Amazon Sellers Receiving Restricted Product Complaints & Selling in Wrong Categories

Hi, this is Brett Sondike with Amazon Sellers Lawyer. You can be a seasoned seller, sell for many years, and not have many complaints at all, but then all of a sudden you get a restricted product complaint or a complaint about a category that your product is in.

Maybe it’s been changed by Amazon. What can you do? Well, the first thing you want to do is not tell Amazon they’re wrong. The thing is, Amazon does make mistakes with this kind of thing and they can be fought. Sometimes they can’t, but many times they can.

The Amazon world is different. You may be able to buy something at Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond and sell it freely on or other platforms like that or you may not be able to. They have their own rules and they enforce them.

Let’s take this product, this is a massager. Anybody could buy this at a Walmart or any other place. (By the way, this is not mine). If you bought this massager and wanted to sell it online and Amazon sees this as an adult product, you’re kind of screwed in the sense that you can’t search for this product anymore.

So, what do you do? Explain to Amazon that it’s been miscategorized.

It’s important that you have documentation. If they’re looking for, for example, not in this product, but other products, certifications, lab tests and things like that, show them that you don’t need them for this specific product. Sometimes it’s important that you educate Amazon on what this product is and how it should be used. It’s important that you do these things ahead of time, so when you do appeal, they’re not going back and forth with you for different things. You can resolve this on the first appeal if do your research ahead of time. That’s the key. Show any documentation you can.


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