rise in the number of calls and emails and chats that we receive around the clock for sellers both large and small who are losing both listings and their account under Amazon’s allegation of inauthentic.

Remember, when Amazon sends you an inauthentic suspension, whether it’s a listing or for your entire account, they’re asking where you obtain your products from. Where do you source your products? Can they be linked all the way back to the manufacturer?

We even see inauthentic against private label sellers. When that’s the case, you need to show that it’s your product, your design, and your manufacture chain. Get your invoices in order, get your receipts in order. You need a concise, persuasive plan of action that is well supported by documentation.

Now, arguing in a plan of action and volunteering to go FBA is often very, very persuasive. But in many products like electronics, for example, your markup is just not sufficient in order to absorb FBA costs. So if you have MF Prime, if you have merchant fulfilled Prime and that has been suspended, I want you to do a really deep dive into your business. Review Amazon’s 14 leadership principles and draft a plan of action that mimics what Amazon staff in India is trained to look for.

Now, if all fails, if you cannot get merchant fulfilled Prime back and you’re going to have to use FBA and it’s going to cost jobs in your hometown or jobs in your city, I want you to do something that we have done very successfully. Reach out to local politicians, get somebody in government involved and then contact me directly.

The new TOS business verification for new and experienced sellers. In your new terms of service, Amazon built in additional language where they going to continuously ask sellers to maintain documentation and to provide Amazon with documentation. We caught it in the new TOS, we reported on it on YouTube and now we’re starting to see Amazon do it to sellers all over the United States.

Amazon will ask you for more documentation and I think you need to build in the ability to respond into your day to day business operation. Just like you maintain documents for the IRS for tax season, I want you to maintain documents scanned into your computer ready at the drop of a dime to send to Amazon if you’re asked for any business verification documentation.

Amazon’s claim that it was going to give sellers 30 days notice before suspensions and Amazon’s claim that they were going to give you seven days to cure. Now to cure is a legal term. It means to fix or to remedy, it doesn’t mean to turn back the clock. So if you’re writing a plan of action, you have this particular issue, you need to know what the terms cure mean, and also all of the other legal terms that are in the new terms of service.

If you are hiring somebody else to write a plan of action and they cannot interpret contract language, if they cannot interpret legalese into plain English, you are not getting what you paid for.

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