Related Accounts Suspensions on Amazon – Difficult to Reinstate

David and Dana talk about Amazon seller suspensions with related accounts. Related Amazon accounts are difficult to reinstate.

Amazon’s policy states that you are only able to operate one account, unless you get approval. There are some ways to operate multiple accounts on the Amazon platform, but there are requirements. There has to be a reason why you need a 2nd account. Amazon also requires that you have each account (if approved) completely separate from one another. Emails, IP addresses, etc. all have to be separate.

Sellers often get flagged for related accounts when they sign up, usually resulting in registration issues.

Our advice simply is to not do it. Most sellers get caught. It’s very difficult to get reinstated again with Amazon. We just advise to be careful.

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As an Amazon seller, it’s important to maintain the standards required to sell on Yet, account suspensions happen all the time due to minor issues, whether it is because of an invalid buyer complaint, a shipping delay that’s out of your hands, or even a trivial miscommunication in your item details.

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