Restricted Product Suspensions on Amazon Sellers

Number 1: for a restricted product suspension, your plan of action has to follow the basic structure of every other plan of action; your root cause, your immediate corrective action, and the long term or the systemic changes to your business so that you can persuade Amazon staff in India that it will not have any more problems with you. We have entire videos, articles, and a book about how you can write your own plan of action, how to do it. You can do plans of action yourself, or if you want the world’s best writers when it comes to Amazon appeals and plans of action, you can hire us, but I want to give you the information.

Number 2: when it comes to restricted product suspensions is removing the item. If you created the listing, we strongly suggest that you take down that listing. If somebody else created the listing, then you certainly want to remove yourself from it and recall your inventory if you have been selling through FBA. If you’re merchant fulfilled, just taking yourself off the listing is enough. If you’re FBA, remove yourself from the listing and also recall your inventory.

Number 3: you need to know about: Amazon’s errors. For example, if you put ‘Cuban’ in a listing, Amazon’s algorithm regarding Cuban cigars may pick you up. If you put in the words ‘play money’, Amazon may pick that up as if you’re selling counterfeit money. There’s a whole host of other issues where you want to try to avoid certain verbiage, like any medical terms, avoid them like the plague so that the algorithms never pick it up.

Here’s how Amazon works. Amazon creates algorithms that generate reports. Those reports are then given to actual human beings. It’s not all bots. It’s not all automated. They create algorithms. The algorithms spit out reports. Those reports go to people. Those people are mainly in India, who then review those reports and decide who they’re going to suspend and what listings they’re going to suspend. If Amazon has made a mistake and tagged you and caught you in its net, your plan of action needs to address that. Follow the format, but explain how the product you are selling is not restricted at all. You can also take screenshots of all the other sellers that are selling the same exact product, and Amazon’s not doing anything about it.

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