Amazon Seller Suspended after Intellectual Property Rights Complaint

Amazon Seller Suspended after Intellectual Property Rights Complaint

An Amazon seller who was selling both in the United States and in Europe had their selling privileges suspended in France. They were selling Netgear brand electronics and had their account shut down by an intellectual property rights complaint.

This seller had their Amazon France account suspended due to trademark complaints filed by Netgear. They had quite a few ASINs that received reports of trademark infringement; trademarks generally refer to the brand’s logo.

Amazon Seller’s Lawyer Tip: Never hire a non-lawyer to address an IP Complaint.

The seller reached out to us to help resolve the issue. After reviewing the file, we called the client and reviewed the case with him. He provided copies of all his invoices.

European import laws are different from US laws. With European accounts, Amazon typically requests proof that sellers are importing their products from within the European Union; this policy is called Parallel Importing.

Parallel Importing refers to where you are sourcing your products from. If you are selling in Europe, you are supposed to source your products from Europe; you are not allowed to source your products in the US and then ship them to FBA in Europe.

**We are not concerned where you source from, our job is to get your account reinstated. We only use our knowledge of Amazon’s policies to help get our sellers reinstated. We help SELLERS…. we do NOT work for Amazon.**

Together with the rest of our team, we came up with a strategy and drafted a Plan of Action, sent it to the seller and had him forward the Plan to the Amazon Notice-Dispute team, which works with the Seller Performance team.

With the help of our attorneys, we got a retraction from the Netgear intellectual property rights complaint which helped get our client’s account reinstated.

A significant part of our practice focuses on getting IP complaints (Rights Owner Complaints) withdrawn. Sellers who hire us get the benefit of our collaborative team; nothing we do is outsourced. We are available to help sellers 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. When a seller gets an intellectual property complaint, the first thing we do is try to get it withdrawn. Most of these complaints are baseless. We then draft a Plan of Action to send to the Amazon Notice-Dispute department and try to get the complaint retracted.

After a few days, we got the account reinstated and our client was back up and selling again. We got reinstated after the first Plan Of Action by working together to help our client.

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