Writing WINNING Plans of Action to Retract Baseless IP Complaints Asserted Against Amazon Sellers

CJ Rosenbaum – Brianna, I came into your office and I’m like, “Hey, you want to shoot some content?” and you said?

Briana London – I’m writing a plan of action.

CJ Rosenbaum – I said, “That’s great. Let’s talk about your plan of action so Amazon sellers can see how you work your way through it.” What’s the issue you’re working on?

Briana London – I’m working on a counterfeit issue.

CJ Rosenbaum – Counterfeit. I love counterfeit issues because if the complaint is false, we have huge leverage over that brand, if the complaint was false under the theories of defamation and interference of contract with Amazon. What’s going on with your case?

Briana London – My client actually never sold any of these items in question. The first thing I did was reach out to the rights owner that Amazon provided for us. They had been a little unresponsive. I got a few responses, but at this point, I’m going to let Amazon know that we reached out and we need them to intervene to resolve this matter.

CJ Rosenbaum – It sucks if you’re an Amazon seller and you’re suspended and need us to help with a suspension on Amazon. But in terms of cases, this is a really good case because if you never sold a counterfeit product.

Briana London – Absolutely.

CJ Rosenbaum – It couldn’t have happened because you delivered zero products.

Briana London – Zero sales for the products. They definitely have a lot of leverage, like CJ was saying, and I’m just explaining that to Amazon as precisely as possible to try to get this matter resolved.

CJ Rosenbaum – The way this is going to win is that Brianna already made some headway. She’s already received some retractions, not a hundred percent, not all 11 or 12 that you sent out, but we already have some traction and you don’t need a hundred percent when it comes to getting reinstated on Amazon after IP complaints. You just have to show Amazon that you got some of them retracted and Amazon won’t have any problems with you in the future and this case is killer for it because they never sold the items.

Amazon sellers, if you have received baseless counterfeit complaints, Brianna is here to help you.

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