REINSTATEMENT SUCCESS: Winning Appeal for Suspended Seller: Getting Proof of Authenticity from Supplier’s Website

Hi Sellers, my name is Dana Rodriguez. I’m a paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC.

I’d like to give sellers a tip with dealing with the notice-dispute team.

So we’ve been saying when the notice-dispute team responds to sellers, they keep requesting proof of authenticity. So many sellers have provided invoices numerous times to the notice-dispute team. We’ve been seeing an increase of Amazon not processing appeals because they keep requesting the same information which has already been provided.

So when I received a new case of a client who was receiving their products from an authorized distributor and received a counterfeit complaint, they came to us for help. What we did was put together a plan of action. We wrote out the supplier information to show the proof of authenticity.

We had provided this numerous times, so we went above and beyond by going onto the web page of the authorized distributor and looking at their brand page. Not every supplier will have this information on their website, but most suppliers do. You will see the authorized brands that they’re allowed to sell. So what we did was we made a PDF file and attached that with the plan of action. Just to further corroborate that the supplier was authorized to sell this particular product. The notice-dispute team accepted it and the seller was reinstated.

When brands assert false counterfeit complaints against Amazon sellers, suspended sellers may be entitled to recover their damages against the brands that asserted the false counterfeit complaints.

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